Kasam 29th July 2016 Written Update

Kasam 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 29th July 2016 Written Update

Tanuja’s friend reminds her about her sparkling birthmark. Tanuja plays with her, she fell down. Tanuja was concerned and wipes the mud off her hands. Her friend wish she gets such a lover as her return gift.
Nakul’s competition was about to begin. Raaj, UV and Manpreet were there to buck for him. Nakul enters the ring. Manpreet calls Rishi as Nakul’s class is about to begin, Rishi is his mentor and must come. Rishi says he has no time to waste, and presents the last offer to the delegate as 1 crore and 60 lacs. Mr. Mehta argues his company costs 200 crores, and he is already indebted with 1 crore 40 lacs. Rishi calls him lucky that he is buying his company, he will still be left with 20 lacs. The deal is done. Rishi notices an open window, Rishi shouts at his staff who left it opened. She remembers about Tannu’s words for moon in their childhood while watching the moon.
There, Tanuja was mesmerized watching the moon. Her sister Vidhi asks what she keeps on looking in the moon. Tanuja inquires if she think moon is aware of all their stories, from their past. She feel as if the moon asks her to complete something that was left incomplete. It is so strange, we come and leave the world, sometimes after completing our story and sometimes not. This moon is a witness to their stories, from every aspect. Nidhi comes there laughing at Tanuja, she suggest her to stare boys instead of moon. Tanuja wonders if this moon narrates her story, or someone else’s. The peon comes to Rishi’s room, he scolds the peon for leaving the window open, he doesn’t want to see the moon and hates it. He considers this moon as unlucky one, he is witness to love stories that never complete. He must have cried when he must have seen two lovers part. Tanuja considers the moon to be a lucky one.
Neha greets Bani, Bani says she thought about coming to her. Neha wonders why she married Guljeet who was so poor. Bani says their luck has been same in this case, Neha ruined her life marrying Sandy. Vidhi and Nidhi come to greet Bani, they cheer and sit together. Tanuja comes to greet Bani, but she holds Tanuja away from herself. Neha scolds Tanuja for jumping at Bani, and appreciates Tanuja’s tea. Tanuja goes to prepare tea for them. Neha complains about Tanuja, she wonders what was between Vikram and Sandy that Sandy took such a responsibility. In return for Vikram taking care about her for 9 years and in return Sandy took responsibility of this Tanuja.
Tanuja greets Guljeet giving the tea cups to him and Sandy. She goes to serve the tea inside. Sandy says his relation with Tanuja is deeper than the real ones. Guljeet takes a sip and says her tea tastes same as Tannu’s.
Vidhi and Nidhi sat with Bani, Bani gives them chocolates. Bani explains to Tanuja that she forgot bring chocolates for her, Tanuja says it’s alright she is happy that Bani is here. Vidhi calls Tanuja as Tannu, Neha scolds for calling her Tannu. Tanuja hands the tea to Bani, she scolds her for keeping it down. Neha sends Tanuja to prepare for dinner. Vidhi switch channels, Bani asks Neha to stop it there. Neha wonders why Bani is watching this wrestling. Bani points towards Raaj. Bani was so intent that her hand burns. They accuse Tanuja, Bani scolds that Tanuja must have handed her the cup. They all accuse Tanuja meaningless. Neha makes Tanuja apologize, she holds her ears to Bani. Bani still curses Tanuja. Bani shows Raaj, Manpreet and UV, the announcer calls UV as Nakul’s father.

PRECAP: Nakul was beaten badly in the ring, Rishi comes as his savior.

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