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Krishnadasi 16th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Tulsi says to Aradhya that i will talk to Aryan, everything will be fine, she says to Kumudini that dont try to do anything, she leaves. Kumudini thinks that whatever i have to do,i will do it now.Kumudini comes to Aradhya and says just trust me once,atleast say something,Aradhya says my mind is numb, i dont know whom to trust.Kumudini says i have done alot of mistakes, you know you were oneday born baby and i ranaway with you and your mother as its only you who is mine, i know who did all this with you,its that dramaqueen Aaba. Aradhya asks if she has any proof of it, Kumudini says i have proof of Aaba’s cheating and i have proof of Aryan’s cheating too.
Saras slaps david and says you are like my son,i raised you up and this is what you did? David says i just ;tried to take your revenge, i took off your debt. Saras says is this way to pay off debt? why did you destroy Gayetri’s life? David says you know she wanted to kill you,Saras slaps him and says Gayetri cant do this, she is not like that, if anything bad happens with her then i wont spare you, go and ask forgiveness from her, if she forgives you only then i will talk to you, she cries.
Tulsi meets Shashwat and says only you can listen to me,you know Aradhya and Aryan loves each other, this is not right, Shashwat says i know that but aaba’s condition is worse and we cant go against him. Tulsi says maybe aaba did all this as drama, Shashwat says only your Aayi can this rubbish thing, she has such cheap thinking, it means that reports everything are wrong? years back i did bad with you by pulling your hair,dont force me to do this again,Tulsi says i am sorry, aaba is against this marriage from start so maybe Aaba.. Pavitra comes there and says you think that Aaba is ;doing drama of heart attack? you have such cheap thinking, Shashwat says i am talking, Pavitra says you and Aryan have soft heart and can listen and agree to anyone, she says to Tulsi that Aaba’s sister died because of your mother,you think that aaba is doing drama? your daughter can never be happy, shashwat takes Pavitra from there, Tulsi cries.
Aradhya says to Kumudini that Aryan’s love is true, if it was me in Aryan’s place and if it was you in aaba’s place then i would have done same, Aryan’s love cant be cheating, Kumudini says you and your aayi are fools, open your eyes, that Aryan never loved you, he just moves as per aaba’s orders, he is his pawn, first he loved you then he started getting married to you but just before wedding,he turned face away from you,you know why all this? because he wants to take revenge from you,he always wanted to marry Purva, marriage with you was just drama. Aradhya says no i have seen love in his eyes for me, he went against his family to marry me, are you playing some game with me? are you filling my life with poison? Kumudini says i am your aaji, i cant do that,she shows her picture of Aryan and Purva hugging, she says Aryan was saying sorry to her that he had to do this drama, aaba didheartattack drama, their marriage is fixed for today, now you trust me? they have made your life as chess game,i was made to not see all this,now i understand this was all drama,Aradhya says no i cant believe that Aryan was doing drama,he might have hugged her in pressure, Kumudini says you and your aayi never trust me,you are trusting our hunters but not your aaji? Aradhya says dont confuse things, what proofs you have? Kumudini says you didnt believe me even after seeing all this then why should i give you more proofs? you trust Kaka? he never lies to you, she asks Kaka to tell everything to Aradhya. Kaka says Aaba has kidnapped doctor’s son so that he is involved in this drama, they are doing drama of heart attack, you are like my daughter, i can never lie to you,Kumudini is right,aaba is devil.
Tulsi meets Chimaji and says i dont wanna see your face, if you were not coward then our daughter’s wedding would not have broken like this, i have no expectations from you,Chimaji says i listen to everything you say as we had relation, i fell in love with you as i was fool that time,i request you to not repeat all this, Aradhya is not my daughter, Tulsi says i dont you for her, she is not orphan,i am with her,Chimaji says she came to me for Kanyadan as she wanted to give respect to you and i agreed as i promised whole village but dont point fingers at me, he leaves.Tulsi recalls how Aradhya said that she will give happiness to Tulsi in marriage, she says Aradhya requested this man just for my happiness and i did nothing for her, i cant let her dream break,i will talk to Aryan, everything will be fine.
Kumudini says even aaba’s family doesnt know all this, aaba had decided that Aryan will marry Purva only, can you tell me that why Purva was staying here after her proposal was rejected by Aryan? he was marrying you and Purva was seeing all this? Aryan loves you according to you but tell me what Purva was doing when you were digging well for village? her family didnt even leave after sangeet, Purva knew that Aryan is doing drama with you, Aaba wrote this drama and Aryan became its hero, Aradhya starts crying and hides behind pillar,Kumudini says you cant hide from this truth, you remember he came to burn our house,he had so much hatred for us, for devdeasies, you did everything to end this animosity but that Aryan did drama of love, he trapped you and your aayi in all this and made me enemy infront of you, this was their trick, aaba will change? can you imagine that? he made you tie Guddi in his house as he wanted to auction you and who saved you from auction? his grandson, he came everytime you fell in problem, who told him that he is in problem? Aryan kept saving you,how? just think. aaba did drama and made Aryan as hero, he wanted to bring you to marriage venue and leave you there, he never wanted to make you his wife as aaba didnt want that, he did drama of heart attack so nobody point fingers at aaba for breaking marriage, he doesnt know that i will write end of this drama, Purva and Aryan have not married till now,i will break their marriage,just say that you will be with me, Aradhya says my heart is saying some different story, it is not believing your talks, Kumudini says you loved him truly but he didnt, just open your eyes and snatch your right else you will breakdown, Aradhya cries and leaves, Kumudini thinks that her heart should break in piece only then she will become useful,she is my pawn.
Nurse comes to David and asks him to prescription in Saras’s file,he asks why? nurse says these medicines were brought for Saras, David says i couldnt bring medicines, it is expansive, nurse says Gayetri brought it, she sold her jewelry for them, David says but she disconnected IV of Saras, Nurse says doctor had misunderstanding, he said sorry to Gayetri later and someone else came meet Saras too,we are inquiring about him,she leaves.
Aryan washes his face, he gets sad. Aradhya looks Aryan’s picture dressed as groom and recalls him hugging Purva, she recalls time spent with him. Aryan recalls how he asked Aradhya to leave him, he says i promised Aradhya that i will never let her cry but i myself left tear seeds in her eyes for life,i couldnt make her understand, what fate is playing with me? Aradhya says why Aryan why?you broke my trust, who gave you right to play with my feelings?

PRECAP- Pavitra asks Aradhya to take her police complaint back against Aryan, she folds her hands and says only you can save my son,Kumudini says i have one condition for that. Kumudini burns complaint papers and says as per promise, Aradhya have taken her complaint back, now you have to marry her here in police station only, she puts handcuffs in Aradhya and Aryan’s hands.

Written Update by Atiba

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