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Kasam 28th April 2016 Written Update

Rishi and Manpreet come to Pavan’s home with Shagun. His parents welcome them, his mother didn’t remember their names. She asks what he is to Tanvi. Rishi says he is her husband. Manpreet explains he is Tannu’s husband to be. Pavan’s mother spits Bani came to her and asks for engagement today. They ask about Pavan, his father say he just woke up. Rishi asks if he wakes up so late. They say he is late today. They ask if Rishi and Manpreet would like something? Rishi agrees at once, asks about Parathas along with a list of foods. He asks for juice as well, of Karela that weren’t available home. Pavan’s father goes to fetch them from market. Rishi takes Manpreet to Pavan’s room to shave him.
Tannu comes asking UV about what Rishi is upto. UV warns her to worry about Pavan, Rishi isnt going to leave him. And Pavan is not a good guy for him. Neha comes calling Tannu out, she questions Tannu for going into Rishi’s room outside.
In the washroom, Pavan thinks about Rishi and says had Rishi said another word about the girl, his proposal would have broken and he would have broken Pavan up.
Rishi and Manpreet come to Pavan’s room, Rishi tells him they have to gather proofs against Pavan. If there is an affair, there would be any dirty picture, some photo, love letter or message. They look around in the room. Pavan hears the click of wardrobe door, he calls his mother. Rishi makes up female voice, Pavan asks her for shirt. Rishi finds cell phone in the pocket of pants, he and Manpreet checks the phone but it was password locked. They suggest some, Manpreet asks him to type Tanvi. Rishi was reluctant, Tanvi doesn’t work. It was last chance, Rishi suggests about typing Saloni, it was unlocked. Rishi finds their photos together. Rishi cheers, Manpreet asks him to leave the phone. Rishi thinks about transferring them to his phone and was lost in day dreaming, Pavan comes out of washroom. Manpreet brings Rishi’s attention to Pavan who stared at them.
Tannu was worried and prays for Rishi. She hits Swati, Swati asks Tannu for some help posing to be ill. Tannu asks her to go and take rest, she will take care of the work. Swati leaves cheery.
Bani decides jewelry when Neha comes in upset. Bani shares what if mother looks beautiful than daughter today. Neha was upset and asks about wanting to meet Rishi. She complains he isn’t home. Guljeet comes to the room, Bani asks if he has given them the shagun. Guljeet asks what they gave in return? Guljeet says he saved Rs. 40; Manpreet was going that way so he took that Shagun thaal. Bani and Neha get at once they must have gone to Pavan’s house. Bani was angry at Guljeet, Neha pushes him out of the room. Bani calls Pavan’s home.
Pavan asks Rishi what he was saying. Rishi turns and hugs Pavan apologizing him for last night. Manpreet had hidden the cell phone in his pocket. Pavan asks what they are doing here in his room. Manpreet says they came to look how he makes his dumb bells, but now he remembers Pavan owns his own gym. Pavan holds them both under his dumb bells. Pavan’s father come inside telling them about phone, both deny having any phone. Pavan’s father says its Bani’s call. Manpreet murmurs Chachi saved them. Pavan catches his words. Manpreet and Rishi explain to Pavan that they want to remove all the misunderstandings between them and hug each other. He sends Manpreet out to do the phone work. Rishi dodges Pavan preventing him inside the room. He cheers upon making Pavan crazy.
Ahna comes to Tannu in the kitchen and asks why she is working on her own engagement. Is she happy or sad? Tannu shares that Rishi doesn’t want her to marry Pavan as he isn’t worth a guy, Pavan asked her to check his phone. How can she now suspect Pavan. Ahna says Rishi loves her, he cares for her; he got engaged to Neha that makes him suspectful. Tannu thinks the same. Ahna asks Tannu what her heart tells her, is Rishi the right one or Pavan.

PRECAP: Rishi comes to Tannu, he won’t forgive himself for life if she marries Pavan. It will change both of their lives.

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