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Krishnadasi 12th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
(few parts missing, will be updated soon)
Aradhya says to Aryan that please speak, we will serve aaba, he will become fine, we will make him fine, i am not in hurry to marry but dont say that you are breaking marriage, i love you. Aryan says i cant do anything which will hurt Aaba, just go from here, Aradhya says look in my eyes and say you dont love me, she grabs his face and asks him to speak up,

Aradhya cries, Aryan is pained too, Aradhya looks at Aryan who is looking away, she tries to put hand on his shoulder but doesnt, she starts leaving, Kho gaya gum hogya son plays, she cries as she moves away from him, Aryan cries too and thinks that i love you alot Aradhya but i am helpless.

Kumudini says why Krishanji why Krishanji? everything was going as per plan, this is what you wanted then why it didnt happen? she shouts. Kaka comes there and says what happened to you? you always say that ending of one chapter is beginning of new chapter, Kumudini says dont give me lecture, i gave you work to find out about Aaba’s case and his illness. Kaka says i investigated and this is all his plan, he is not ill. Kaka says he used to pawns to execute his plan and that pawn is none other than doctor of hospital, Aaba kidnapped doctor’s son and made him part of his plan, Kumudini says i know Vidyadhar, only he can do this much drama but he doesnt know me, i will do another drama and this time it will give him real heart attack as Krishnadasi Kumudini is going to storm in his life.
Kumudini comes to aaba’s ward room and says what a drama Rao, Pavitra says how did she come here? Kumudini says shut up. She says to aaba that i know you are drama, you are doing all this to do drama and make this marriage no happen, i know you have kidnapped doctor’s son so that he takes your side, Aryan says lower your voice, its too much of drama, Kumudini says call doctor and ask truth, Aryan says you can anything but lower your tone. Doctor comes there, Kumudini says to doctor that i know your son is kidnapped by aaba, tell truth to everyone, Aaba stares doctor, doctor says what are you saying? my son has gone on vacations, Kumudini says he is lying, i will bring his truth out, she asks aaba to get up, she creates scene there. Aryan and Shashwat pushes her out of room. Aryan says to Kumudini that i have bear you alot but this is enough, if anything happens to aaba because of you then i will not spare you, Kumudini says i will see everyone, she leaves, Shashwat says get lost. Aryan comes in Aaba’s room, doctor is checking Aaba, he says i am sorry security staff did mistake, it wont happen, because of that women aaba’s health is deteriotering more, we should do things which will make Aaba happy and give him peace, he leaves. Aryan asks aaba if he is fine? he nods, Aryan says no one will come to torture you, i will be with you, Aaba says you are getting tensed because of me, Aryan says i can give life for you, just order me, aaba says thats why i call you my pride, i just want to live peacefully before dying, can you do one things for me? when you and Purva were kids, i had seen dream of you both getting married, i just want to see you both getting married before i die, Aryan says we will go home then we will talk all this, aaba says i am feeling like that i wont return to home ever, before taking my last breath, i want to see my grand son in marriage relation with Purva, will you do this for me? Aryan says just give me sometime, i just want to talk to Purva alone, Aaba asks him to go. Deshkmukh asks Purva to go, they leave.
Aryan and Purva come to other room. Aryan says i am sorry, is awkward, you came here to get married to me and afte you came here i realized i am in love, i didnt know it before, Purva says really? you didnt tell me that you love me, Aryan says you are getting met wrong, i am trying to say that because of you, i realized that i love Aradhya, Purva gets stunned, Aryan says i want to clear one thing that i will get married only for Aaba’s sake, i love him alot, i know this is injustice to you, maybe there will be no love from my side for you, being honest it will be difficult for me to forget Aradhya, this is your choice, i dont want to force anything on you, friendship is one thing and marriage is other, its your decision. Purva says when i got to know that you love Aradhya then i moved away from you, i stayed here to attend your marriage with her but seeing your love for Aaba, i feel like that if i have to sacrifice my life for my family then i am ready for it, she holds his hand and says we can live together, we will give life to Aaba, i will try my best to make our friendship rule our marriage, we will be friends, for aaba’s sake i accept this relation, i am sure i will win your heart one days, she hugs him and says everything will be fine, Aryan is sad. Kumudini sees all this and says Aryan is getting emotional, he is my grand son but he has gone on Tulsi fully. aaba can do drama but you will see Aaba that only Aradhya will get married to Aryan and will go to Aaba’s house with my grand son Aryan, this is Krishnadasi Kumudini’s promise.

Scene 2
Tulsi asks Aradhya to drink water, Aradhya doesnt being broken heart. Kumudini comes there and sits beside her, he hugs Aradhya and says dont cry, this is time to shake your inner strength, be ready to fight, this is time to ask for your right, Tulsi says try and understand sometime, is this time to talk about revenge? Kumudini says this is not time to cry, i know you think that i keep thinking about revenge but i am not that bad women, i cant see my kids crying, you want me to silently see you both crying? it hurts me, what can i do? you know what i saw? Aaba is doing drama, he is not ill, he is pretending to be ill, Tulsi says what are you saying? Kumudini says i am saying truth, he hasnt got any heart attack, he is totally fine, Tulsi dont you realize how much big drama queen he is? we are fighting with him, whoever tries to grow infront of him, he behead them, dont cry Aradhya, i am with you Aradhya in this fight. Tulsi says Aayi you have my swear, you wont do anything, me and Aradhya are just pawns for you in this fight, i know that but see my daughter is broken, dont grow doubt seed in her heart, dont use her, Kumudini says so should i silently see Aaba doing drama? Tulsi says i will do everything for her, Kumudini says what you will do? will you question God like in films? Tulsi says i know what has to be done, she says to Aradhya that i will talk to Aryan, he will understand me, dont cry, she asks Kumudini to stay away from all this, she leaves, Kumudini thinks that she is mad girl, we can fight with drama queen Aaba by creating bigger drama than him, i have to think of some drama before everything goes out of hand.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Aradhya that still game is on, drama hasnt ended till now. Aryan and Purva didnt get married till now. I will break their marriage like Aryan broke your heart, will you be with your aaji in this fight? i am doing this for you, just tell me you will me with me answer me, Aradhya looks on shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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