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Krishnadasi 11th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Raj says to goon that drugs got caught, now police and mafia are behind me, goon says police can come here, Raj scolds him and says listen carefully, no drugs should be found here, take all weapons from here. They hear gunshot. Aradhya comes there dressed as Sardar, she has gun in her hands, Raj looks on. Aradhya is wearing three piece suit, she comes to Raj and smirks, Raj says who are you? ARadhya says i am Pinto Singh from Patiala, i have come inside after scaring your goons outside with my gun. Gayetri is looking the scene on her laptop in her car. Raj points gun at Aradhya and says dont move else i will shoot you, tell me are you from police? why your voice is like woman? why you are squirming so much? Aradhya says i am stretching, exercising, i have come here for business, Raj says what business? ARadhya says one minute, she brings out bag, Raj says dont act smart, whats inside? Aradhya opens bag and there is money inside, Raj puts gun down seeing bag full of money. Gayetri says this bag has fake notes, just hoping that Raj doesnt catch her, there is newspaper on bottom of back. Raj sees money and looks around , Aradhya closes bag and says you want to do business with me? tell me or shall i leave? Raj says stop, money is my weakness, my heart melts seeing it, first tell me who are you? how you know about my business? Aradhya says Jairaj you are joking, i told you now that i am Pinto, i know you are doing drug business, i know police caught you, i have foreign connection. Goons come there and says some Sardar fired at us, Raj says you couldnt control one small Sardar? atleast it was good for me. Raj says Pinto deal is done, he hugs Aradhya, Aradhya is nervous, Raj says we will have deal but tell me if you are really Sardar? because your voice is like woman and your height is not small too, Aradhya says its not about voice, i am Sardar, come in battlefield, i will beat you, Raj says no i was joking, you entry was amazing, it will be fun to do business with you, he gives her side hug and hi-fives with her. Aradhya thinks dont know where Aryan must be. Aradhya says i will give you money when i get my drugs. Gayetri says once this camera catches drug visuals then Raj wont be saved, this is great idea. Raj says to Aradhya that you will get drugs but lets have wine first. They see David there, Gayetri is shocked too. Raj says to David that why you are not working? David says i did work, your goons were not allowing me to leave, Raj says meet my guest Pinto, Aradhya greets him, Raj asks David to serve them on table, David nods. Raj and Aradhya sits around table, Raj says we will have english wine, Aradhya gets tensed, Raj says i will bring it, he leaves. Aradhya says David.. i am Aradhya, David says have you gone mad? why didnt you call police? Gayetri says dont know why she is telling everything to David, he can be with them. Aradhya says to David that i have to find and save Aryan, help me please. Raj comes there and asks whats going on? Aradhya says nothing. Raj says i have brought wine, he asks David to serve, Aradhya gets tensed.
Kumudini comes to Raj’s godown, she says there is no car here, i just want my grand son to be fine, dont know what game this aaru is playing, witch she is.
Bhamini sees Aryan tied in bag, she uncovers his mouth and sees he is unconscious, she is shocked and nervous, she runs out of kitchen and looks around for help but no one is there. she comes back in kitchen and sees Aryan, she sprinkles water on his face but he doesnt wake up.
Raj says to cheers, he drinks wine, Aradhya looks at her glass and doesnt drink it, Raj says why you are not drinking? Aradhya says i am fasting, i cant drink wine, bring lassi, Raj says is confused but asks David to bring lassi for her, David leaves, ARadhya thinks that i have to make him tell truth soon. Aradhya says to Raj that we are going to do business then tell me one thing, safety and security is important so i was thinking that how did tempo get caught? i was thinking if someone cheated you? Raj says let me ask one thing first, why you are not sitting calmly? why you are moving so much? Aradhya says i have gastric problem, you dont know its difficult, tell me who cheated you? Raj drinks wine and says i feel like someone from my own ditched me, Aradhya says why driver was useless? Raj says he was new, he knew nothing, Aradhya says why did you let him drive then? Raj says he was not a bad man but he left tempo in middle, Aradhya says who drove tempo after he left it? if someone caught tempo then it means someone was driving it, Raj says if we are here for business or to talk about tempo? i was thinking that we will have party here, Aradhya says we will have party, dance everything but there is no compromise in our business, you have to tell everything, so how it happened? how tempo got caught? animosity with police is not good for our business, this mistake should not happen when i do business with me. Some woman comes there, she is in veil, she beats Aradhya lightly and says Sardarji, you are shameless, you left me on highway, how can you leave your wife like that? i will scold you for that even after death. She hugs Aradhya and whisper i am Shravani, i am here to help you, Aradhya is shocked. Gayetri says what Shravani is doing here? Shravani says this is wrong, why did you leave me? Aradhya is tensed and says to Raj that she is my wife, she says to Shravani that i will never leave you, she says to Raj that she is possessive, Shravani says why you are running behind this Raj guy? are you having affair with him? Raj spits drink and says i am not like that. ARadhya says to Shravani that dont do overacting. Raj says i dont have time for family problems, Aradhya says i have pacified her. Shravani whispers to Aradhya that i will distract him while you find Aryan. Aradhya says to Raj that we are fine now, dont worry.
