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Krishnadasi 12th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Servant asks Aryan to come in Pooja, Aryan says i will come. Aradhya comes there and mistakenly strikes with Aryan, Aryan asks where are you going? Aradhya says why did you touch Krishnadasi’s daughter? you will become unclean, its good that you touched me before pooja, you will be cleaned in pooja, Aryan says i didnt want you to know it, Aradhya says this is good, you wanted to do pooja secretly, you have proved that you are aaba’s grand-son, you are friend from outside and backstabbing also, Aryan says i didnt want to hurt you thats why i didnt tell you, Aradhya says i would know it from anywhere else but if you had told me then it wouldnt be this much hurting, Aryan says i dont believe in all this, i can touch you 1000times, Aradhya says dont touch me, i am Krishnadasi’s daughter, Aryan says i used to hate Krishnadasies too but after meeting your Aayi, my mind is changed, i am doing this pooja for Aaba, Aradhya says you are following this mindset, when people will see you doing pooja then they will do these poojas too after touching us, Aryan says you are right, we have to change all this, we have to end these rituals but we have to go slowly, we cant bring change drastically, you know my aaba and family has small mentality, they think that Devdasies have done magic on me, i am doing this for their sake, Aradhya says do whatever you want but be happy for insulting Krishnadasies, she leaves.
Tulsi is leaving house, Kumudini says leave after meeting Yashwant, Tulsi says no i am leaving rightnow, she leaves. Kumudini says what happened to her? why she is behaving like this?
Aradhya comes in house, she thinks why do i care what Aryan does and what he doesnt do, maybe he was right that he is trying to change all this but i dont care what he is doing, she leaves. Kumudini sees her and says now Tulsi is gone so Aradhya will dance with me infront of Yashwant as she Krishnadasi too, she will dance infront of her husband Aryan Vidydhar Rao.
Aradhya comes in her room and sits angrily, Kumudini comes there and says i know how much work you would have done in Aaba’s house, Aryan’s aaba have arranged pooja, Aradhya says leave me alone, Kumudini asks are you fine? should i bring something for you? Aradhya says i wanna sleep for sometime, Kumudini says great Yashwant has come, if we go to meet him then all your tension will go away, Aradhya says you dont know why here came here, he has come here to clean Aryan as Aryan had touched Krishnadasi’s daughter, this is Shuddi Karn(pooja for cleaning person) of Aryan and you want me to go there? Kumudini says i didnt know about it, they are people with smal mentality, leave them, we are going there to take blessing of Yashwant, we will fulfill our rituals, Aradhya says what this is this ritual? that they have to do pooja after touching us? we are not filthy, its insult for me to go there, Kumudini says use this anger wisely, make your weakness your strength, your identity can bring respect to you, i know we dont think alike, you have different thoughts and i have different but i am like this and will remain like this till death, i cant live with bowing my head to anyone, now make this saree and come with me, i dont want people to say that we were afraid of Aaba thats why we didnt come in pooja, people will taunt us again, i will bear their taunts but you wont be able to bear it, we will go there with no fear and with respect, will you come with me to Mandir? Aradhya thinks and says okay i will come with you, Aradhya goes to change, Kumudini says now Aradhya will dance infront of Yashwant and Aryan.
Yashwant is doing pooja in Mandir. Banwari asks Markand to not come infront of Aryan, Markand says that Devdasi will dance infront of all shamelessly and we cant even see them shamelessly. Aryan comes there in traditional dress, Aaba introduces him to Yashwant, Aaba says he couldnt come to welcome you, he was busy, Aryan touches his feet and sits in Shuddi Karan pooja. Yashwant continues pooja, Aryan’s tilak is done. Pavitra says to Nakku that Aradhya is not seen here, Nakku says i told her truth of this pooja with all spice.
