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Krishnadasi 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Pravitra says to Aryan that i thought she will not return but after 21years she returned to take revenge from us and Tulsi has come to trap Shashwat again.
Tulsi says to Aradhya that i and shashwat had no relation, he was brother of my best friend, he was good guy, he always helped me but people started doubting us, specially her wife, we cant change people’s thoughts, Kumudini says we have no regret as we didnt do anything wrong, we follow our customs, its our fate that we are Krishnadasies, we are not filthy but their eyes are. Kumudini asks Aradhya how she became friends with Gayetri?
Pavitra tells Aryan everything how Kumudini and Tulsi cameback and went against Aaba sahib, she says today Tulsi announced war by dancing in our party, she still want to trap shashwat, when Shashwat ordered her, she left silently from here and because of that women your father raised hand on you, its like he has soft spot for her even now, Aryan says two generations of ours had to bear them but third generation will take revenge, till i am here nobody can take your place, now their family has to pay for our tears.
Aradhya says to Tulsi that Aaba and his family have to pay for your tears, our two generations had to bear their injustice but third generation wil answer them.
Banwari says to Aaba that everything was fine in party but that dancer came and destroyed everything, you know guests were enjoying her dance, Aaba says shut up, she came here without our permission, spoiled Aryan’s mood and you are praising her dance, Aryan comes there, Banwari leaves. Aryan says to Aaba that why did you let that devdasi dance here? why you didnt throw her out when she was insulting us? Aaba offers water to Aryan, he drinks it, Aaba says i like it that you hate them like i do, i got angry but then i thought that these devdasies have this work only to dance like dancers, she told everyone that they are not loyalist of Krishan but just dancers, Aryan says if you dont throw them out of village then i will take action against them, Aaba says calm down, i can throw them in a blink but if you try to put hand in filth then it will get dirty too, aryan says so will you stay silent? aaba says no, they destroyed your mood so now i will create so much problems for them that they will leave themselves from here, king doesnt need to go to battlefield for small matters, and you have come to fight now, Banwari listens all this and thinks that its good Aaba controlled Aryan else devdasies show would have ended before starting only.
Tulsi says to Kumudini that Saras is in Krishnavati? Kumudini says yes, she has cancer, she went to meet Aaba but Aaba threw her out of house, i found her on road, its good that i was there else.. i took her to hospital, Tulsi says i will go to meet her now, Kumudini says no, she must be resting. Tulsi says today’s day was bad.
Aryan comes in room and says Devdasies destroyed party today. Gayetri comes there and says i saw Pavitra crying, what happened? Aryan thinks that i cant tell her truth, he says you know Aaba hates those devdasies and they destroyed party. Gayetri says yes he hates them like he hates me, Aryan says you know your brother loves you alot, Gayetri says but you will leave in few days then i will be alone, Aryan says i will not leave you, Gayetri says what about your studies? Aryan says i want to be with family, i want to be with Pavitra, i will continue studies from here, you will have to help me, she nods, Aryan thinks that i will stay here to throw that devdasi from Pavitra’s life.
Tulsi brings milk for Aradhya, she says to Aradhya that in childhood you used to give lunchbox to others, she asks who are her friends in hostel other than Shivani? there is someone else too? Aradhya recalls Aryan and moments spent with him, she smiles, Tulsi says tell me who are you friends? Aradhya says i have made very nice friends, who protect me, make me smile, make me miss them, Tulsi says then call them and talk to them, you and they will like it, i know what i told you today, you are still thinking about it, Aradhya says its good you told me truth, now i have more reasons to stay here, i want to make you and Kumudini happy, she wipes her tears and says give these tears to me, Tulsi smiles and hugs her, she thinks that i wish you wouldnt have come here, i dont know till when and how i will protect you from Krishnavati’s small mentality people.
shashwat comes in longe for breakfast, Nakku brings newspaper and says Gayetri’s photo has come in it, shashwat sees it as topper, he smiles, he says she topped it with hardwork, she should get gift, he leaves. Nakku says Aaba wont like it that he is happy for his daughter, Pavitra angrily looks at him.
servant shows newspaper to Gayetri, she is happy, she asks if Aaba saw it? servant says no, Gayetri sys take this newspaper to him, i want to see his reaction, maybe he will be happy for me for first time.
Shivangi and Markand comes in lounge, Markand says all seem happy, is there going to be any party? Aaba comes there, Pavitra shows him newspaper, Gayetri comes there too, Aaba asks to call Gayetri to him, Gayetri comes there, Aaba says its really nice, you are making us proud, i am happy to see your success, he gets angry and says this is what you do? you wear such clothes? you forgot our traditions? he says one guest came in party, he liked Gayetri for his son, i am calling them to announce marriage, before she does anything else, i want to make her marry, Gayetri says dont do this, i dont want to get married, i want to study further, Aaba says how dare you talk infront of me, this is all because of your education, its been much time that i didnt punish you thats why you are crossing limits, he asks Markand to lock her in room till she doesnt get her sanity back, Gayetri sys dont do this, Markand drags her from there, Pavitra says dont do this, Aaba says you taught her all this? i know who has showed this crop, who made this girl dream of flying in sky.
Shashwat is in market. Someone steals wallet from his pocket. shashwat comes to flower shop, he buys flowers, he doesnt find his wallet in pocket, David eyes him, shopkeeper says it doesnt matter, Shashwat says i had important papers in it, David comes to him and says i saw your wallet lying there, he gives it back to him, Shashwat asks his name, he says its Devaish, shashwat says i liked it that you are so honest to give me back my wallet, devaish says honesty is best policy, the person who has it is winner, shashwat is impressed and offers him money, he says i dont need it, i just need your blessing, Shashwat blesses him, he asks you live here? i didnt see you here, david says i did management course and came here now only, Shashwat asks if he can help him? David says i am searching for job, Shashwat gives him visiting card and asks him to meet him, he leaves, David smirks.

