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Kasam 8th July 2016 Written Update

Rishi was determined to marry Tanvi only, he was then worried how he would run away with Tanvi. Bani is always there. Manpreet leaves it to Ahna, Ahna denies doing it. Manpreet narrates an Indian movie screen to sit with Pavan on stage with veil. Ahna calls it a rubbish idea, she felt disgusted even watching Pavan’s face. Manpreet black mails her to do it for her sister. Ahna leaves asking Manpreet to go there by himself, but Manpreet requests her. Rishi also insists on her to wear Tanvi’s dress. Ahna finally agrees.
The three comes to Tannu’s room, Ahna asks Rishi to go inside and talk to her. She stops Manpreet outside, she asks him to wait outside and looks around. They begin an argument, Rishi comes to scold them both to shut up. Ahna sends Rishi inside, then sends Manpreet to keep an eye over people there.
In the room, Tannu was worried and hurries Rishi to go from here, she doesn’t need any more problems. Rishi asks her to run away and get married. She loves him, it’s their fate to go away. Manpreet hears this curtly, Ahna stops him from going inside but he insists and goes in. He comes to request Tannu to accept it, Tannu says it’s really late, nothing such is possible. Rishi says this is the last chance, tomorrow they will be helpless. He insists on her to run away with him. Tannu asks if this is fighting, what respect Bani and Guljeet would be left with, what about her promise with Raaj that she won’t take any such step to break her wedding with Pavan. Ahna comes inside, and seconds Tannu melodramatically. She attacks Rishi with a fist, how dare he thought about running away with her sister, he has a disgusting mind. She hands a glass of juice to Tannu and asks her to drink it, Bani sent this for energizing. Rishi and Manpreet were confused at her turn around. Ahna takes Manpreet and Rishi to a corner, both blame Ahna. Rishi comes inside to find Tanvi dizzy. Ahna hurries inside, Rishi looks towards the glass. Ahna says she made her unconscious to bring her to conscious, her sister loves him more than he loves her. She will sacrifice for the sake of world, but she won’t let her do this at least for her idiot cousin. She accuses Rishi to get weak in front of Tannu. She helped him only. Rishi thanks her, Ahna deters to break his face. Ahna asks him to run away with her only, before everyone comes there. Manpreet asks her to be his friend today. There is Bani’s knock at the door, Ahna hurries outside to handle her.
Ahna stops Bani to inform that Tanvi is getting ready, is Tannu ready? She asks her to go and bring Neha, she will get her sister in a while.
In the room, Manpreet asks Rishi to get her in the fruit basket, Rishi accuses him to have gone insane. They get an idea and rolls Tannu in the carpet. Ahna comes inside and was shocked to see Tannu in the carpet. Rishi assures her to take care of Tannu, more than himself. Manpreet says she has to sit with Pavan in the stage, but don’t marry him. Manpreet was excited to take his sister in law. They hold Tannu on shoulders and take her outside. Ahna was nervous.
Bani called Guljeet restlessly. Pavan thinks that Tanvi must now be alone in the room, he heads towards the room but Pandit stops him as its time for wedding. Bani goes to bring Tanvi. Pavan thinks he has to speak to Tanvi, he will do it in the stage and will make her speechless. Bani thinks she won’t spare Ahna this time if she speaks rubbish. She comes up to see Rishi and Manpreet carrying the carpet, they make up that this carpet has been sent as a gift from their American friend and is really close to heart, that is why they can’t let it in anyone’s hand.
Ahna sits in the room veiled, Bani comes there and complains her about Ahna. She asks her to come downstairs. Bani notices her hands have gone really fat, then shares her anger with Ahna. She was determined to set Ahna with someone who will break her face. Ahna thinks she will break her face in a while. Bani insists on her to remove this veil, but Ahna holds it. Bani says alright, she might wear it as it’s her day. Ahna was happy that Tanvi and Rishi have run away.
Rano stops Rishi and Manpreet, they tell Rano that its Bani’s gift. She wants to send it home and use it. They are going to hand it to someone outside. They were about to drop the carpet, Pavan comes to help them. He offers Rishi and Manpreet to come to his gym to make their muscles. He offers them help to carry this carpet outside. Pandit calls Pavan to the stage, Pavan reminds them its time for his wedding so he has to go. He tells Rishi to keep on holding these carpets, because he is taking Rishi’s dream girl. He asks Rishi not to get late in any of his rituals. Rishi smiles behind Pavan. Raaj comes there to Rishi and Manpreet, Bee ji comes to take dry fruits. UV wonders what his Ram Ratan are doing. They take the carpet outside, Manpreet wonders where all the cars have gone. They point towards the horse cart and in a quest to turn the carpet drops and Tannu rolls outside. Guljeet came there.

PRECAP: Pavan warns Tanvi to do what he and Saloni asks her to. Ahna stops him calling him misbehaving. Pavan demands where his bride to be is? Ahna announces she ran away with Rishi.

Written Update by Sona

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