Kasam 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Kasam 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Malaika says Rishi was really broken so she left six years ago. Rano asks if she still loves Rishi, Malaika says now he has got even more handsome and appears even better now. Rani asks if she wants that handsome guy? Malaika confirms can she get him? Rano promises to make such circumstances that Rishi will fall in love with her. Malaika says it’s the first time she has shared her heart out with someone, Rishi always took this as a joke. Rano asks her to tell him about it now. Malaika complements Rano’s speed about being super-fast. The come to Rishi’s room, and knock the door from outside. Rishi wasn’t insist, Rano goes to call him from inside the washroom but he wasn’t there as well. Manpreet comes to tell them Rishi went to office for some important work. Rano suggests Malaika to go to office, it doesn’t matter if they spend time together at home or in office. She assures Malaika that Rishi isn’t the old one now, and won’t be angry at her. Malaika understands Rano’s strategy about getting him addicted to her presence.
Tanuja was walking down the street, he spots a guy who seemed like Rishi from behind. Tanuja smiles, but when the guy turns around she wonders why she spot Rishi all over. She gets a smile watching his face, but he only gets angry watching her. He hates her a lot. In the office, Rishi sat lost in thoughts of Tanuja, and Tannu’s promises. He was upset that Tanuja has complex his thoughts and memories, she sends that old lady in front of him. She got Tannu’s face, and comes to him to tease him only. He won’t trust Tanuja ever. Radhika comes to him informing about a meeting. Rishi was upset and asks her to take a 25 min time from them. He was still upset about Tanuja and never thought he would hate someone so badly.
The old lady comes to look around for Tanuja. She thinks she must have left, well for her as she had nothing to reply to Tannu. She was sad that they both don’t recognize each other, but none of their mistake.
Tanuja walks towards Rishi’s office, recalling all their confrontations.
In the temple, the old lady rings the bells and prays for Rishi and Tanuja.
There in the way, Malaika happily drives about Rishi’s changed personality. She likes Rishi the day she saw him, now she got a chance to turn it into a love story. Rishi sat in the meeting with a cup of tea in his hand. Tannu was crossing the road when Malaika hits her. There, Rishi drops his cup of tea, he wonders he suddenly thought about Tanuja, what’s happening to him. There, Tanuja lay on the road, unconscious.

NEXT EPISODE: Malaika brings Tanuja home with a help of a couple. She apologizes Rishi for not telling him that she brought the accident girl home.

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