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Kasam 27th April 2016 Written Update

Rishi comes to Tannu’s room watching her sleep under the fan and removes her hair off her face. He promises not to let anyone hurt her, get close to her, and says I love you. Ahna wakes up at the voice, Rishi hides himself. Ahna was irked at the cats, Rishi meows. Ahna gets to sleep again. He smiles people turn to dogs in love, he became cat, and his love is a bit different; gives a flying kiss to Tannu before leaving.
The next morning, Tannu serves breakfast. Raaj asks her to join them, Bee jee asks Tannu why she is watching Bani. Bani asks her to join them. UV leaves his chair for her, Rano gives her a plate. Manpreet leaves his chair for Rishi who joins them, he asks Tanvi about passing him everything on table. He asks Raaj to bless him their couple always stay happy together. Raaj blesses him. Rishi holds Tannu’s hand. He asks Tannu to pass ketchup bottle. She takes her hand off his, he suggests her about thanking him. She leaves the table irritated, he calls her why he is leaving him? Everyone eyes them, he asks her to get juice for him. Rano thinks she already knew there is something between them, Bani was worried for Neha being curt and heads to tell them about Tannu’s engagement. Rishi gets a cough, Neha comes to tap his back. Raaj joins her, Rano gets him juice and sends him to bathroom. Tannu eyed Rishi, worried about him as he poses to be dizzy and fell over her. UV laughs and tells Manpreet he is doing a drama only. In the washroom, Rishi struggles with cough while Neha helps him. He poses to puke over Neha, she gives him way. After sometime, Rishi gets well and sends Neha to tell everyone she saved his life. Neha was excited and goes outside.
Rishi holds Tannu’s hand and asks why she came forward when he was about to puke. She was speechless, he leaves his hand. He tells her it was all a drama, just to see what would be her response. Tannu asks if he is crazy, she was about to die…. Rishi gets her by her words. He asks who he is to her. He again warns her Pavan isn’t good for her, Neha comes to take him out. He requests her with his eye movements.
Neha brings Rishi out. Bee ji promises to feed him bread in torn pieces, it won’t stuck his throat then. Bani says when they are done with Rishi, she now announces Tannu and Pavan’s engagement today’s evening. She sends them all to get ready. Tannu leaves the room, Rishi looks down. Rano eyes them thinking there is something between them. Bani informs Bee ji its good, both will get married together. Rishi excuses himself and leaves the table. Rano watches Tannu unhappy, and asks if she is happy and likes Pavan. Tannu says yes she is, Bani smiles victoriously. Guljeet reminds Rano she was also nervous at the time of her wedding. Bee ji wonders why Neha is not nervous then.
The boys wonder how to stop this engagement. Bee ji comes asking Rishi to stop this engagement. Manpreet suggests Bee ji to tell Rano about Rishi and Tannu. Bee ji was afraid of Rano. She asks Rishi to save Tannu from getting engaged to that Pavan. Rishi kisses her forehead and takes Manpreet along.
Rishi comes to Tannu in kitchen, asking for his tillak ask he is going for war. She asks if he is fine. He says he is going to make things fine, and save her. Tannu wonders whom is he talking about. Manpreet was in the hall, Bani calls Guljeet. Manpreet keeps an eye on her, Bani and Ahna both feel his eyes on Bani. Bani asks Guljeet to drop Shagun’s thaal to Pavan’s family. Manpreet texts Rishi, Rishi asks him to take the thaal that he is going there and would drop the thaal. He gets Guljeet on the door, Guljeet was afraid of Bani. Manpreet evokes if he is a man’s child? Guljeet boasts, Rishi watches Manpreet take the Shagun Thaal.

PRECAP: Tannu stops Rishi, Rishi asks Manpreet to say bye to her and smiles himself.

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