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Krishnadasi 11th October 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gayetri comes to mandir. She sees Markand and Banwari looking at video of Aradhya/queen. She sees video and says Aaru? Markand and Banwari gets shocked seeing her alive, she hides from there, Banwari says it was ghost of Gayetri. Markand and Banwari runs from there. Gayetri says Aradhya is alive?
Shravani says to Aradhya that its good you came here leaving Krishna niwas, Aradhya says why? Shravani says whole family was poisoned in that house, its cursed house, Aradhya says i listened about that incident, i am sorry to hear it was your family, did you find out who gave family the poison? Shravani says if i knew, i would have killed that person, i lost my baby too, it was my husband who saved me but only thing i regret is that my family was gone before i became conscious, nobody got saved. Aryan comes there. Shravani says but you know someone told me that they saw my aayi and baba near village, Aryan gets tensed listening it, Shravani says i dont know if i should believe it, if they were alive then they would have come to meet me, maybe they saw ghost of my family, you understand what i feel listening all these talks, it was my family after all, Aradhya is tensed listening all this, Shravani asks why you are not eating? seems like you got emotional listening about my family’s end, Aradhya says something got in my eyes, she leaves. Shravani thinks that it seems like my doubt was true, i have to keep eye on her but first i have to give doze to Kumudini to keep her insane. Aryan thinks how does Shravani know about family being alive? did she get to know about David and Gayetri? i have to talk to David.
Gayetri comes to David, David asks what happened? Gayetri says i went to mandir, i saw Markand and Banwari watching video which had Aradhya in it but they were talking about some queen, i dont understand anything, is it that Aradhya is alive? why you are silent? are you hiding something? you told me that Aradhya died in jail fire then who is this queen? Aryan has become of Shravani, he didnt even try to find out after incident if we were alive or dead, you tell me truth, David says it was not me but Aryan who saved our lives, he is still helping us, he is pretending to be Shravani’s husband to find truth from her mouth, Gayetri says what about that queen? David says i dont know much about her but Aryan is sure that she Aaru only, Gayetri gets happy listening this, she says i am so happy to know that Aradhya is alive, i am feeling bad that i was wrong about Aryan, David says dont worry, he hugs Gayetri and says believe me everything will be nice now, be careful, Shravani is dangerous, if she knows that Aradhya is alive then she can do anything with her, Gayetri nods.
Shravani ties Kumudini’s hands and feet, Kumudini says my Aaru, my queen has come, she wont spare you. Shravani says i am queen of this house and today i will find her truth if she your dead Aradhya or some impostor, she wont get saved from me, Kumudini says she is my Aaru only, Krishan ji sent her to me again, Shravani says wait for today only, i will follow her today and will catch her red handed then i will send her to place where nobody will be able to find her deadbody even, Kumudini says i wont let anything happen to her, Shravani says i wont let you spoil my game this time, i have done preparation for you, she makes Kumudini swallow pill and says i have made you half insane and now with 2-3more dozes and will go completely insane and Aryan will be forced to take you asylum, Aaba sees all this, Shravani leaves her. Kumudini didnt swallow pills, she spits them out as soon as Shravani leaves. aaba says this Shravani is way more evil.
Aradhya says maybe Shravani was saying truth, my family is alive. She calls Aaba but he doesnt pick up. she prays for her family’s safety and says i have to find out. Aradhya is leaving when she hears Aryan talking on phone, Aryan says to caller(David) that how did she find out about you people being alive? David says she is evil, she must have been blabbering, Aryan says no she knows, i dont want to take risk. David says if you are saying that Shravani can hurt us then tell me what we have to do? Aryan says meet me at the border of Krishnawati, take jungle way, nobody should know, i am coming there, he ends call and leaves. David says to Gayetri that Aryan was saying Shravani got to know about us, we have to leave, Gayetri says what about Aaru? David says dont worry about her, Aryan will protect her, Gayetri says lets leave.
Aradhya thinks that it means my family is alive and Aryan knows about it, what he wants to do with them? i wont allow him to do anything with them now, she starts leaving. Shravani sees her, Aradhya thinks that i wont tell Aaba as then he wont allow me to go behind Aryan, first i will follow him and find out truth, she leaves. Shravani says i will follow her now, she goes behind her.
kumudini is trying to free herself, Aaba comes there and says Kumudini.. she says Deevan.. Vidyadhar Rao, free me, that witch Shravani has gone, fee me, Aaba says this means you were pretending to be insane? Kumudini says you are not innocent yourself, i recognized Vidyadhar, Aaba frees her, Kumudini says that Shravani made me swallow pill, she wanted me to be insane but i spilled away pill, Aaba says thats why you recognized me and Aradhya? Kumudini says i can recognize my Aaru anywhere and you are my every birth’s enemy so i can recognize you behind any veil. That Shravani told Aradhya that her family is alive, dont waste, Aaba says what my family is alive? Kumudini says no, Shravani wants to find our if Aradhya is real Aradhya or Aruna, if she finds out that She is Aradhya then she wont spare her, aaba says i will go and save Aradhya, Kumudini says i want to do something for my Aaru for first time, i want to shake hands with you, i will go with you, Aaba says fine, i will shake hands with you for my Aaru, lets go oldie, Kumudini says Deevan vidyadhar you cant stand properly and calling me oldie? lets go, they leave.

