Kasam 6th September 2016 Written Update

Kasam 6th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 6th September 2016 Written Update

Manpreet was playing videogames when Ahana comes to the room. She wonders how he came so early, if Rishi fired him. Manpreet tells her that Rishi gifted him with a videogame. Ahana brings him a gift, she wish he starts a new life from this birthday in which he always has to work. Rano and Raaj come in to wish Manpreet, she prays for Manpreet to get a lot of work. Raaj hugs him too. They were upset that Rishi hates parties, but cheers that Rishi gifted him with a videogame this time as well. He doesn’t let him lose his childhood, and shares Rishi even called him as Chota. He sits to play videogame again.
There, Bee ji swears Tanuja with her life, requesting her to stay. Tanuja thinks there is no way now to say a no. She says she works in the office, if she can come in the evening. Beeji calls John to send everyone upstairs. They all come to Bee ji’s room, who informs Rano that Tanuja will come here every evening from now, they must instruct all the servants not to stop her. She sends UV to get carom board. Ahana leaves, Rano was curt. Bee ji was excited to play carom with Tanuja.
Rishi come home and goes to meet Bee ji upstairs. He gets a call with some official work. Tanuja takes a leave from Bee ji, she allows Tanuja with a promise to come back. Tanuja promises her, assuring she never break her promises. UV stops Tanuja at the doorway and thanks her for taking care of Bee ji. Bee ji comes to hug Tanuja, and asks her to leave before her heart fills and she kidnaps her. UV complains that Bee ji has forgotten him by Tanuja’s arrival.
Rishi was shouting angrily on phone, Tanuja hits his file that drops on floor. She sits to gather the file papers, and was irritatingly shouting at Tanuja. She takes a chance to flee while he was busy with the call, he stops her from behind. Tanuja was worried that Rishi would kill her if he watches her face. Rishi inquires Tanuja who she is. Tanuja runs away when he gets a call again.
There, Bani shouts at Nidhi and Vidhi that Nakul took Tanuja to the room by himself. Bidhi and Vidhi argued against themselves. Neha comes complaining what Bani is teaching her daughters. Nidhi and Vidhi were looking for a chance with Nakul and argued with each other again. Bani says she would decide who would take a chance with Nakul first.
UV insists on Bee ji to lay on the bed. Rishi comes there, Bee ji shares with UV that she won on carom. UV takes a leave, he informs Rishi that Bee ji fainted again. Rishi takes Bee ji for rest. Bee ji assures she won’t die until he marries and she will meet his children as well. Tannu wanted this while marrying Pavan that they must find a nice girl for him to marry. She tells Rishi that she has found a girl like Tannu, she could feel the same love, same life as in Tannu’s eyes. Rishi promises to marry when he can see such love and feeling in any girl. Bee ji takes his promise that when he meets her tomorrow, he won’t fear her with his stare but try to look into her eyes; he would find Tannu’s shadow in her. Rishi insists on Bee ji to lay down now and get to sleep. He wonders who has come to win Bee ji’s love to such an extent.
Rano felt helpless about Tanuja, she stops John to inquire if Tanuja has left. He says she left. Rano heads towards storeroom. In the store room, Tanuja was worried what had happened if Rishi had seen her today, she remembers all her confrontations with Rishi on the day. She was sure Rishi hates her and considers her a thief. Rano enters the room, and comes to pack Tanuja’s bag with her luggage. Tanuja apologizes Rano, she tried a lot but couldn’t say a no to Bee ji. Rano stuffs her luggage and orders her to leave this place right away, without uttering a single word. She had instructed her already to find a job and find a house for herself then. Tanuja tells her that she got a job, Rano says she is aware she got a job given by Bee ji. Tanuja says she got a job in an office, then was lost that she can’t share with Rano in which office she got a job. Tanuja requests her to give them two more days to find a house. Rano drags her outside, she shows her the limit and warns her to cross this limit again. She has two days only to stay within her limits, and asks her to go away now. Rano was entering the house when her stroller gets fire from the candle flames in the passage. Tanuja hurries behind her in concern, there Rishi watches this from upstairs and come to put the fire off. Both Rishi and Tanuja help Rano together, Rishi was shocked to see Tanuja. He recognizes Tanuja as a thief, and says she tried to steal his purse. He asks Tanuja if she was arrested by the police in accusation of stealing or not? She says yes. Tanuja tells the whole family that he thought she stole his wallet, but after he left the station they arrested the real thief. Rishi considers it a lie, and asks if everyone else had died that she brought Bee ji home. Bee ji defends that Maa Kaali wanted this. Rishi blames Tanuja to have done black magic over Bee ji. Raaj stops Rishi from dragging her out, he confesses and he and Rano know this girl for the past few days.

PRECAP: Raaj asks Rano if they must disclose the truth this time, and introduces the three sisters.

Written Update by Sona

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