Kawach 24th September 2016 Written Update

Kawach 24th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kawach 24th September 2016 Written Update

Saudamini laughs on Arhaan, Pari, and Rajbeer that their plan failed with Shakti pulling lever. She continues that there are so many evil spirits in shells, but they are only 3 good spirits, how will they protect them now. She attacks Arhan. Arhaan bears it thinking he should not reveal his original identity to Rajbeer. Shakti starts fighting with Rajbeer and Rajbeer hits him. Arhaan takes Rajbeer’s soul and freezes him. Shakti beats Rajbeer, but he stands freezed. Arhaan and Saudamini’s fight continues and Pari and Manjulika on the other side. Saudamini goes invisible. Arhan captures Manjulika and warns Saudamini to come in front, else he will kill her daughter. Saudamini comes in front and frees Manjulika. They both then attack Arhaaan at once and he falls down and gets captured in a shell. Arhaan returns Rajbeer’s soul in his body and Rajbeer comes there. Shakti attacks Rajbeer. Pari is in a delimma to save Arhaan or Rajbeer. She goes towards Arhaan. Saudamini laughs that humans are so fool, Pari is saving her boyfriend instead of her husband. Rajbeer falls unconcious after Shakti hits his head. Pari reminisces her mom’s words to call her when she needs her. Her mom comes and takes her, Rajbeer, and Arhaan from there. Saudamini and her children are shocked to all 3 missing. She says how can Pari’ s mother help her, if she helps her relatives, she will lose all her powers.

Rajbeer is taken home and laid on bed. Arhaan asks Pari’s mom what did she do. Pari says mom helped them what is wrong in this. Arhaan says she cannot help dear ones and has lost her powers for 1 year. Pari emotionally asks mom why did she do this. Mom says she loves her and asks Arhaan to protect Pari in her absence and leaves.

Rajbeer wakes up and shouts at Pari what was that, she loves Arhaan and not him, so she saved Arhaan and not him. Arhaan asks how can he think of his wife like this. Rajbeer asks him to stay away and continues yelling at Pari. Arhaan says he will go away from Pari if he promises that he will keep Pari happy always and walks out. Pari stops him and says she will tell Rajbeer that he is a genie. Arhaan says if she reveals his identity, he will lose his powers. He wishes her bye and leaves.

Rajbeer sits sadly on sofa thinking Pari betrayed her. Saudamini and Manjulika come there and Manjulika says she told him that Pari does not love him. He shouts at her to get out. She says he should be with him. He says he would rather die than being with her. Saudaminii says son-in-law wants to die and she will fulfill his wish. She gets into Rajbeer’s body. Pari comes back and Arhaan starts fighting with her. Pari realizes it is not him. Manjulika and Pari take Arhaan from there. Pari gets worried for Arhaan.

Pari reaches hanuman temple and calls Heera. Heera’s aide says she is meditating and cannot meet anyone, if she does not believe, she can come and check. She goes in. Arhaan watches her hiding. Pari then goes to jungle and starts searching Rajbeer. Rajbeer comes and finds himself in a jungle. Manjulika gets into Pari’s body and starts yelling on Rajbeer that because of him, Arhaan went away from her, she loves Arhaan. He realizes it is Manjulika and sings Jab Koi baat bigadjaye. Manjulika sings back and says she does not need him in her life now. Saudamini comes as Manjulika and says she told him that Pari betrayed him. He walks away. Manjulika gets out of Pari’s body and Pari falls down. Both Manjulika and Saudamini laugh.

Pari wakes up, goes back to temple and callls Arhaan. Arhaan comes and Pari says Saudamini and Manjulika took Rajbeer somewhere. Arhaan says he knows and with his powers sees Rajbeer tied in a cave. He tells location of cave and says if he saves Rajbeer, she has to come with him to his world. She asks why. Arhaan says he cannot see her suffering with Rajbeer hhere and him breaking her trust always, so he wants her to come along him to his world. She says she wants to stay with Rajbeer. He says if Rajbeer promises that he will keep her happy, he go back to his world. Pari yells that he broke her trust as a friend, she will never come with him and asks him to go away from her life.

Precap: Pari asks Manjulika why did she bring Rajbeer to a cave. Manjulika says she will marry Rajbeer. Shakti tortures Pari. Pari goes to Arhaan and requests help again. He says again if he saves Rajbeer, she has to come to his world with him.

Written Update by H Hasan

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