Kasam 29th September 2016 Written Update

Kasam 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 29th September 2016 Written Update

Neha shares with Bani that she thinks to flirt Rishi now. Bani slaps her saying she is married and has two children, still she is after Rishi. Neha says Rishi is still so young. Bani was upset that poors don’t have money to eat good meal, while rich spend so much money in parlors to look beautiful.
Rishi and Malaika come home, Malaika asks for her bag and was ready to hold it by herself. She then returns to ask Rishi get her bags, she doesn’t want to ruin his ego. Rishi teases her to help herself and take care of not falling down in high heels. The old lady taps Rishi’s shoulder, she tells Rishi that she is back and his wait is now over. Rishi calls it a betrayal, an illusion but the lady insists that Tannu got a new life and it’s her second birth. The Maa Kaali has sent her back, it’s in Rishi’s fate that he would get his love in each of his life. Rishi shouts at the lady that his brought up doesn’t allow to disgrace an old lady like her, else he would pushed her out. Malaika overhears, then comes to ask Rishi’s help for the bag. Rishi tells the lady to leave, guard comes to hold the lady behind. Malaika hears the lady tell Rishi that Tannu will come to his life, no matter if he wants or not. Malaika was interested in reincarnation and suggests about speaking to this lady, as it seems interesting. The lady warns Rishi of repenting if he doesn’t listen to her, Rishi thinks it’s Tanuja’s game to let him believe she had a reincarnation. Rishi takes Malaika inside and was about to shut the door. The old lady warns Rishi that he would regret not listening to her.
Inside, Malaika says she feels a bit jealous as even old ladies are behind him. Rishi asks if she ever get serious, and shouts at Rano that Malaika is here. Malaika teases that he is blushing, but the family come to greet Malaika. Malaika tells Rishi she and Ahana had a lot of chocolates the last time she was here. She says she brought so many gifts for them all. Rishi wish that old lady has left. Rano notices him upset.
In the evening, Malaika gifts Nakul a punch bag. She gets Bee ji a necklace. She gets Manpreet DVDs of his favorite videogames. She teases that Manpreet is younger than Chintoo in this house. Rano asks Malaika why is Rishi in an off mood. Malaika says there was a colorful lady outside speaking about reincarnation. Raaj changes the topic, inquiring Malaika about her father. Malaika’s phone rings, she gives it to Raaj as it was her father’s call. Rano asks Malaika what the lady was saying, but Raaj comes to bring Rano the phone of Malaika’s mother. Malaika comes to Bee ji asking how is incarnation possible, Bee ji was angry at her.
In the temple, Tannu was upset as nothing is her side. She thinks about going to Sandy’s village, then thinks this face would remind him of his past. She can’t even go there. She thinks about going to Radhika as she is a nice girl, she would get a work experience certificate. She will get a place to live if she gets a job, she has to move on and collect all shattered pieces of her life. She prays for a blessed life.

PRECAP: Malaika tells Rano she fall in love with Rishi six years ago.

Written Update by Sona

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