Kasam 27th October 2016 Written Update

Kasam 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 27th October 2016 Written Update

Raaj asks Tanuja to marry Rishi. Tanuja says Rishi and Malaika are marrying downstairs, Rishi proposed Malaika himself and she can’t now marry Rishi.
There in the room, UV and Manpreet were helping Rishi to be a groom. They laugh, while Rishi sat lost in thoughts. He asks why they are laughing. UV says he know why he is laughing, then questions Manpreet why he is laughing. UV reminds Manpreet of his marriage with Neha, and how they kidnapped Tannu. Rishi smiles they did badly with Tannu. Manpreet recalls Ahana mixed pills in her sister’s drink. He wish Tannu was alive, they had celebrated his anniversary. Ahana comes in, saying it’s strange there is a girl with the same face as Tannu and still Rishi is marrying someone else. She then apologizes and leaves.
Raaj tells Tanuja that Malaika is busy right now and can’t come to wedding in time. He turns around thinking she holds Malaika dearer, now he must play his game and turn Tanuja into Rishi’s bride. He tells Tanuja that he wonders why Malaika thought he can make up Tanuja to marry Rishi. He tells Tanuja that Malaika went to meet her ex-boyfriend who is really possessive. Tanuja remember the call, and wonders if it was her ex. She shares with Raaj that yesterday she received a call for Malaika, the man was really rude and its good Malaika is marrying Rishi. Raaj says wedding time is nearer, and if the bride isn’t there it would be a disgrace that is why Malaika wants her to sit in stage for a while. When Malaika returns he would get her out, this way wedding would take place in the right time, with the right person. He requests Tanuja to go and get ready.
Malaika wakes up in bed, and hurries outside as its 6.30 already and she has to get ready now. Shekhar holds her and asks her promise to come to him, at once after wedding. Malaika asks how she would return soon. Shekhar warns about coming there if she doesn’t come here. Malaika agrees and turns to leave, the door was locked from outside. They wonder who locked the door.
Bee ji tells Divia about Raaj’s lies that when he wanted to marry Rano he made up that Rano’s ex-boyfriend wants to force her into marriage, he must save Rano and marry her today. They all turn to see Rishi coming downstairs, Rano gets sentimental as she always wished to see him as a groom. Pandit calls Rishi on stage, Bee ji stops Rishi and tie a thread over his arm. Pandit announces this thread will always protect him from evil. Ahana wasn’t happy watching Rishi, Rano comes towards her and keeps a hand over her shoulder. Rano says she is upset, because she doesn’t want another girl to take Tannu’s place. Ahana must note that someone has already taken this place, and she loves Rishi a lot. She must accept her as the elder sister in law. Ahana says Malaika hasn’t yet become her daughter in law, first she must get this wedding take place. Tannu will always be her elder daughter in law, and corrects Malaika is still to be. She wonders why Malaika isn’t still ready.
In the room, Malaika was tensed. The intercom of the room was also not working. A manager enters the room apologizing, Malaika hurries outside.
In the room, Tanuja gets ready as bride and turns to Raaj. Raaj compliments her to look really beautiful, his daughter must be the same and thanks her. Tanuja shares her fear, what if someone recognizes. Rano comes upstairs to take Malaika, Raaj warns Tanuja not to remove this veil no matter whatever happens. Rano enters the room, and asks if she is ready. Raaj says she is, and hurries her downstairs. Rano asks her to remove the veil, Raaj says if she wish she must let it be. Rano agrees and takes her along, calling Raaj to join her too. Raaj thinks this is the right way, he wish Rano had accepted about stopping Rishi’s wedding with Malaika. Whatever he has seen, Malaika can’t even stand with Rishi, he listened to his heart and he did what it said.
Rano speaks to Tanuja that she is happy she got her for Rishi. Tanuja wonders what a co incidence it is, she is a bride for someone she loved, but not a real one. In the corridor, Rano speaks to Malaika about Tanuja as she dislikes her, whenever she watches Tanuja it feels there is going to be something undesirable. She must break her friendship with Malaika if she doesn’t want her to take away Rishi, then takes her towards the stage.

PRECAP: Rishi takes the sindoor but was shocked to see Tanuja with him under the veil.

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