Krishnadasi 15th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 15th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba says to Raj that i was right, Shravani is not a widow? Bhamini hears it too and is stunned. aaba says then her becoming devdasi? entering Kumudini’s house? this was all your plan? Raj says yes. All are shocked. Bhamini thinks that they got to know Shravani’s truth, he wont forgive her now, whom should i ask to help?
Kumudini says to manager that its grand son’s wedding, why didnt you do booking? cancel other party’s booking. Manager other party has come. Pavitra and Gayetri comes there, Kumudini says so they are? she says to Gayetri that your sister Shravani is getting married on same date as Aradhya? she asks Pavitra if this is aaba’s new trick? Uday whispers to Gayetri now see drama. He says to Uday that my Pundit has told me about good time for wedding, i understand that you talked to manager but i did booking first. Kumudini says you move back, she says to Pavitra that how can this be? how can your two daughters marry at same time, shift Aradhya’s wedding date, i wont shift Aryan’s wedding, is this your plan? to give one daughter pious time to marry and not giving that time to other daughter? Uday says this emotional blackmail wont work, you change date, my life and my aaru is most important for me. Aryan says no need to fight, we will marry at same time but arrange another caterer, Uday says why would i change it? i wont be polite now, its my wedding so date and time will be according to me and my caterers wont change too, tell your old aaji to not threaten me. Aradhya comes there too. Aryan says enough, i am silent but it doesnt mean i cant do anything, Uday says enough of your threatening, aaru gets tensed seeing you, aaru has told that past is gone, let it go but you dont understand, let me tell you, if your love had strength then it wouldnt have ended, aryan says control your tongue, Uday says you keep begging her like beggars, she has rejected you, your story has ended. Aryan grabs his collar and says dont say one word about my past else i will kill you. Aradhya pushes Aryan away and says what you think you are? you are superman? dont even think of raising hand on my would be husband, Uday is totally right, our past has ended, Aryan says i understand moving on but is it necessary to insult your past like this? is it not paining you? Aradhya says i have passed all limits of pain so it doesnt pain me now and Uday is my present and future, she says to Uday that we will talk to Pundit, we will marry some other day, i dont want Shravani’s marriage to have problem, i dont want dig past like this, Aryan says you want to finish past? you marry first, we will marry later, you are dying to start new life, i am not starting any life, Kumudini says we wont change wedding date, Aradhya you can change wedding date as you are doing to rot only, get lost now. Shravani thinks to do some drama, Shravani says let them change date, no one is happy with my wedding anyway, Aryan doesnt accept this wedding or baby, my family is not happy and my own sister is my enemy, its better that i give birth to my baby as illegitimate than all this, when Aryan doesnt love me then whats the need for all this, stop all this drama, Aradhya says listen to me, Shravani says dont do drama, did i know you are my sister? did i know that my baby’s father would be your lover? i didnt think about all this but why this is happening with me? you showed me your colors when you didnt give me your mangalsutra which is not yours then why this drama? i dont want love, i dont want to marry, she leaves. Kumudini says to Pavitra that this is happening because of you, from the time she was born in your family, she was messed up, you gave birth to daughters but couldnt handle anyone, see fate of Gayetri and Aradhya but i will handle shravani, i wont let her cry, i will take care of her, you rot with this Gayetri and Aradhya, she leaves. Aryan is tensed, Aradhya leaves too.