Scene 2
Markand locks Gayetri in room. He eyes her evilly, she cries, he says dont cry else i will cry too, he wipes her tears and caresses her face, he says i am feeling bad to see your state, Aaba made me do this, he sits beside her and says dont cry, you know Aaba is like this, dont worry, i will do something for you. Shivangi comes there and says why you are taking so much time to lock her? Gayetri hugs her and says dont lock me, Shivangi says we cant go against Aaba, you should have thought before doing anything, how can you forget that you are daughter of this hosue not son, she locks Gayetri in room and asks Markand to come with her, Markand thinks that i never thought that i can have fun here, nobody will be against it.
Aradhya calls Shivani and says i am going to open University. Shivani says Aryan it trying to contact you, why arent you picking his call? Aradhya says what can i answer him?
Aryan calls Varun and says Aradhya didnt answer my call, she is showing ego and i have other important tasks too, i have to take care of my mother, Varun says when did you become serious? what happened? Aryan says my mother is in pain, i will tell you some other time.
Shivani tells Aradhya that Aryan left college too, it seems like he likes you, Aradhya says we are just friends, Shivani says it seems more than that, Aradhya says you romance with Varun and just see romance everywhere.
Varun says to Aryan i am sure you have feelings for Aradhya, Aryan says yes i have special feelings for you so what can i do? Varun says how can you lose like this? Aryan says its not about losing but i have different priorities, i have to fill form of open University too.
Aradhya says to Shivani that i have to take care of my mother and Kumudini too. She wishes Shivani luck for exams and for making Varun meet her family, she ends call. Aradhya recalls moments with Aryan, she says i cant lose my focus, i have to take care of my family.
Tulsi and Kumudini comes in hospital. Tulsi goes to meet Saras. David comes to Kumudini and says as you said, i made impression on shashwat, she says good but this is first step, be careful.
Aradhya is alone at home, someone knocks on door, she asks who is it? She opens door, a girl comes there, its Ketki. Aradhya says you? why did you come from back door? Ketki says you know Aaba, i told my mother that i am coming to meet you. Aradhya gives her water, Ketki says i have brought food for you, ARadhya thanks her, Ketki says you saved my life so i wanted to celebrate my happiness with you, i have filled form in open University to go for further studies, will you help me in studies? Aradhya says why not, Ketki says but its problem to come here, Aradhya says i know many people have problem with me here as i am Devdaasi’s daughter but i will punish culprits soon. Aradhya gift earrings to Ketki, Ketki says i would have stayed here but you know what Aaba did to Tamre’s daughter, she leaves. Aradhya says people are not bad here but they are afraid of Aaba, i am not afraid of him, its good that i came here, i will support my Aayi and aaji here.

PRECAP- Tulsi is caressing cow’s head, cow pushes her away, Tulsi is about to fall but Shashwat holds her in time and says be careful, Aryan sees this. Aryan burns Kumudini’s house and says this is warning for you to wrap up your things as its your time to leave Krishnavati, he is about to burn Kumudini’s name plate but Aradhya comes there and stops him, both are shocked to see each other.

Written Update By Atiba


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