Kasam Maha Episode – 14th September 2016 Written Update

Kasam 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam Maha Episode – 14th September 2016 Written Update

Rishi cries, then forbids Tanuja touch him again. She must not even try to reach his heart else she would burn. He says Sandy called her a daughter, he hates him badly and anything related to Sandy. There was a short circuit, everyone was busy with Pooja. Tanuja notices the smoke, but Rishi wasn’t ready to listen to her. There Rishi tells Tanuja that he isn’t like Sandy, he will save her but she must never come to face him again. Everyone looks around and panic about the fire. Bee ji calls Tanuja, Raaj comes to take her outside. Tanuja insists on Rishi that the house is on fire. Rishi says Sandy snatched her Tannu, but he would save her. But she must never come to face him again, he hates her.
Everyone run out, Manpreet calls the fire brigade. UV comes to him worried about Rishi. Rishi and Tanuja walks outside the room, caught in a bad fire. Rishi pants and was unable to breathe, Tanuja was worried and cries for help. She notices a wooden log about to fell over Rishi and comes to save him from it. Rishi had fainted. The log fell over Tanuja, burning her. Outside, Manpreet and UV were worried and the phone doesn’t connect. Vidhi comes to help with water crying that her property worth crores is going to burn. Bee ji recalls years ago, Rishi and Tannu were caught in fire and Tannu saved Rishi, she is thankful no one was caught inside today.
The fire brigade team arrive at the spot. Manpreet asks Raaj how the fire was caught. UV tells Raaj Rishi’s phone isn’t connecting. The fire brigade team says there is a boy and a girl inside. Rano and Bee ji cry badly now, as they call for an ambulance.
The family awaited in the hospital. Raaj cried badly, he wonders how many times he would have to see his son fighting his life, it’s unbearable now. UV tries to console him, but he leaves aside. Nakul says electrician says it was short circuit at home, it was some irresponsibility during the decoration. Rano considers Tanuja responsible. Rano insists she deliberately did this. Vidhi was relieved Rano has forgotten she did the lighting. Bee ji defends Tanuja that she was inside the house with Rishi, maybe she saved Rishi. Rano argues that Tanuja isn’t Tannu whose birth chart is connected to Rishi. Vidhi says she already pointed to Tanuja that there is some problem with lighting. The doctor comes to inform they will need to do Tanuja’s plastic surgery, her face is badly burnt. Rano says they won’t pay a single rupee for her treatment, but Bee ji follows the doctor. Ahana sends Manpreet behind her and calms Rano.
Bee ji asks the doctor that her grandson will pay all his fees, they must prepare for the treatment. The doctor asks for some photo of Tanuja, Bee ji promises to bring them the photo. Manpreet comes to the doctor, they ask Manpreet for some motivation which can keep Rishi alive, as Rishi is really hopeless and doesn’t want to live anymore. Manpreet thinks that only a photo of Tannu can help Rishi wake up. Bee ji comes to Tanuja’s room and looks around for some photo of hers. She asks John to bring an envelope, keeps the photo aside and looks towards the moon outside. She speaks to the moon that he is aware of what happened in the house, it’s her heart’s call that Tanuja saved Rishi and took the injury over herself.
Manpreet comes to Rishi’s room and looks for Tannu’s photo. He finds one in the diary.
Bee ji asks the moon that some way must be made to turn her into Rishi’s Tannu. It’s her heart’s call that only this girl would be Rishi’s Tannu. Manpreet was dialing Ahana’s number when he drops the photo from the stairs. There were strong winds all at once, Bee ji thinks how moon came along with storm today, and there must be something different.
Tanuja’s photo blow from behind, John brings an envelope for her. The photo that had fallen from Manpreet’s hand fly to Bee ji’s feet who put it in the envelope.
Rano sat beside Rishi, he opens his eyes finally. Everyone was elated.
Bee ji comes to give Tanuja’s photo to the doctor. The doctor watches Tannu’s photo and promises to give Tanuja the same face as in the photo. A nurse comes to tell Bee ji that Rishi is now conscious. The doctors congratulate them, but advices them to take care of him for the next three months. Rishi asks about Tanuja. They were all silent, Rano tells Rishi that her face is badly burnt. Rishi thinks those who burns the others are burnt similarly. Bee ji tells Rishi that doctors are hopeful she will recover in the next three months.
