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Krishnadasi 17th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Shashwat is serving food to villagers. David is helping him. Shashwat asks Aradhya what food is this? why there is so much less food? we had bigger menu, Aradhya says let them eat now, i will tell you later. Villagers say that food is very tasty, Aradhya have sigh of relief.
Aryan thinks that i hope Sharad happened nicely, i should talk to Aradhya. Shravani comes and says i have brought Parsad for you, he thanks her, she says i can do this for you atleast, he smiles and says i should go to my room, she says no, aaji can see you, eat it here only, Aryan says you are right. I will eat her. He sits down and looks at Shravani and smiles, he eats poisoned Parsad, Shravani smirks, Aryan feels dizzy after sometime, Shravani asks if he is fine? Aryan falls unconscious on her bed, Shravani smirks and holds his hand, she says i am sorry Aryan ji again, i had to lie to you that it was Parsad but this was cooked by me. Flashback shows Shravani bringing poisoned parsad to kitchen and says it wont be good to use Parsad of Sharad for my work, she cooks parsad herself and mixes intoxicating liquid in it, fb ends. Shravani says i made you faint with my special medicine, i will take advantage of it and tomorrow your and Aradhya’s story will change. She closes door of her room and comes to Aryan.
Shashwat gets to know about poisoned food, he says to Aradhya that thank God we got saved. Aradhya says i never thought that woman(Bhamini) would do that, i thought she was nice woman who worked for orphanage, i will get her arrested, i will go, Pavitra says no dont put your life in danger, Aradhya says no i have to catch her, she leaves.
Bhamini is standing near phone booth on road and cries, she recalls Kumudini’s taunts to aaba that he suddenly started respecting his wife and other women, how women are working for him. Aradhya comes on road and calls out her name, she shouts Akka.. Bhamini thinks if she got to know that i am her aaji? nobody should know that, she hides behind booth. Aradhya sees her and says why you are hiding? Bhamini runs from there, Aradhya runs behind her.
Shravani plays with Aryan’s hands and says he is handsome. Aryan is unconscious lying on bed, Shravani says he is good from heart too, she recalls how he saved her from well, she says if i got to live luxury life like this then i would have accepted any ugly looking man but i have to do something to make Aryan mine, i have to separate Aradhya from him, his smile is going to fade away, your aaji wants it too Aryan. Let me see you Aryan, she caresses his face and puts hand on his shirt.
Gayetri says to David that why would Akka put poison in food? they see Rakhi stall, David asks if she will not take Rakhi for Aryan this time? She says dont know if Aryan will let me give it to him now, dont know if his aaji will allow it, all relations are messed up now, David says brother sister relation never dies, Aryan is our brother, dont think about aaji when your heart is clear, buy it, Gayetri buys Rakhi.
Raj says i thought whole village will die after eating poisoned food, dont know why its not happening? why Purva is not taking my call? He is sitting market and covering his face with cloth. David sees him and says Jairaj? she grabs his collar and says i wont let you go now. Raj runs from there but David runs behind him.
shashwat says to Aaba that thank God we got saved. Pavitra says who was that woman? why did she mix poison in food? dont know how many enemies we have. aaba says we have only one enemy that is devdasi Kumudini, she doesnt understand language of peace, she wanted to convert village into graveyard, she is trying to wake up my inner devil, he leaves. Shashwat tried to stop him, Pavitra says let him go, only aaba can speak language what Kumudini understands, maybe Kumudini sent that woman, who can stoop so low if not her?
Bhamini comes to her house and looks at her old family photo, she cries. She looks at her mangalsutra and sindoor and weeps. She recalls flashback how she was running in market with baby. She looks at baby clothes and cries.
Raj is running away from David, he says i will make them run one day. David loses Raj’s direction.
Raj enters Bhamini’s house through window to hide. Bhamini listens noise coming from kitchen.

