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Krishnadasi 16th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aryan says to Aradhya sign these papers. Aradhya takes the papers. Purwa says to kaveri why is she not signing? Aradhya throws the papers away and says i won’t sign. I won’t divorce you. Aryan says please Aradhya think once, what has it gotten to us? This relationship has made us all sad. This is better for everyone. Aradhya says better for you? Aaba saab says what is going on here? You promised me you will divorce her. Get her signed. Aradhya says promise? You promised to divorce me? Aryan says yes. I promised him to divorce you and marry purwa. To give you blood and save you I had to. Aradhya says why you saved me then? You should have let me die. Your problem would have solved. You could do whatever you want. Why did you save me then? Now I get it, if I had died it would have been a police case and your family’s honor would be damaged. You have promised divorce to your aaba. Not me. So fulfill your promise you can’t force me. I will never sign these, you get it?
Aaba says I called you my pride. You are not my grandson. you are son of you shashwat. Your hands tremble before deciding something. You have not promised me you have slapped my face.

Aradhya goes to her room. Aryan comes after her. Their theme song plays. Aradhya says don’t try to help me I can walk. He says fight me when you are okay. Give me your hand, you will fall. She says where would you take me after holding my hand? Take me to divorce papers. He says i would have held anyone in your condition. you are still my.. Aradhya says I am still your certified wife? or what? he says you are nothing to me. the pain is not healed. Its a request to rest. And think about it what is our future. Aradhya, please keep calm and think about it. papers are ready. Don’t force me to force you. You have time till evening. He leaves.

Kumudni is walking in the market. She recalls doctor saying that she has no cancer. and tulsi saying why did you lie to us? I wonder if you love us or not.
Aaba sees her and says I saw your face my whole day will be ruined. Kumudni says we all know who goes after who. you sent thugs to kill me? but forgot to change the car. he says what new drama is this? I don’t attack from behind. I can throw you out of the village if I want. I don’t have time to go after you. Because of us your granddaughter is alive. She would have been died if I had not allowed shashvat to give her blood.
Kumudni you saved you granddaughter thank you so much. He says what? She says daughter in law is daughter right? He says she can never be daughter in law of that house till I am alive. He leaves. Kumudni says if he had sent them he won’t have been lying but someone used his car.

Purwa sees Aradhya and says I want to kill her right now. Someone pulls her. Aradhya hears the sound. Kaveri takes her to other room and says are you mad? Purwa says you can’t do anything then let me solve my problem. Kaveri says don’t blame me every time. I don’t get either whats going on.
Aradhya comes out and see the vase broken. Kaveri says my mantra is not working on her.
Raj says to purwa are you out of your mind? Purwa says I am tired of all this.Nothing worked this women won’t stay here. Raj says then why should you stay here? so get out. Kaveri says you will pay for sending me out of here. Aradhya sees her leaving. She sees the chain in her hand. She recalls purwa and Kaveri talking. She says because of this locket, Kaveri controlled me. i did everything she asked me to do. And if i hadn’t heard Purwa and Kaveri talking i would never know the game she is playing with me. Everyone trusted her. No one knew her plan. All this because she wants to marry Aryan for his wealth? his brother wants to marry her here so he can get their money. I won’t let this happen. Aradhya says I will die but won’t divorce.

Pavitra says this aradhya is not going from here. Nakku says you are thinking in wrong direction. Where is your mind? you have added so much salt. Use your brain. think about that witch. Pavitra says you started it again. i will kick you out of house if you say all that again. I am coming from market. There is something between him and Tulsi. pavitra says I know. Aradhya is chimaji and Tulsi’s daughter. i saw in his eyes that aradhay is his daughter. Nakku says why doesn’t blood match then? no one knows her mom and dad. Whose blood matched? Your husband’s. This means Aradhya is not Chimaji’s daughter. i heard Kumudni and Tusli talking too. Pavitra says she is a devdasi she can be anyone’s daughter. go out and let me work. Nakku says closing eyes does’t end the trouble. Pavitra says leave from here. Nakku goes.

Aryan says aaba saab I have her time till evening. Raj says I dont think she will sign it. My sister’s life is ruined because of your family problems. She is neither married nor unmarried. What if she doens’t sign? what will be my sister’s life? She wont have another option but to die? Aryan says I am trying. Raj says what trying? you were not even ready to sign. aaba made you sign. I don’t think you will keep your promise. Aaba i think I should go home. I have tolerated enough. My sister, my family. Aryan wont marry Purwa then i can’t marry gaitri either. I am sorry. And about business? When there is so much trouble then it cant happen. aab says don’t think like that. Purwa is our daughter in law. Aaba says aryan now do something its about your sister’s life too. Arayn says give me some time. I will do everything I can.

Aradhya is sitting in her room. She recalls purwa saying i did all this. Aryan comes in. Aradhya says you want divorce? I won’t ever do that. Aryan sits there. he says why are you being stubborn? how this relationship started? you married me to take revenge? You revenge is taken? You got what you want? You suffered being my wife? You have all life? Start again. There is nothing left in us now. Am i wrong? Say something? Aradhya says you want divorce so you can marry purwa? What do you know about her? You know who she is? What she wants? Aryan says she si just stuck in this. Aryan stands up. Aradhay says because of me her life is in trouble? What are you saying. She is not helpless. She is fooling you. She shoved me. Would you believe me? Aryan says don’t say anythig. you attacked her, she attacked you in self defence. Now you are blaming her? Why are you dragging when we were talking about us. Aradhya says kill me but I won’t divorce you. He kicks the sofa and leaves. How can I let you marry her aryan? When I know everything.I know her reality. you have no idea what she is here for. but before leaving I wont do this mistake that would harm you or your family.

Preacp-Purwa says to Aradhya this house will always be mine. Aradhya says you want their money? pack your bags. Purwa says if i dont get your bags packed in two days then my nameis not Purwa Deshmuk. Aradhay says if I don’t get you kicked out then i am not Aradhya Aryan.

Written Update by Atiba

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