Kasam 8th September 2016 Written Update

Kasam 8th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 8th September 2016 Written Update

Rishi shouts at Tanuja to get out of his office right away, Manpreet come there. Rishi insists that the girl is really a trouble for him. Manpreet goes behind Tanuja, Tanuja was curt over Rishi. Manpreet insists on her to have coffee with him, in the café he tells Tanuja that Rishi was a very cheery person when they had shifted to Mumbai. Every girl used to fell for Rishi, but he fell for Tannu. They were marrying two separate people but Rishi kidnapped Tannu and married him. Tanuja gets flashbacks of all about the past. Manpreet narrates that Neha was about to marry Rishi and she urged her boyfriend, her boyfriend fired on Rishi but Tannu got the bullet and died. Manpreet was crying by then, Tanuja’s head banged badly and she fainted. Manpreet wakes her up, and suggests she must not have taken breakfast. Tanuja wonders why it feels as if she has seen but felt this story.
Vidhi was waiting for Nakul outside, Nakul comes from behind. He recognizes them from the park, Vidhi tells him that it was her sister with her that day but since they were fighting they posed not to recognize each other. Nakul asks if they are Tanuja’s sisters, Manpreet informed him about it. He offers her to come inside, they will have some talk. Vidhi cheers about having brought some powder from Neha to mix it in Nakul’s drink. Nakul calls John for juice, he turns to take a call and Nidhi mix the powder in the drink. Rano comes there, Vidhi makes up that she sent soup for Bee ji. At the door, Vidhi thinks about getting ready well for tonight.
In the room, Bee ji and Tanuja were playing ludo. Bee ji shares with Tanuja that Tannu was a very nice girl and changed her mischievous Rishi, their love story is incomplete yet complete; Tannu is still around Rishi. She can see Tannu in Tanuja as well, Tannu was also like her. Tanuja asks how she resembles Tannu. Bee ji wonders if she is trying to ask about Rishi. Tanuja complains that Rishi is really rude, Bee ji advocates him but Tanuja stands up to show her how Rishi is. She wears the glasses and mocks Rishi’s rude behavior. Rishi comes from behind, Bee ji watches him and calls him inside, he shouts what was this all. Bee ji says she was acting, he turns to leave. Bee ji says if he had to see her, he could have seen her photo; but if he really came to meet her he must sit with her. She complains from behind Rishi that no one has time for her. Rishi takes a seat for a single game, Bee ji asks Tanuja to set it. Rishi shuts his eyes and with Tanuja’s presence, he recall Tannu. He thinks she has a similar fragrance as Tannu had.
Bee ji prays that Rishi and Tanuja must look into each other’s eyes for once, and Rishi can feel Tannu’s shadow in her, just she did when she had held her hand. Rishi looked towards Tanuja, while she ask Bee ji to begin the game. Bee ji gives the dice to Rishi. Rishi gets a six first, Bee ji says he has been given a new chance. They game continue, Rishi’s hand drops the dice on the floor. Both he and Tannu bend to pick it up at once, their heads meet, then share an eye lock. Bee ji was thankful about it.

PRECAP: Rishi clutches Tanuja that he hates liars, he twists her arm asking what she has come for. Tanuja cries in pain, Rishi was moved.

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