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Krishnadasi 13th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kumudini and Tulsi comes in mandir, Aaba says you made us all wait, when will you Devdasies use your brain? Tulsi and Kumudini starts dancing infront of all, Aaba looks on angrily. Tulsi dances with full energy, Kumudini stops but Tulsi keep dancing, all look on shocked, Kumudini is confused too, Yashwant looks on, Tulsi dances and falls in Yashwant’s feet, all look on, she looks at Yashwant, he looks away, Tulsi composes herself and gets up, she takes Krishan’s blessing and leaves from there. Kumudini prays to Krishan, she greets Yashwant and leaves from there too. Yashwant calls Aryan, he gives him water and says pour it in lake, then we will have food then Shuddi Karan will be done fully, Aaba asks Aryan todo it, Aryan takes water and leaves.
Kumudini comes to her room, she asks Tulsi what was the need to do drama, at last you had o dance in mandir, Aradhya was ready to dance but you came in end, what was the need to drama? Tulsi says i will never allow my daughter to dance infront any stranger, Kumudini says he is great Yashwant, not some stranger, Tulsi says i just think about my daughter, Kumudini says you can think about her but dont forget that she is Krishnadasi now, me and you are Krishnadasies and she has done marriage with Krishan too, Tulsi says i dont accept these rituals, she is not any Krishnadasi, whole life you kept telling me that Aradhya is Krishnadasi’s daughter, you wanna know truth? truth is that she was not born when i became Krishnadasi, she is not Krishnadasi’s daughter, i want to end this filthy ritual, she throws away ghungroos, Kumudini says are you mad? we pray to these ghungroos, this is our truth, you have gone mad, Tulsi says i cant do anything to save my daughter from these Ghungroos, Kumudini says you cant change fact that she is Krishnadasi, Tulsi says truth is that i will protect my Aradhya against this tradition, from now on Aradhya will do whatever i will tell her to do, you wont come inbetween us, i never thought that the day will come when i will have to protect my daughter from you, she leaves, Kumudini says dont know what is happening, she scolded me so much.
Aryan comes to lakeside, he is sad and recalls how Kumudini taunted him about being in relation with Aradhya as he has applied sindoor to her. Aradhya comes from behind and says thanks, Aryan gets afraid, he says you made me scared, Aradhya says you called my aayi and saved me, Aryan says you act strong but you agreed to dance infront of all? Aradhya says this is problem, we cant fight with our own people, even you did Shuddi Karan pooja, aaba asked you and did it, you followed your aaba and i followed my Aaji, Aryan says why did you come to Mandir? Aradhya says i didnt know that Kumudini is taking me to Mandir for dance, its good that i came here so i could thank you, Aryan says how many times will you thank me? i will say most welcome many times too, Aradhya says dont do overacting, she smiles, Aryan smiles. Aradhya finds mark on Aryan’s face, she tries to wipe it, he says what are you doing? Aradhya says there is ash on your face, Aryan says you touched me once and they made me do this pooja, if you do it again then they will me make take bath with gallons of milk, Aradhya says so you have started believing in these rituals too? Aryan says i am joking, Aradhya says it was cheap joke, she starts to leave, Aryan holds her hand and says you think i will believe in these stupid rituals and poojas? Aradhya says i dont know, you tell me, Aryan pulls her closer, Bas haq hai ek mera plays, Aryan makes her touch his face with her hands and holds her hand, they share eyelock, he touches her face, tere ishq pe tere waqt pe haq ha ek mera plays, Aryan looks away and leaves her hand, they get conscious and feels awkward, Aryan brings her closer holding her shoulders and says now you believe me? Yashwant sees all this, Aryan leaves from there. Aradhya sees water bowl there which Yashwant gave to Aryan to complete Shuddi Karan. She pours water in lake, Yashwant angrily looks at her.

