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Kasam 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Pavan calls Tannu and asks to speak to Rishi. He says that he called to say a bye to him. Rishi says it feels he won’t be able to find any proof against him. Rishi tells Pavan he has won, so he was in his room to sleep. He hangs up. He explains Tannu that Pavan called to confirm if he was behind him and would have removed all the other proofs. There, Pavan was sure someone must have done a prank with Shamsher, he was happy Rishi was no more behind them. Tannu takes a leave to change the bed sheets.
In the room, Rishi comes to tell UV and Manpreet that they need to find some more proofs against Pavan. They would go to Amritsar and inquire in the temple. Manpreet again teases and Rishi and UV beat him playfully. Tannu comes there, Manpreet go to hide behind her and asks her to marry Rishi, this way he won’t even get beaten up by Rishi. Tannu stares at him, he leaves apologizing. UV also leaves them alone. Tannu and Rishi hit each other while bending down, Tannu notices the bed was small and was irritated that she would need to fold this bed sheet again. Rishi helps her with it, both share a silent eye lock. Rishi was about to touch her face, she runs away leaving the bed sheet. There. He smiles.
She was just coming out of the room when she hits Rano. Tannu apologizes her, Rano asks why is she blushing, where she had been. Tannu says Rishi… Rano was shocked and asks what she was doing in Rishi’s room. Ahna calls Tannu. Raaj advocates Tannu to let her go to Ahna first. Tannu was worried what Rano would make out of this petty matter, she dislikes her a lot. Rano thinks she first needs to bring Rishi and Tanvi’s reality to her husband, she would make Raaj confess this. Then she will plan to throw this Tannu out of Rishi’s life.
UV tells Rishi their tickets for Amritsar have been confirmed. Rishi says tomorrow would be the most happening night of his life. Rishi gives Manpreet Raaj’s card. UV advices him to begin some work of his own, till when he would spend his father’s money. Rishi and Manpreet boast their father earn enough for them both. Manpreet and UV leave, Manpreet complain to UV that Raaj must have asked him advice Rishi. Rano comes looking for Rishi. She comes to Rishi’s room and says she always disliked Tannu and she doesn’t even know how to cook. Tanvi is such a nice girl, she wakes up early and prepares tea for everyone. And that Tannu, she wakes up hardly at 10 and demands a bed tea. She says Tanvi looks beautiful even when simple, and this Tannu stays in front of mirror all day. Whatever Tannu must do should be done by Tanvi. She asks Rishi what if she marries him to Tanvi than Tannu. Rishi comes to hug and dance with her in an excited way. Rishi was afraid of Raaj, Rano assure him to make Raaj up. Rishi promise to serve her daily. Rano says she will speak to Raaj now, if needed he must tell Raaj about the truth. Rishi had been charged. Rano leaves cheerfully. She thinks about speaking to Raaj now, there will be a huge drama but later prolonged silence. Rishi’s heart would be broken, but then he won’t be married to Tannu and Raaj won’t let him marry Tanvi. Then they will fly to America and she will find an English girl for him.
Guljeet and Raaj were playing chess. Rano takes him along, Raaj notices Guljeet cheating and have a fight. Rano takes Raaj inside. Bani, Neha and Swati come worried that there is something wrong.
Rano brings Raaj inside, she tells him that she never wanted Tannu to marry Rishi. Raaj asks her not to begin this again. Rano tells Raaj that Rishi wants to change the girl, Rishi doesn’t want to marry Tannu. He wants to marry Tanvi, he himself said so. Bani comes to overhear this. Raaj says Rano said it earlier as well that Rishi loves Tanvi, but he denied in front of her. Rano complains that had Tannu got a time for Rishi, in spite of staring at Pavan; Rishi would have thought about her. Raaj says Tanvi is really nice but Tannu is a shadow of Shardha. Rano says she can’t make a characterless girl like Tannu her daughter in law. Raaj shouts at Rano not to point at Tannu’s character. Rano says Tanvi must also have winked at Rishi, else he would never go behind her. Rano asks if Rishi says so and accepts he wants to marry Tanvi then he would accept? Rano ask a promise from Raaj that if Rishi confess, he won’t push Rishi to marry Tannu. Raaj promises that if it comes out to be true, they will leave for America tomorrow.

PRECAP: Rishi tells Tannu that his mother wants an exchange offer of bride and groom, Tanvi and Rishi and Pavan Tannu. Tannu stands behind, shocked.

Written Update by Sona

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