Scene 2
David is searching for Raj, he says where did he go? Bhamini is coming towards kitchen. Raj hides there. Bhamini sees him and is shocked, Raj grabs her mouth and says dont scream, he shows her knife to now scream.
Kumudini says to Nakku that he gave only one dish in Sharad, Aaba’s food distribution ceremony got destroyed, his ego was crushed. Now its time for his grand daughter, everything is ready? Nakku says Shravani mixed medicine in Aryan’s food and he is with her in room now. Kumudini says call Aradhya here, she will see Aryan and Shravani’s love story, aaba i will snatch your grand daughters’ peace. Aaba comes there and shouts Devdasi.. he stares her, Kumudini says say devil and devil is here, its good to listen you scream after many days, didnt you have money to give decent food at Sharad? Aaba throws away her paan box, Kumudini says where did you get power from suddenly? did you get new medicine? Aaba says i was silent for many days because i thought to end all this but you didnt budge, to take revenge from me, you tried to kill whole village? Kumudini says have you gone mad? aaba says dont pretend, you mixed poison in Sharad’a food, you have animosity with me so fight me, why you tried to kill whole village? enough of your drama, i will drag you to police station now, Kumudini shouts no. Shravani is lying beside Aryan on bed, she says seems like Kumudini have started her drama downstairs, lets starts my drama now. She brings lipstick, applies it to her lips and kisses Aryan on cheek to leave mark, she kisses his chest to leave lipstick mark there too. She says bed will show story now.
Kumudini says to aaba that this is my village, i cant do this with my villagers, you have poisoned this village for years, aaba says you can do anything to take revenge from me, you snatched kids from mothers for that, i will take you to police station, Kumudini says jail is not your wife’s mother’s house that you can take anyone there, what is the proof that i mixed poison in your food? Aaba says i will find proof in this house only then i will drag you to police station.
Raj tries to leave Bhamini’s house but sees police jeep coming there. David meets inspector and Aradhya and says i saw Raj coming here, i am sure he mixed poison in food. Aradhya says Akka lives here, it means they are involved in this.
Raj says to bhamini that dont tell anyone that i was hiding here. She cries.
Aaba is roaming in Kumudini’s house, she tries to stop him.
Police knocks akka’s door. Raj is tensed inside. Police is about to break door, Raj says i have to run from here. Raj jumps from window and starts leaving from there when Aradhya sees him and says Jairah, David and police runs behind him. Aradhya comes to Bhamini inside house and says your reality has come to fore, you mixed poison in food and you kidnapped Aryan too, you did it for Raj? you didnt even think that village will become graveyard, you ranaway because of that, Bhamini caresses her face, Aradhya says stop this drama, i will make sure you get punished. Bhamini thinks that i cant tell my grand daughter that i didnt do anything wrong.
aaba comes to kitchen and shows knife to servants and ask them to come near. Aaba sees Sharad’s parsad plate there which Shravani brought and left there, Aaba says why did you bring it here? you wanted to check if poison was mixed nicely or not? right? which dog you made to eat it? Nakku says to Kumudini that Shravani brought this from mandir, Aradhya sent it, Kumudini says Nakku who sent it? Nakku says Aradhya sent it for Aryan, aaba says dont take my grand daughter’s name, Kumudini says Aradhya sent it for my grand son, i wont leave you if Aryan ate it, she runs to see Aryan.
David comes to Aradhya and says Raj ranaway, Aradhya says he can be Tulsi aayi’s killer, Bhamini is shocked to listen that, David says he jumped in river so we couldnt catch him. Aradhya says this woman is involved with him too, inspector asks Bhamini how she knows Raj? where he lives, bhamini cries, Aradhya says she cant speak, its useless to ask her, we should keep an eye on her, if Raj comes to meet her then you can catch her, she sees Bhamini crying and feels bad.
Nakku says to Kumudini that i dont think Shravani made Aryan eat that Parsad. Kumudini says what if she gave it to him? that Aradhya pretends to love him but sent poisoned food to Aryan, call her here. She knocks Shravani’s door.
Nakku calls Aradhya and says you sent poisoned Parsad to Aryan? Aradhya recalls how she gave it to Shravani to give it to Aryan, she is shocked and phone falls down from her hands, she says Aryan? she runs from there to see Aryan.
Shravani is inside room with Aryan, she says this plan wont work if i am so clothed, she covers herself with comforter. Kumudini knocks her door and calls for Aryan. aaba comes outside room too. he asks Aryan to open door. Aradhya comes there and asks if anything happened to Aryan? Kumudini says i wont spare you if anything happens to Aryan? Sharavni makes Aryan smell soap so he can wake up. Everyone is knocking door and asking them to open door. Aryan wakes up and doesnt see Shravani on bed beside him, he gets up and opens door. Aradhya asks if he is fine? she sees lipstick mark on his face and chest, she sees Shravani sitting on bed covered with comforter and crying, Kumudini smirks. aaba is stunned. Aradhya is in tears seeing her, Aryan asks why did you come here Aradhya? what happened? Aradhya sees lipstick marks on his chest and Shravani on bed.

PRECAP- Aaba slaps Aryan hard, he turns and sees Shravani on bed covered with comforter and crying, he shocked. He turns to Aradhya and says i dont remember anything, Aradhya is in tears and leaves from there. Aryan comes to Aradhya’s house, she locks door seeing him and sits down beside door, Aryan sits outside her room and says i am yours and i will always be yours Aradhya, both cry.

Written Update by Atiba

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