Kasam 31st October 2016 Written Update

Kasam 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 31st October 2016 Written Update

Rishi thinks he feels the same by touching her and wonders if she is… he was about to remove her veil but Raaj interferes. He asks Rishi if he didn’t wear his watch. Rishi says he has worn it, Raaj asks him to show time then says alright, its time for the wedding. Pandit calls groom’s mother for gadhbandhan. Rano performs the ritual. Rano was happy that Raaj has accepted Malaika as his daughter in law, Raaj says yes, he has accepted her whole heartedly. Tanuja was shocked to hear Pandit’s call to stand up for the rounds. Rishi awaited her, Ahana comes to hold her up. Ahana thinks to herself she isn’t even happy with this wedding, then why she helped Malaika as if it’s her Tannu. Rishi wonders why Manpreet didn’t return with Tanuja, where has she gone. Manpreet calls Tanuja around the house, he wonders if Tanuja left home for not being able to bear Rishi’s wedding. He watches the closet that was full. Tanuja recalls Tannu’s wedding, her vows echo in Tanuja’s ears, her head banged badly again. The rounds had ended, everyone was clapping. Manpreet joins Ahana, she questions where he had been. Manpreet asks her to concentrate on wedding, Rishi looks really handsome. The Pandit asks Rishi to put on the mangal sooter. Tanuja was nervous. Sindoor ritual was announced, Rano happily offers a coin. Rishi closes his eyes, and demands Tanuja to remove the veil. Raaj was worried what to do, his plan would fail if the veil is removed.
Malaika reaches home in the cab and enters from back door. John asks who is marrying Rishi if she is here. Malaika runs inside.
Rishi removes the veil for the ritual. Malaika slips on the floor as her sandals get into her shoes. A wire was broken, while the lights of hall go off. Pandit asks Rishi to fill the sindoor within this time. Raaj hurries Rishi to perform the ritual. Rishi then lights a match stick and was shocked to see Tanuja. Suddenly the electricity was repaired, everyone was shocked to see Tanuja. Rishi stands up in shock. Pandit announces them as spouses. Rano shouts this is impossible.

PRECAP: Raaj tells Malaika that Tanuja is now the elder daughter in law of this family.

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