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Krishnadasi 16th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Its morning, Aryan says to Aradhya on call and says i am sorry, i couldnt come to Sharad because of your aaji, Aradhya says i want to start our life with happiness and not hatred and someone hating us, Aryan says i wish aaji understands all this, Aradhya says i dont want anything to go wrong, Aryan says you are smart, Aradhya says i am living with zero IQ so i have to be smart. Aryan asks about preparations, Aradhya says Akka has come, she is famous to cook good food, Aryan says leave some for me, dont eat it all, she says i will eat it all.
Aaba and Chimaji goes in venue for pooja. David is working there, Shashwat asks him to tell everyone pooja is starting. Bhamini is coming there, she has covered her face with dupatta, she strikes with Shashwat, leaves fell down from his hands, she bends to pick it up and touches her feet mistakenly, she looks at him, he looks up to see her but she turns away and leaves, Shashwat says she thought i touched her feet, its okay, she was of my mother’s age.
Aradhya says to one girl that i have listened about akka’s cooking skills alot. Raj is hiding in venue dressed as worker, he picks one grain bag, Gayetri asks him to take it to kitchen, she doesnt see his face, he leaves. Aradhya asks one servant about Akka(Bhamini), she says she cooked food and left, Aradhya says i will send food for Aryan. Raj comes in kitchen and says because of Aradhya, i always just lose when i am about to become rich, today i will teach her lesson which she will remember for life. He takes out bottle some liquid(probably poison) and pours it in pan of food. Aradhya comes there and asks one servant if they mixed kaaju in one pan? servant says no we didnt mix kaaju is one pan, she says i will take parsad then. She takes out sweetdish from pan in which Raj mixed poison and takes it in plate, she leaves. Raj thinks present this poisoned food to God, God will be saved but it will be last day of people of Krishnavati.
Shravani comes to Aryan and puts hand on his shoulder, he gets tensed, she sits beside him and says i know you havent accepted me thats why you dont want to open up to me, i know you wanted to go to Sharad, but if we cant go there then we can pray here only, Aryan says you are right, Shravani says come to my room, we will do pooja there where i do pooja daily, i am going to prepare for it, she leaves, Aryan thinks.
Aradhya comes in mandir for pooja. Aaba hugs Bhamini’s picture. Aradhya says i have brought Parsad for pooja. Aaba gives Bhamini’s photo to chimaji who keeps it infront of God’s idol. Aradhy sits beside picture but doesnt see it. aaba holds red color powder box and it mistakenly falls on Bhamini’s picture and hiding her face, Aradhya says i will wipe it, Chimaji says no you make aarti plate. Bhamini enters mandir, she doesnt see Aaba. aaba says to Chimaji that i will wipe this photo, Chimaji says you cant leave pooja. One man says to Aaba that i will wipe it and bring it back, he takes picture and gives it to Bhamini who is standing at door of mandir, he says please clean this picture, i am coming back, he leaves after giving her her red color smeared picture only.
Aryan and Shravani prays for Bhamini. Aryan asks why she is sad? Shravani says i am missing my husband, Aryan says you are not alone, aaji and i am here, we all are here for you, Shravani says i dont want to be burden on you, i know you love Aradhya alot and i am really sorry that you are away from her because of me, i know you wanted to go to her today too, Aryan says i didnt want to miff aaji thats why i didnt go, Shravani says i will bring Parsad for you, Aryan says you are pure from heart, remain like this. He gets busy in praying. Shravani comes out of her room and thinks that it was so good to listen praise from Aryan, hope i keep going on like this after all my dream is money money.