Kumudini and Aradhya gets ready and starts going towards Mandir. Aryan is doing pooja and recalls Aradhya’s words that this is insult to her, how people will follow him and will do Shuddi karan everyday seeing him endorsing it, he feels guilty, he tries to get up but Aaba folds his hand and points him to sit down, Aryan sits down again. Kumudini and Aradhya enters Mandir. Milk is poured on Aryan to clean him, he sees Aradhya there, Aradhya is hurt but doesnt show it, Pavitra smirks seeing Aradhya there. Yashwant says all evil spirits are gone, he prays to lord to protect Aryan, protect Aaba’s family and this village. Shastri makes Yashwant meet Kumudini, Kumudini greets him, he is not very pleased seeing her, Shastri says she will dance in lord’s honor, Kumudini asks Aradhya to get ready for dance, Aradhya is stunned and takes Kumudini from there.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that we have come here so as per ritual, we will have to dance, Aradhya says you are forcing me to dance infront of all? Kumudini says i told you to make your weakness your strength, Aradhya says i have no shame that you are my Aaji but that doesnt mean that you can make me dance infront of all, Kumudini says dont talk in high tone else.. your aayi has gone and you are Krishnadasi’s daughter so you have to dance with me, Aradhya says no i cant, Kumudini says you want to disrespect Krishan lord? Aradhya says nothing like that, Kumudini ties ghungroos in her feet and says just think you will dance for Krishan lord, we please only him, Aryan comes there and says please, Aryan says to Kumudini that you like all this so you can dance but if Aradhya doesnt like it then dont force her to dance, Kumudini says with which right you are telling me this? do you have relation with Krishnadasi’s grand daughter? whats your relation with her? are you my son in law? Aryan is shocked, Aradhya says stop it Aaji, Kumudini says let me talk, Aryan says i am talking as she is my friend, Kumudini laughs and says you are talking with right as her friend? if Aradhya had shown right as friend and asked you to not do this Shuddi Karan pooja then would have listened to her? would you have stopped this pooja? Aryan is silent, Kumudini says your rituals are rituals and our rituals are rubbish? ask your mother what it means to fill girl’s forehead with sindoor, Aradhya says it means nothing, Kumudini says he is doing Shuddi Karan pooja so that he can cleane himself for touching you but asking me to stop my ritual? he is hypocrite like his Aaba, just to please himself he can do any pooja so we can do any ritual too, we are Krishnadasies and have our rituals too, she is my grand daughter and now she is Krishnadasi Aradhya, i will decide what she will do and what she wont, you go and sit in your Aaba’s lap, she takes Aradhya from there, Aryan thinks that Aradhya cant dance infront of all, i will do anything to stop this, he calls someone.
Kumudini brings Aradhya to Yashwant, she says its our honor to take blessing of Bharamchari,, Yashwant, she introduces Aradhya as her grand daughter, Aryan comes there. Kumudini says she has become Krishnadasi just now, bless her, Kumudini asks Aradhya to not insult her and dance as per her orders. Kumudini drags Aradhya to center, all are watching them, Aradhya is stunned with Kumudini’s behavior, Kumudini asks her to start dancing, Aradhya is about to dance but Tulsi comes there and says till i am alive, you wont dance in any mandir even if evil people force you to, today a mother will dance to save honor and dignity of her daughter, she stares Yashwant and takes Aradhya from there, Kumudini thinks this Tulsi will destroy my plan.
Tulsi brings Aradhya out of mandir and takes off her ghungroos, she says to Aradhya that why did you agree to dance? its good that Aryan called me and told me everything, Aradhya is shocked, Tulsi asks Aradhya to leave from there, Aradhya says but you? Tulsi says dont worry about me, wait for me at home and just leave from here, Aradhya sees her sadly and leaves from there, Tulsi wipes her tears and goes in mandir.
Aradhya is walking towards home and thinks that Aryan called Tulsi to save me? she recalls how he said that he doesnt believe in Shuddi Karan and just doing it for his family’s sake, she recalls how Aryan kept saving her from start, how he first saved her by taking her on horse and leaving from village, then how he fought with goons to save her when they were kidnapped and how Aryan saved her from auction, she thinks Aryan stands infront of me and protects me from everything, she recalls how Kumudini said that Aradhya’s forehead was filled with sindoor of Aryan’s name.

PRECAP- Aradhya comes to Aryan and thanks him for protecting her. She tries to touch his face, he says what are you doing? Aradhya says there is mark on your face, i am wiping it, Aryan says earlier when we touched each other, there was so much hullabaloo about it, if you touch me again then dont know with how much gallon of milk they will try to clean me. Yashwant meets Aradhya and says leave Aryan alone, just follow your mother’s footsteps and become what your family is known for, dont even dream of becoming someone’s respectable life partner, Aradhya looks on shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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