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Kasam 2nd May 2016 Written Update

Rishi comes to Tannu’s room where she was slept, cheers she is sleeping, sits beside her apologizing her. He takes an onion and thinks about keeping it in her armpit, she would get a fever and her engagement would get cancelled.
Manpreet watches Ahna coming towards the room, he comes to tell Rishi about Ahna. He looks away as Rishi keeps onion in Tannu’s armpit. They both hit Ahna, she eyes and stop them asking what they had been doing. Both stops staring a girl passing by, Manpreet goes behind her. Ahna taunts him about staring aunties as well and comes inside the room.
Ahna was happy that Rishi and Manpreet didn’t do something wrong and thinks about going to sleep. Bani appreciates Rano as everyone got ready. Neha and Swati come ready for the function. Bee ji compliments her dress to be really tight. Raaj wonders where Rishi and Manpreet have been, he sends UV to call them out.
Rishi and Manpreet tell UV this engagement won’t take place. UV asks them to get ready, else everyone would suspect they did something wrong.
Bani sends Swati to get the engagement ring. Rishi comes out of the room, Neha heads towards him at once. She teases Rishi to be jealous, as she will look prettiest today. Rano whispers to Raaj Rishi doesn’t like Tannu. There is something going on between Rishi and Tanvi. She asks Raaj to notice him and Tanvi alone and record their conversation. Rano thinks about asking Bee ji, but then jerks the idea as she is Tanvi’s advocate.
Everyone calls for Tanvi, Manpreeet whispers to Rishi if his onion prank would work. Bani sends Swati to get Tanvi, Ahna comes in to announce this engagement can’t take place today, Tanvi has high fever. Rishi cheers, Bee ji and UV join him. Tannu walks weakly, Rishi goes to check her fever calling her so hot. He takes her to couch as she needs rest. Rano goes to check Tannu and takes her to rest. Rishi and Manpreet smirk. Raaj asks Guljeet to cancel the engagement, they can postpone it to be done after a few days. Bani stops Guljeet, she tells Bee ji if the good moment is skipped, they would always live happily. Raaj takes her attention to the sick Tanvi and firmly forbids about engagement. Manpreet asks Rishi if he is crying, Rishi qualifies they call his father to be cruel but he is really nice.
Bani assure they will give medicine to Tanvi, then ask her when she gets fine. They will do what she wants and takes her inside. Rishi wonders what new trick Bani is going to play. Bani helps Ranvi on bed, she tells Tanvi its one month to her father’s death. She had thought about taking Prasad to temple. Till one month the soul remains in the world, he would be happy had the engagement taken place today. She asks Tanvi if she doesn’t want to give peace to her father’s soul. Ahna gets the medicine, Tanvi walks outside the room. Ahna and Bani follow her. Tanvi tells everyone its her engagement today, she must go.

PRECAP: Neha suspects Tanvi’s fever was due to Rishi. Ahna turns to look at Rishi.

Written Update by Sona

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