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Kasam 29th April 2016 Written Update

Manpreet assures Bani they will do all the preparations soon, he turns around asking Pavan’s father to serve the food. He was transferring the data when Pavan comes looking for his phone. Manpreet and Rishi head to find it, Pavan calls it from landline, Manpreet keeps it on the sofa. Pavan takes Manpreet to the table for breakfast. His father offers them special Karela juice at which they make faces. Rishi says he is full already, Manpreet says Rishi gets filled by only smelling the food. Pavan’s mother tells them no one drinks Karela juice at their house, they have to finish it. Rishi was curt Manpreet has been of no use, he has to drink it. Rishi tells them Manpreet love Karela juice, she serves the glasses that Rishi and Manpreet engulp shutting their nose. They stand up to leave at once. Rishi was angry at Manpreet, Manpreet tells him he sent all the photos to his phone and drank Karela juice for him as well. Rishi wonders why he didn’t get them. Manpreet checks the phone, there was no network. Rishi was upset, cursing his fate. Suddenly their phone beeps, they cheer they got photos. Rishi reads the messages of Bee Ji, Neha and Yuvraj. They suggest Pavan must have cancelled all the forwarded messages, and must have known what they are up to. Pavan wonders if they are collecting proofs against him, Rishi has played enough now.

Rishi stops the car with a jerk, he stops the temple lady and calls her a betrayer. She lied to them at childhood, hadn’t she made the couples he could have married her love today. She lied to him. The lady insists his love can’t go away from him, they will meet in any of their birth. Rishi leaves curtly, Manpreet apologizes the lady and tells her Rishi hasn’t been able to break the engagement. The lady tells Manpreet not to leave Rishi alone, the upcoming night is going to be tough for both his brother and the girl who resides in his heart. He must keep them both away from water, full moon’s strength attract such lovers to water and both die. Rishi calls Manpreet who runs to the car.
Rishi asks Swati about Tannu angrily. Swati suggests he must be talking about Tannu, Rishi asks if she is deaf, he asked about Tanvi. Swati tells him she is in kitchen, and wonders why he is so angry.

Bani was making Neha up, Neha was annoyed Rishi doesn’t look at her. Swati comes to inform them about Rishi’s bad mood. Bani smiles that this means Rishi couldn’t get what he went for. In the kitchen, Tannu questions Rishi where he had gone. Rishi asks her to listen carefully, their decisions can change their lives. He won’t forgive himself ever if he doesn’t tell her the truth, what is in her heart. Tannu wish he doesn’t tell her how much he loves her. Rishi thinks about telling her what he saw in Pavan’s phone, the photographs of Sonali and Pavan together. Tannu was in no mood to listen, he holds her arm tight when suddenly a firefly teases them. Rishi fights it, Tannu holds her hand and slaps Rishi instead. Rishi cries for tooth ache, Tannu sits beside him in concern. He confess enjoying teasing her. She recalls their childhood, then tells him it’s her engagement. Rishi tells her about going to Pavan’s home and found some photographs with Saloni in his phone, he couldn’t just prove. Tannu was determined to marry anyone Bani would like for her. Rishi asks what if he brings proof in front of everyone, he holds her hand asking to trust him. Rano comes calling Bani and finds them there. Rishi makes up he was drinking water. Rano asks Tannu to go to her room and rest. Raaj calls Rano, Rishi asks her to go, he would come after drinking water. Tannu leaves kitchen, Rishi thinks about doing something that she would break the engagement.

Rano comes out looking for Raaj, she then wonders why Rishi had held Tanvi’s hand. She feels something wrong, Rishi was never like this before. Tanvi is getting engaged and her sister has been engaged to Rishi. She thinks about talking to them, but with proof. She gets an idea, then goes to Manpreet asking him all the truth. Manpreet tells Rano she isn’t happy by Rishi and Tannu’s marriage, what about Tanvi. Rano forbids him to think about Tanvi. Manpreet denies anything between Rishi and Tanvi. Rano gets to point, but Manpreet sends her out of the room. Rano gives him a greed of new video games. Manpreet says he got them from Rishi, Rano asks what about automatic car? He cheers and was ready to do anything for her. Rano asks him to get proofs about Rishi and Tanvi being together. Bani asks Tannu about Rishi, she says he just came to kitchen… then watches her stare over her.

PRECAP: Rishi watches Tannu asleep, and holds an onion.

Written Update by Sona

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