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Kasam 30th May 2016 Written Update

The sales boy hands the jewelry to Pavan. He asks for a glass of water. Rishi prays to get a clue about what he came for. He comes to sales boy, greets him and gets inside the house. He hides himself behind the cupboard. Saloni was happy watching it. Pavan asks if she is happy. And offers to put it around her arm. His mother comes in, Pavan and Saloni sit on separate seats. His mother takes them to Tanvi’s home, else he might reach there.
Bee ji watches Tannu, she blesses Tannu praying that her Rishi is a bit mischievous, but is good at heart. Tannu smiles thinking about the morning tea incident. She thinks if someone watch her, they would think she has gone insane. She was worried if Rishi came from jewelry shop.
UC and Manpreet play boxing. UC beats him bare handed. Tannu comes to the room, Manpreet asks if she came to meet Rishi. Tannu says no, she came to take cup. Manpreet stops her way and says if a girl is true, she steals her looks. He tells UC that not only Rishi keep running after her, she also does. She also likes Rishi. Tannu denies, Manpreet asks if she dislikes Rishi. Both get Tannu confusing and makes her confess she likes Rishi. They try to compel Tannu take a step if she also likes Rishi. Tannu says it’s not as easy as it feels to them, they have nothing of themselves. Manpreet tells Tannu Rishi is with her, she isn’t alone. UC also demands her to say yes for once. Tannu nods when Bani comes in. she asks Tannu what she has been doing here, Tannu sweats and explains she came to bring the cup. Bani informs her that Pavan’s family is here, she must prepare tea for them. Tannu turns to look both before leaving.
The family laugh and have fun. Raaj offers about playing Antakshari, they keep a program next day night. Tannu comes with cold drink, and explains it’s really hot so she thought about making it. Bee ji says she loves it. Everyone was confused if Bee ji was asking for drink or for Tannu. Bee ji explains Tannu is already hers. Raaj appreciates the drink, he asks where she learnt making it. Bani changes the topic and asks Pavan to call the designer. The designer comes then.
Rishi thought about Pavan and Saloni’s relation, Saloni confirming which if his wives would he love. Rishi says Pavan’s mother doesn’t even know they are husband wife, else they wouldn’t part watching her. Rishi was determined to bring his truth to everyone.
The designer brings in his wardrobe, Bani and Neha were left open mouthed. The designer asks Pavan for his bride to be, and suggests her a dress. Tannu suggest about removing the glasses first.
Neha gets Sandy’s call, she cuts it and goes to try some dresses for herself as well. Neha asks Raaj if she must get some designs from him for her wedding. Raaj asks to let Tannu chose first. Sandy wonders what happened to Neha, if she is annoyed because he didn’t get her shopping or there is some other guy involved. He thinks about inquiring.
The designer shows Pavan men’s wardrobe. Raaj takes Guljeet aside. Rano and Pavan’s mother stand to leave, Bani joins them. Rano calls Saloni to join them too. Bee ji thinks that now Rano would gossip against her, she also goes to join them. Bee ji asks Bani for tea and some snacks.
Tannu comes in, the designer gives Tannu a dress to try and asks if this would suit Pavan? Tannu nods. Rishi comes in and calls Tannu, he holds her dupatta to take care else it would get some stain. She must not take tension, he would not let any stain harm her.

PRECAP: Tannu watches Pavan and Saloni together.

Written Update by Sona

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