Scene 2
Aryan is going from market. Aradhya is following him with veil on her face. Shravani is following Aradhya. She thinks that i am sure now she is Aradhya thats why she is going in direction where i listened someone saw Rao family member, today i will bring her truth out.
Aryan is walking, he feels someone stalking him, he turns but Aradhya hides behind cart, Aryan thinks that if Shravani is following me? i have to dodge her eyes and then leave, he hastily leaves from there, Aradhya goes behind her. Shravani tries to go behind her but she strikes with woman, woman ask her to pick her bags and stuff she made to fall on floor and then leave, Shravani picks her stuff, gives to her and then leaves.
Aradhya follows Aryan and sees him stopping at somewhere and putting hand in pocket, Aradhya thinks that he is hiding any weapon to hurt my family? Dushera’s Jahnki comes there on road. Shravani gets stuck in mob and cant follow Aradhya. Aradhya takes dagger from shop and goes behind Aryan. She thinks that Aryan will attack my family, i have to stop him, she grips dagger and attacks him but he moves away, he turns to see her standing there with dagger, Aradhya tries to attack him again but he holds her hand, Aradhya pushes him away, Aryan’s hand gets cut and bleeds, Aradhya tries to attack him again, Aryan falls down on slab, Aradhya attacks again but he pushes her away, he grabs her arm and pulls her closer, they share eyelock, Aradhya pulls away from him, Aryan holds wooden stick and use it as shield against her dagger.
Kumudini and Aaba are in market, they are searching for Aradhya and Shravani.
Aradhya pushes Aryan down on slab again and tries to attack but stops, Aryan close his eyes and waits. he says to Aradhya that you cant kill me because you still love me, he takes off her veil, Aryan says will you still say that you are not Aradhya? Aradhya says i didnt know that person who killed my family after plotting with his wife, i couldnt kill him, i dont know why i am not able to attack you but remember that i wont spare you, i will get you punished, Aryan says atleast you agreed that you are not any Aruna devi but my Aradhya, Aradhya tries to hurt him, Aryan says what are you doing? you think i killed your family? why you are punishing me, listen to me once, ARadhya says i know all truth, i wont spare you, Aryan leaves her hands and says you hate me right? you dont trust me? so kill me, Aradhya says you killed my family.. Aradhya is about to attack him but Pavitra scream Aaru, Aradhya sees Gayetri, Shashwat, Pavitra and bhamini all there alive, she is stunned and elated. Shashwat says my daughter.. Gayetri caresses Aradhya’s face and says we got our Aaru, she hugs her, all smile. Aradhya says aayi.. Pavitra hugs her then, she meets her whole family and cries, Pavitra says this must be dream, Aradhya asks who this happened? David points at Aryan and smiles. Aradhya turns to look at Aryan who looks away.
Shravani is stuck in mob, she tries to push them away. Kumudini and Aaba sees her. Kumudini says this crazy is here. She brings red chili powder and asks Aaba to close his eyes, he says i am wearing glasses, you close eyes. Kumudini red chili powder on Shravani’s eyes, Shravani screams for help. Banwari and Markand sees Aaba and Kumudini doing high five, Kumudini says in years, we have done first good work together, if we had become friends earlier then we would have done more good, Aaba says you were egoistic, Kumudini says you were dog’s tail, never straightening, aaba says you.. he says we are friends now, lets not fight, lets find Aradhya, she says first me, they leaves. Banwari says she was mad, how did she become fine? Markand says when dis she trap Deevan? lets go and see.
Aradhya says to Aryan that why you didnt tell me? Aryan says how to tell you, you were Aruna, not my Aradhya. Aradhya says i was trying to find real culprit, Aryan says and you thought it was me? Aradhya says i am sorry, Aryan says i was trying to find culprit too thats why i hidden whole family, our ways were different but destination was same, they look at each other emotionally, Aradhya moves and hugs him, Aryan flinches in pain because of his wound on hand, he says you have done this, Aradhya says you are thinking about wound more than being happy to meet me? now you will see how your pain goes away, she hugs tightly, he hugs her back, all are elated to see reunion, Aradhya cries in his arms.
Shravani pours water on her eyes, she says dont know who threw chili in my eyes, i think it was oldie Kumudini and Deevan with her, that oldie should roast in hell.
Aaba and Kumudini comes to site and sees Aryan and Aradhya hugging and whole family there. Aaba says Shashwat.. all are confused seeing him, Aaba takes off his beard and mustache. Shashwat says Aaba.. Kumudini says Oh God, this is miracle. Banwari and Markand sees them, Banwari says all dead people are back. Aryan is stunned seeing Aaba.. Aradhya thanks lord.

PRECAP- Shashwat brings poison bottle and says to Shravani that i will give you poison. Aaba says i will kill her. Bhamini shows her poison bottle too. Shravani gets scared and says Aryan all dead people are back. Aryan is sitting in mandap and says what are you saying? who has comeback? our baby? Shravani says no, it never existed, it was all fake and lie. Aradhya smirks at her, she is sitting beside Aryan in mandap.

Written Update by Atiba

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