Scene 2
Shravani comes to mandir in house and says bappa tell me future of my baby, should i kill him? Kumudini says what are you saying ? baby will be affected by these talks, Shravani says whats need to give birth to him? Aryan still loves Aradhya, he would never be mine then why did he leave baby in me? he is changing wedding date like its nothing, i will kill this baby, i dont need it, Kumudini says i am seeing everything, she tells her some plan which is muted. Aradhya comes to her. Kumudini your prey has come, hunt for it. Aradhya comes and says i didnt give that mangalsutra because it didnt give me anything and i didnt want you to wear it, thats my past, i will bury it somewhere, you buy new jewelry for new life, i am guaranteeing you that i wont come inbetween you and Aryan, this date argument happened because Uday got angry, i will talk to him, we will marry some other date, you think to marry on that date which is pious then do it, i will marry Uday some other date. Shravani says how to trust anyone? my fate is changing everyday, i am pregnant, i shouldnt be taking stress but my life is like i dont know if i will be taking breaths after moment or not, what if i love my baby? Aradhya says Bappa is with you, Shravani says i trust him but not my family. Aradhya says i am your sister, i will do anything you say to make you trust me, Shravani says there is only one way for that, Aradhya says just say it, Shravani says marry Uday rightnow right here, this is only way to give justice to my baby, tell me will you marry Uday? we are sisters, will you accept my proposal? will you marry Uday today? will you fulfill our relation? Aradhya is in tears. Aryan says Aradhya its your life, you can do anything, dont take decision under pressure? Aradhya smiles and says what you want will happen Shravani, Kumudini smirks. Aradhya says i will marry Uday today only. Kumudini says so today will be Shravani’s mehndi and Aradhya’s wedding. Aradhya and Uday leaves. Aryan goes to his room. Kumudini kisses Shravani’s forehead and says you hit sixer, Shravani says i cant deny you, you are doing good for my baby and i am his mother too, Kumudini chants for Bappa.
Aaba says to Bhamini that you listened truth, she was never widow, Bhamini says you are trusting this impostor Raj and not Shravani? aaba says tell me why he was living in Shravani’s house? Aryan and Kumudini didnt know about him then who helped him? bhamini says this man is liar, Aaba says when your grand daughter will say truth then you will agree? Bhamini says what you mean? Aaba says your heart accepts truth but dont know why you are denying it, Aaba says i will use this Raj and will make Shravani confess truth then you will agree with me? Markand says how will we do it? Aaba says Raj will go to Kumudini’s house and will make Shravani confess truth.
Aryan comes to his room and says what will Aradhya get by doing all this? Kumudini says she did right, she is doing everything for herself but what you are doing? she is moving head but you are moving back, truth wont change that Aradhya is getting married and that today, you keep thinking. Aryan says my thinking wont change, i can read and hear heart, my trust is saying that she wont marry him, there is only me in her heart, Kumudini says i know Aradhya, she is follower of her promises, she will marry him but you promised me to marry Shravani, what about that? Aryan says wait till evening, if Aradhya marries Uday then i will marry too, he leaves. Kumudini thinks.
Shashwat says to Aradhya that good time is not today, Aradhya says it doesnt matter, i have asked Uday to bring registrar, i dont want fancy wedding, just Shravani to believe that i have married. Pavitra says you said that this is all drama, Gayetri says you said that this is to show off Aryan? Aradhya says i want to show Shravani that i care and i am not coming inbetween her happiness, i am saving her baby, lets get ready for her mehndi and my wedding. Pavitra hugs her.

Scene 3
Kumudini asks Nakku if mehndi is good else i will beat you, Nakku says its nice. Aaba’s family comes there. Kumudini asks Aaba to come and sit. They all take seat. Kumudini says today you will become my inlaws again, first daughter couldnt become daughter in law of this house but now other daughter is becoming, this is all Krishan’s tricks, we cant change fate. Aryan comes there. Kumudini says Aradhya why you are so simply dressed? where is your would be husband? you will marry simply? Uday comes and imitates Kumudini, he says whats the need to have fancy wedding? i have called registrar, just sign papers and take blessing of family, is it fine? Kumudini says yes, i like this boy because he is Aradhya’s husband.
Banwari and Markand brings Raj to Kumudini’s house, Raj is dressed in woman’s clothing and her face has veil, he falls in Banwari’s arms, Banwari kisses his hands. Raj says you jokers forgot that i am here to do Aaba’s work, Markand says do Aaba’s work. Banwari says Kumudini should not see him, i will take him inside, Raj goes with Banwari.
Shravani comes in lounge and touches Kumudini’s feet, Kumudini says no evil should cast on you. Aradhya and Shravani sit together. Uday says to Aryan that your would be wife is good but my would be wife is great, i feel like dancing when i see her. David whispers to Uday that dont do overacting, Aradhya have agreed to marry so control. Aradhya says to Shravani that you are looking good, Shravani says you promised me something? Aradhya says yes, registrar will be coming and we will get married then, Shravani says till you dont get married, till then my mehndi wont leave its color. Kumudini says Bhamini your this grand daughter(Shravani) is nicer then the earlier one(Shravani). She asks when will mehndi applier will come? Banwari bring Raj and and says she is here, i brought her. Kumudini says you did good. Raj sits beside Shravani to apply mehndi. Aaba thinks that Shravani’s truth will come out even before Aradhya’s wedding and Aradhya wont have to do anything then. Kumudini asks to right Aryan’s name on Shravani’s hand. Kumudini comes to Aryan and says just see, Uday and Aradhya will get married and then your eyes will open. Raj holds Shravani’s hand, Shravani is shocked and looks at him though he has veil on face. Aaba puts on earphones to listen what Raj is saying to Shravani and gives one earphone to Bhamini. Raj says to Shravani that what you thought you would send me to jail and rule here? you gave tip to police that i was living here? Aaba says to Bhamini that now you will know how much bigger liar is your grand daughter.

PRECAP- Aryan says to Aradhya that will you be happy to live away from me? he holds her hand, she says yes, Aryan says you are saying yes but your eyes are saying no. Aradhya says eyes ditch you sometimes but thankfully tongue takes your side. Registrar comes and asks Uday and Aradhya to sign marriage papers to become husband and wife, Uday signs it happily, Aradhya take papers and looks at Aryan who is in tears.

Written Update by Atiba

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