Kumudini enters godown and says its not easy to reach here, Aradhya cant come here easily. Dont know where Aryan or Rao’s grand daughter(Aradhya) is. Shravani says i am hungry, is there any kitchen here? Aradhya says have you come to cook food here? Shravani says yes, i will cook for everyone here, Aradhya says she is little crazy, where is kitchen? Shravani rubs her finger on Raj’s hand and says you will like food cooked by me, Raj eyes her and says yes. Shravani hints Aradhya, Aradhya says i have to go to washroom, Raj says goon will show you washroom, Aradhya says no i will find it, she leaves. Shravani asks where is kitchen? show me. Raj goes with her. David comes there but doesnt find anymore near table, he hears some laugh and goes to check.
Aradhya is looking around in godown to find Aryan. Kumudini hits one goon with stick, he falls unconscious. Aradhya says in microphone if she is seeing everything? Gayetri says yes but we havent found anything against Raj yet, Damini said that she will comeback soon. Kumudini is walking in godown and says this is like maz, where will i find Aryan and mad Aradhya? Aradhya is searching for Aryan too. Kumudini sees Raj sitting with some woman in veil around table. Kumudini says i wont spare this Raj, she is about to go to them but someone puts chloroform on her mouth, she inhales and falls unconscious.
Bhamini has laid Aryan on bed, she puts water soaked cloth on his forehead and rubs his hands to wake him up. She makes herbal cream for him and applies it on his forehead, she moves him asking him to wake up. Aryan is dizzy, his vision is bluss. Bhamini puts syrup in his mouth. She rubs his hands and holds his hand. Aryan tries to see her face but is not able to open his eyes.
Aradhya ties Kumudini to chair, Kumudini wakes up and says who are you? leave me, Aradhya says its me, Kumudini says who are you Sardar? i will put you in well, ARadhya says its me aaji, Kumudini says you witch, i am here to find Aryan, Aradhya says there are alot of problems here please dont create more, Kumudini says i will find Aryan at any cost, you are involved in Raj’s gang, ARadhya says i cant waste time on you, she makes her smell chloroform, Kumudini faints, Aradhya says to Gayetri that once Damini comes here, free aaji first, Gayetri says okay.
Raj says to Shravani that where is Pinto? Shravani says seems like you dont like food i cooked, why you are missing Pinto so much? is there something fishy? Raj says no, i am just saying that he is talking alot of time, Srhavani says you eat food. David thinks that Aradhya should find Aryan.
Aradhya is looking for Aryan, she says aryan is not anywhere? what should i do? she mistakenly hits one carton and finds drugs in them, Gayetri says these are proofs against Raj, Aradhya says many innocent people are in trouble because of it, she says to Gayetri that we have got proofs, now i have to find Aryan. Aradhya looks around godown but is not able to Aryan. One goon comes to her and asks why you are roaming here? Aradhya says i have to go to washroom but i am not able to locate it, goon says i will tell you, aRadhya says no i will find myself, Goon says come else you will pee in pants, Aradhya says okay, she starts going with goon but hits him with stick on his head, he faints, Aradhya covers him with cartons and leaves.
Bhamini brings out Aryan’s purse from his pocket and sees Aradhya’s photo in it, she points if she is his wife? she panics and looks around what to do? she takes money from drawer and hints Aryan that she is leaving, Aryan is still unconscious. Bhamini comes out of her house and locks door as Aryan is inside, she leaves.
Aradhya is finding Aryan when sees Micheal and Saras tied to chairs. She is shocked and comes to them, she says i am Aradhya, who tied you here? Saras says Jairaj, he kidnapped us and made David do his work, he has made him slave. Aradhya says Gayetri did you listen? Gayetri recalls how David denied marrying her, how she misunderstood David everytime, how he kept telling her that he has reason for doing all that. Aradhya frees Micheal and Saras and says if you know about Aryan? Saras says what happened to Aryan? Aradhya says i will tell you later, she says go out of here, there is Gayetri is car, she will take you, they leave. Aradhya says what this Raj has been doing? i am not able to locate Aryan, God help me. Only Raj can tell where is Aryan, Aryan please comeback fast.
Shravani says to Raj that what you did with guy you captured? Raj says i made parathas of him, he laughs and says why you are with Sardar? Shravani says i didnt meet you earlier, you are handsome, Raj says let me see your face once, he tries to take off her veil but Shravani says not so soon, tell me first about guy, what you did with him? is he dangerous? Raj says i will you once you let me see you face. ARadhya comes there and says i was gastric so i remained in bathroom, Raj offers her lassi, Shravani says Pinto this brother is good, Raj coughs at her calling him brother, Aradhya says which guy you were talking about?
Gayetri meets Saras and Micheal. She sits in car with them and watches Aradhya on laptop. Aradhya drinks lassi, her fake mustache starts falling out but Shravani hints her, Aradhya tries to stick her mustache but it falls off, Raj sees it and catches her, he removes her mustache. Gayetri sees this on her laptop and gets tensed.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Aryan that you want to do Sharad(peace prayer for dead person) for that Bhamini in this house? then first let me kill myself, she pours kerosene on her head and says do Sharad for me next year, she lights match-stick, Aryan is shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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