Krishnadasi 16th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 16th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba puts on earphones to listen what Raj is saying to Shravani and gives one earphone to Bhamini. Raj says to Shravani that what you thought you would send me to jail and rule here? you gave tip to police that i was living here? Aaba says to Bhamini that now you will know how much bigger liar is your grand daughter. Raj says you thought you would get all wealth? you are clever, now i will tell you. Kumudini says Mehndi’s color shows love of husband and wife for life. She says i dont like silent mehndi, we should play songs, she asks Nakku to play songs. Nakku plays, Kumudini dances. she dances with Pavitra and dances infront of Aaba, she pulls Gayetri and dances with her, Gayetri goes back. Raj says to Shravani that do something and take me to room, i want to talk to you alone, fast do something. Shravani says aaji.. Kumudini asks what happened? Shravani says i am feeling restless, i want to go to my room, i will apply mehndi there, Kumudini says okay, she asks to go with mehndi applier, should i come too? Shravani says no i am fine. Shravani and Raj goes to room. Raj closes door of room. Outside Aaba and Bhamini listens their conversation on earphone. Raj says to Shravani that you used to say that you will marry me and you called police to move ahead, Shravani says why would i call police? what are you saying? Raj says dont try to lie to me, now i will bring your truth out, i will tell everyone that you are not widow, you dont have any husband nor you got married, liar, Shravani says what you are saying? how can girl pretend to be widow, why would i do that? dont take my happiness, i am begging to you, why you are doing this? Raj is shocked. Bhamini says to Aaba that you keep doubting her but listened how Raj is threatening her, he is forcing her to say that she is not widow, i understand that you dont like her but dont do this with her, she leaves. Raj says to Shravani that you are great impostor but soon you will be jail, just wait and watch, he puts veil on his face and leaves. Aaba stops him and lights match stick, Raj gets tensed.

Scene 2
Kumudini says why registrar didnt come till now, what is happening? Aradhya’s marriage should happen today else Shravani will feel bad. Uday calls registrar and says he is on the way. Aryan comes to Aradhya and Uday and says so Aradhya Rao you are getting married but didnt apply mehndi? aaji said mehndi shows how much your partner loves you, i want to know how much your partner Uday loves you, Uday says you dont worry, i love Aradhya so so much, let Mehndi applier come, then you will color of it on her, Aryan says why wait for her? i will apply mehndi to her. He pulls her Aradhya and makes her sit, he takes mehndi and asks her for her hand smiling, Aradhya looks on, Aryan holds her hand and applies mehndi on her hand with this finger. Aae dil mushkil plays, they share eyelock, Aryan gets teary eyed and wipes away his tears, Aradhya stares him. Nakku says to Kumudini that see what is happening, devdas is applying to Paro, Kumudini says Davdas and Paro never got together, it will happen here too.
Bhamini says to Shravani that thank God you told me about Aaba’s plan beforehand otherwise he would get to know everything, Bhamini says i am doing everything for your baby, you are lost, i just want you to live peacefully with your baby, Shravani says your love is my strength, you saw Aaba is not happy to see me happy, he doesnt want me be happy but till you are with me, nobody can do anything against me, anyway lets go, i want to see Aradhya’s wedding only then i would be able to marry Aryan tomorrow.

Scene 3
Aryan asks Aradhya if she is really marrying Uday? you want me to marry Shravani? she says yes, Aryan says to Aradhya that will you be happy to live away from me? he holds her hand, she says yes, Aryan says you are saying yes but your eyes are saying no. Aradhya says eyes ditch you sometimes but thankfully tongue takes your side and mind takes to right direction where we belong, Aryan says you didnt think about me once? he is in tears, Aradhya says Shravani will give you so much love that you will forget everything, you said to Uday that we should marry person who loves you, Shravani loves you a lot, Aryan says what about you? Shravani comes there and sees Aryan and Aradhya staring at each other, she is stunned. She looks at Bhamini, Kumudini hints them to remain silent. Shravani glares at them and sees Mehndi applied to Aradhya’s hand. Aaba comes there too. Bhamini goes and sit with him. Uday cant take it anymore and says wow you apply nice Mehndi Aryan, he makes Aradhya get up so Aryan leaves her hand. Registrar comes there, Uday says we were waiting for you. He pulls Aradhya away from Aryan and makes her sit with him. Registrar asks Uday and Aradhya to sign marriage papers to become husband and wife, Uday signs it happily, Aradhya take papers and looks at Aryan who is in tears, Aryan tries to stop her but Kumudini stops him and says nobody can change fate, what is in fate will happen. Aaba says to Bhamini that maybe Aradhya is married but i will get to know shravani’s truth because i know she lied infront of Raj deliberately. Everyone sees Aradhya, Aradhya sign on papers, Aryan is shocked, everyone claps. Registrar says that you both are husband and wife now, congrats, Aryan is heart broken and recalls how he got married to Aradhya twice. Registrar gives marriage certificate to Uday and leaves. Uday asks Aradhya to take blessing of elders. they touch Shashwat’s feet then Kumudini’s feet, Kumudini says may you both remain happy, Aradhya asks if there is no doubt now? Kumudini says no, wear mangalsutra tomorrow, i will give pearl to you to bless you for life long marriage, go now. Aradhya says I and Uday are going to mandir then we will go home. Aradhya starts leaving with Uday, Humari adhuri Kahani plays, Aryan looks on in tears as Aradhya leaves.