Bhamini cleans photo with cloth and is shocked to see that its her picture only, she turns to look at aaba but he has back towards her, she understands that its him, she cries silently, she gives picture to man, man brings it to aaba and puts it infront of him, Bhamini weeps. Shashwat enters mandir, Bhamini sees him. Shashwat prays to give peace to his aayi’s soul. Pavitra and Saras comes behind him, Bhamini sees them all. They sit in pooja, bhamini is covering her face with dupatta. Aradhya sits in pooja with family. They put garland around Bhamini’s photo, she is hurt to see it. Aaba says to Chimaji that i am proud of my grand daughters. bhamini recalls flashback how aaba used to taunt her for giving birth to two daughters, how he warned Pavitra to not give birth to daughters, how Pavitra pleaded Bhamini to save her from aaba’s wrath for giving birth to daughters. She cries listening aaba’s words now. Kumudini comes there and says drama queen Vidyadhar Rao.. all look at her. She asks whats going on here? you are acting nice infront of villagers, you should take villain’s role in movies aaba, when wife was alive, he used to kick her and now when she is dead so he is doing her Sharad infront of all, Shashwat says i am folding my hands infront of you, leave from here. Kumudini says is this your father’s mandir? did you forge that i have right on this mandir too, i was just praising your father, he has started respecting women all of a sudden, his wife, his daughter in law and his grand daughters, oh i know his grand daughter won 20lacs, she must have thrown some money on his face to silence him, his wife died because of his tortures, Vidyadhar you should die too. Bhamini is not able to listen anymore, she runs from there. aaba says to Kumudini that i wont want to argue with you today, i want to peacefully do my wife’s Sharad, Kumudini says you were requesting me to forgive you somedays back and now when you go 20lacs so you are opening your tongue now? Aradhya says just let us do pooja, you are ill, you should go home and rest, stop spreading hatred, aaba says see my grand daughter? these are people who are educated and mannered, if you have come then do eat Parsad then leave, Kumudini says make dogs eat it, Aradhya throw Parsad in trash for me, she leaves. Pooja starts, chimaji asks Aaba to make crows eat this parsad, it directly reaches to deceased person as they say, Aaba says i want my grand daughter to do it, because i believe grand daughters are no less that grand sons, if you allow me to let Aradhya do it? chimaji says yes sure, Aradhya takes poisoned Parsad and leaves to make crows eat it.
Shravani meets Aradhya in kitchen and says aaji will not like it if she gets to know that i am here but i thought to take Parsad for Aryan, Aradhya says you eat Parsad too, Shravani says i dont want aaji to know that i am here, i will just take Parsad from here and will eat at house with Aryan, i am sorry, i couldnt come to help you today, Aradhya says no everything went nicely, dont worry, take Parsad and leave, i have to go, Aradhya leaves. Shravani takes plate and fills it with Poisoned Parsad.
Aradhya comes outside mandir, she lays Poisoned Parsad on bench for crows to come and eat it, she prays for her aaji’s dead soul. Crows come there and start eating Parsad, Aradhya sees crows dying after eating parsad. Pavitra, David and Gayetri comes there and asks why crows are dying? Aradhya says seems like there is poison in Parsad. Pavitra says what will we do now? Aradhya asks men to throw food somewhere where animals cant eat this food too. She asks about Akka, manager says she left. Gayetri says whole village is waiting to get food, what if whole food is poisoned? Pavitra says we can stop food distribution ceremony, Aradhya says no aaba have arranged it with heart, we can make some dish with rice which is left and not cooked, she asks Pavitra to go and engage villagers till they cook again. She asks Gayetri to check and make sure that our family members or relatives havent eaten any poisoned food.
Pooja is finished, Aaba says lets go to eat food, he asks villagers to come with him to eat food. Pavitra comes ther and says aaba. aaba asks why she is worried? Pavitra says i was thinking to sing Bhajan for bhamini aaji, Aaba says but everyone is ready for lunch, Pavitra says i want to sing it for her soul’s peace, Chimaji says let her do it if she wants to. Pavitra thinks that atleast Aradhya will get some time this way. Pavitra stops everyone at mandir only and starts singing Bhajan. Otherside Aradhya, Gayetri and David starts cooking food again, women come there and help them cook it. Pavitra is singing Bhajan and prays that God our respect is in your hands now, dont let Aaba’s head to go down infront of whole village. aaba says Pavitra you sang nicely, Shashwat says lets go for lunch now. All start to leave mandir. Pavitra is tensed and prays to Lord.

PRECAP- Aradhya says I have to stop Aryan before he eats that parsad. She runs from mandir to save Aryan. Shravani brings same food which Raj poisoned and gives to Aryan, he eats it and falls unconscious, shravani smirks seeing him faint.

Written Update by Atiba

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