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Kasam 26th April 2016 Written Update

Rishi asks Tanvi to see the truth there. He runs towards Pavan and Sonali and asks Tanvi to follow him.
There, Pavan’s father tries his number. The door bell rings and he wonders who it can be. It was Bani, he calls her inside. Bani asks about Savitri, he says she was abit unwell and slept. Bani apologizes and says she would have come earlier. He says its like her own home, what is it about. Bani says they have thought they must do the engagement really soon and asks if they should do the engagement tomorrow? if they have any objection? He says he has, he has to sweeten her mouth, if she has an objection? Bani thinks by the time Ahna gets to know about the truth the marriage will be done.
Rishi runs behind Pavan, Tannu wonders what he wants to show to him. Neha stops near the cab taking her ring off her hand. Rishi comes to Pavan and Sonali, Sonali was angry while Pavan made her up. Sonali watches him and leaves. Rishi runs behind the car, but couldn’t get her. He says now that Pavan would make up a story by himself. Tannu asks Pavan what is happening, Pavan says he is clueless. He doesn’t know what Rishi was talking about him. Rishi comes there and says he knows about it. He says its Ali Baba and forty thieves, if that secret girl must not have run away watching him here; Tanvi must have known about his truth. Pavan asks what he is talking about. Rishi says it’s about the girl he was in the room with on the day of Roka, and even today she came to him hidden. He has seen them together, they want to know about the truth. Rishi suggests that Pavan would make up a violent story now, Pavan asks Tannu if she wants to ask something. Tannu says she didn’t see anything, she doesn’t want to ask any question. Pavan says if she doesn’t suspect him, it’s ended. Pavan says if he had asked him politely, he would have replied. Pavan tells him that the girl, Tannu asks if there was a girl. Pavan says she is just a friend, she was upset because of her breakup, her boyfriend is also his friend and wanted him to talk to him. He says if Tannu doesn’t trust, he would call Pavan right here. Rishi asks him to call her right now, Tannu says it isnt needed. Pavan takes her hand and they leave together.
Guljeet awaited Bani at home. She comes home and says they have agreed for an engagement tomorrow. She says that Tannu’s wedding will break them all, Rishi always held Tannu’s hand. Neha comes home, Bani says she has a good news for her but Neha hands the ring in Bani’s hand and says she broke the engagement with Rishi. She goes attending the call of Sandy.
In the car, Tannu thinks about the accusation of Rishi. She thinks if Pavan was meeting a girl why didn’t he tell himself, what was the need to hide about her if she was his friend’s friend. Pavan observes her, then says she can ask him anything she has to. Tannu says there is nothing like this. He tells her he loved a girl in college, then found out she was his best friend’s love. He offers her to check his mobile. Tannu says it isn’t needed, she thinks about future. Pavan says his tomorrow will be Tannu’s only. Outside the cab, Pavan hands the shopping bag to Tannu and says bye. His stroller stucks in the car door, he removes it. Rishi watches this and says Pavan is a wrong number, only he is Mr. Right for her.
Neha was speaking to Sandy, Bani comes and slaps her hard. She scolds Neha that she is handling everything alone just for her, and she has broken the engagement with Rishi. Neha complains she never slapped her this hard. Bani requests her to bear him till marriage. Neha says Rishi always insults her, Bani says she knows about it but she has to do it for a few more days. She makes Neha up to wear the ring again.
Rishi tells UV and Manpreet that he is really cunning and got saved. UV says to Rishi he must have got some clue about Pavan. Rishi laughs he got rid of that Tannu (Neha), and mocks her. Neha comes from behind, she apologizes him for being rude. Rishi tries to avoid her but she says she will not leave until he forgives him. Rishi says he is really upset now, no one rejected him until now. Neha turns to him and says today she wants to tell him she loves him. Rishi shuts his ears wondering how he would get rid of her now.
Neha tells Bani and Swati that she made Rishi sentimental. She just have to take wedding vows, after that she will make a list of 700 men around her. Bani asks her to bear him, she just care about his money.
At night, Rishi watches Manpreet sleep. He says once he used to sleep just like Manpreet, but since he fall in love he wants her to be here in his place. He sleeps hugging his cushion, then says Tanvi must be here in its place. He wonders what to do, he wants to see her. He gets an idea and sits up saying Love and Tanvi.

PRECAP: Rishi speaks to asleep Tanvi.

Written Update by Sona

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