Three months later, Divia announces she prepared Dhokla. Everyone cough badly, Manpreet asks UV why he doesn’t stop his wife. UV asks if he wants him to be murdered. Rano comes there and asks Raaj if he took his medicines, Raaj agrees he forgot. Rano complains Ahana, Raaj says Ahana gave him the medicines and he took them. UV and Manpreet deny. Ahana tells Rano that Rishi and Nakul have gone for swimming. They were happy that Rishi has changed a lot.
In the hospital, doctors arrive at Tanuja’s room, and informs her that her bandages are going to be removed today, she will be able to see her face again. Tanuja holds Vidhi’s hands while the doctor remove the bandage. Vidhi was shocked to see Tannu’s face, and shouts that this isn’t the girl they operated on. She asks what have they done, this isn’t Tanuja. Tanuja opens her eyes, it was Tannu’s face. She feels her face. The doctors try to explain Vidhi. Tannu asks the nurse to bring mirror for her.
The doctor tells Vidhi that her bandages have just being removed, she must be disturbed. The doctors explain Vidhi that Tanuja was given some heavy medicines that made her body swell, she will get normal. He says they gave her the exact face that was given to them. He says Rishi’s Bee ji brought him the photo and wanted the same face for Tanuja. Vidhi only accuses the doctor. Inside, Tanuja was worried what face she got, she needs to see why Vidhi is reacting like this.
At home, UV asks Manpreet not to keep a bad eye over Rishi now. Manpreet says Rishi was such a monster before. Bee ji slaps his head, as she doesn’t want to hear anything against Rishi. Rano stood aside says they don’t know Rishi is normal because she told him Raaj is in danger of heart attack. Ahana smiles over it, she appreciates Rano that Rishi has started to live again just with a fear from losing Raaj. He is now happy that Tannu came into his life, his memories now contain the times with Tannu. Rano confirms if she did right. Ahana agrees that Rishi is like he was before, and she definitely did right.
Rishi and Nakul were having boxing in the room. Rishi beats Nakul on face, Nakul complains that his girlfriend won’t recognize him. Rano calls them downstairs, Rishi runs downstairs taking Nakul along him. On the breakfast table, Raaj reminds Rishi how naughty he used to be when they returned from America. He now feels his son is back again. UV says exactly as he was before Tannu came into his life. Everyone get serious all at once. Manpreet changes the topic that Raaj is happy because they all are happy now. Rishi seriously says there is no need to change the topic or be guilty, the accident a few months ago got him rid of all his sufferings. Her memories never hurt him now, it seems she was with him all along the twenty years as well; he has spent a life with him. He now wants to stay happy, Manpreet offers him the tea saying Tannu’s sister has made this tea. Divia brings the Dhokla, Rishi says UV has deterred that if anyone tastes the Dhokla they will get beaten. Divia comes to UV complaining if he dislikes her Dhoklas, Rishi and Manpreet insist that he and Nakul want to eat all the Dhoklas by themselves. Rishi seriously thinks no one can ever make tea similar to Tannu.
The doctor shows Tannu’s photo to Vidhi, she wonders how Bee ji could hand him this photo. A nurse comes to call the doctor for an emergency. Vidhi wonders how can Bee ji be mistaken, she dials the number at home. Bani calls Neha to take the call, Neha was afraid if its Sandy. Bani says its landline number from Mumbai, Vidhi asks Neha to give the call to Neha. She came to meet Tanuja to hospital, Neha scolds her to come home and let Tanuja be there in hospital. Vidhi tells them there was a huge issue in Tanuja’s surgery, doctors have given her someone else’s face. Bani and Neha were concerned, Bani cheers that now they will create a drama in the hospital and get a lot of money from them in return.
There, Tanuja comes to find some mirror around, attempting to see her face, throwing the tools around on floor. Nothing worked for her. She then goes to window glass. She remember Rishi had also been caught with her and wonder if Rishi is fine, if he didn’t come to see her in hospital for once. If he hates her so much, is it hate or no feeling at all and forgot about her considering it an accident only. She wonders why she think about him always, her mind and lips have been occupied by his name only. She looks towards herself in a steel tray lying on the bed.

PRECAP: Bani and Neha come to see Tanuja who was asleep. Bani screams, while Neha says this is Tannu.

Written Update by Sona

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