Scene 4
Uday and Aradhya are at mandir. Aradhya prays to lod that i did what i thought was right, i know i have hurt Aryan’s heart, i know wound wont heal, i had to lie for my sister, i had to cut relation with Aryan but baby is not at fault that Aryan is his father, forgive me Lord. Uday wipes her tears, Aradhya looks at him, Uday says i know i dont have right to wipe your tears, i know i am not your husband but i know i cant see you cry, i have fulfilled my promise to you. Flashback shows Aradhya just acting to sign those papers but in actual she didnt sign marriage papers, fb ends. Uday says how to bring smile on your face? i cant cook food here for you, what about honeymoon? where you wanna go? Aradhya says honeymoon? Uday says i want you leave this air, i want you to not see your love getting married to someone else and maybe if you are not infront of Aryan then he will easily accept Shravani, my work was done, Aradhya says how can someone be so nice? is this your acting too? Uday says i am what i am infront of you, my friends call me joker but i have bad habit of fulfilling my promises, should we go to Switzerland or Kashmir? if you go out of here then you will get time to spend and take to yourself. Aradhya says till Aryan and Shravani doesnt get married, i wont leave from here, Uday says are you afraid that Aryan might not get wed? she says yes, Uday says will you be able to see Aryan getting married to someone else? Aradhya says i will take acting tips from you, Uday says what will you answer to family? to your villagers? we are not married infront of everyone, people will ask me when you are coming to my house? till when we will keep answering? its better that we act like going to honeymoon, i will see you off at airport. Aradhya says i will tell my family that i wont go to your house till Shravani’s wedding and Gayetri and David’s wedding is remaining too, i will handle my family but i request you to continue this act till right time, she folds her hand, Uday holds her hand and says one more promise? fine, your wish my command, Aradhya thanks him and leaves. Uday looks at her leaving and recalls time spent with Aradhya, Banjara song plays, he is in tears holding fake marriage certificate and thinks that wish it was not act and wish i was able to be your partner for life.
Pavitra asks Shashwat to not worry, they will come. Aradhya and Uday comes there. All are tensed, Aradhya says will you people not welcome me and Uday? i know you all have questions but i wanna say that i have done this marriage after thinking and till Shravani doesnt get married, I and Uday will stay here, Uday says wife’s order is my command, i cant argue with wife. Aradhya starts leaving, Pavitra says we are worried for you and you are leaving? what we will tell Aaba? Aradhya says tell him truth that is Uday and I are married, she runs to her room, Uday looks on.
Aradhya comes to her room and cries. Otherside Aryan is crying too looking at dinosaur sketch he made putting Aradhya’s face on it, he tears apart in anger. Both breakdown and cry, agar tu hota plays, Aradhya recalls how they got married in mandir and how they promised that they will always remain together in happiness and pain.

PRECAP- Raj is grabbing Shravani by neck, Aradhya asks Raj to leave, she holds gun and says leave her otherwise i will shoot you Raj, Raj strangles Shravani, Aradhya shoots him on chest. Damini comes and says sorry Aradhya but we have to arrest you. Aryan says to Aradhya that if you ever loved me then marry Shravani, if you want my sentence in jail to be peaceful then do it please. Damini handcuffs her and takes her away.

Written Update by Atiba

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