Scene 2
Pavitra says to Nakku that Aaba has talked to Yashwant, Aryan’s childhood friend Purva deshmukh is coming for marriage proposal. Purva and Aryan gets along really well, do arrangements nicely, Nakku says i will do everything, atleast Aryan will be saved from that Devdasi’s daughter, Pavitra says that Aradhya doesnt know me, i will show her standard to her now, i will make her work like servants in Prince Aryan’s wedding.
Aradhya turns to leave lakeside but finds Yashwant standing there, she folds her hand and starts to leave, Yashwant stops her and says you know i did Aryan’s Shuddi as he touched you then why are you trying to go near him again? Aradhya says nothing like what you are thinking, there was ash on his face and i was just.. Yashwant says you cant fool me, i know your kind of women, i know you devdasies trap rich people and take advantage of them, Aradhya says i am from Devdasies family but i have good upbringing, Aryan is just a friend, Yashwant says you people have no upbringing, if you try to unclean Aryan and try to break traditions then i will be bad for you, he says leave Aryan alone, just follow your mother’s footsteps and become what your family is known for, dont even dream of becoming someone’s respectable life partner, Aradhya says enough, you are elder and respectable person but that doesnt mean you can say anything, you are pious person so you should tell people about pious things, tell them how to spread love but you are spreading evilness, you call us Devdasies but you were seeing devdasies dance few time back, you shouldnt have endorsed Shuddi karan, how can one person unclean other person by touching? this is your religion? Yashwant says now you will teach me about religion? Aradhya says you should think about society, you should spread love and awareness but you are spreading cast, creed difference in society, Aryan and me are just good friends, we have relation of humanity and he doesnt believe in all these stale traditions unlike you, you should think what are you doing, she leaves, Aaba listens everything, Banwari how dare she talk to Yashwant like this. Aaba comes to Yashwant and says forgive me, i will teach that girl.. Yashwant leaves, Aaba says he hasnt eaten anything, what he leaves from Krishnavati after getting miffed?
Aryan comes out of washroom in towel, he looks in mirror and recalls how Aradhya tried to clean his face, how he held her hand and made her touch his face and wipe ash from his face, he touches his face and enjoys, bas haw hai ek mera plays. Aryan imagines Aradhya in room, Aradhya says why you are not wearing your clothes? Aryan gets tensed and says this is my room and i can be her without clothes too, Aradhya closes her eyes and asks him o wear clothes, Aryan says go from here else i will take off your clothes too,, Nakku comes there and finds Aryan talking to himself, she asks him to drink milk, Aryan looks around and realizes that he was imagining Aradhya in room.
Markand tells Aaba that Yashwant is not seen anywhere, Aaba says these devdasies are very clever, they are playing games in lure of rituals and tradition, i thought Yashwant will set everything but he got miffed too and left. Yashwant comes there, Aaba says you never come to anyone’s house thanks for coming to my house, Yashwant says i havent entered your house, i am standing at your doorstep, tomorrow two things will happen, one i will bless Purva and other is that we will punish Aradhya as she tried to disrespect me, Aaba says your orders are my command, Yashwant thinks that i will punish her in such a way that no devdasi will be able to stand infront of me.
Kumudini says to herself that only family can stick together, she stares Tulsi. Aradhya comes there and asks Tulsi to make some food for her, Kumudini says i will make it, Tulsi says leave it, i will make food for my daughter, i am alive, Kumudini says even i am not dead and like i dont do things for your daughter. Door knocks, Pavitra comes in house, Kumudini what i am seeing? Pavitra in our house? Pavitra smiles and says i can go to anyone’s house for my son especially when i have to find good daughter in law for my son, she looks at Aradhya, Aradhya smiles, Kumudini asks Tulsi to bring something for her, i pray that Pavitra’s wishes get fulfilled, what can i do for your son? Pavitra says just come to bless my daughter in law, this is ritual that devdasies bless new bride, its about my son so i will fulfill all rituals, do come in my son’s marriage to dance, you all three should come, Aradhya is shocked, Pavitra smirks seeing her.

PRECAP- Purva enters aaba’s house, she slips, Aryan holds her in time, they share eyelock. Aaba asks Aryan to say yes for marriage for his mother’s sake, he says okay. Aradhya is in tears and asks Kumudini to leave her alone, dont stress me, Kumudini says i am not stressing you, they are stressing you, Aryan has filled your forehead with sindoor, Aradhya says he didnt fill my forehead, he just touched my forehead with his hand, Kumudini says and there was blood on his hand.

Written Update by Atiba

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