Kasam 25th July 2016 Written Update

Kasam 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 25th July 2016 Written Update

Rishi sat in his room upset, thinking about his conversation with Tannu. Tannu had pushed him out of the kitchen. He wanders in the room calling Tannu, then fell over the bed and holds her stroller. It was the same that came over his face in the temple. He cries calling Tannu to return, he will never tease her.
There, Tannu’s body was decorated in bridal attire. Everyone was upset and crying. Pandit ji asks them to do the coronation ceremony as soon as possible. Rano sends Ahna to call Rishi, it’s time for Tannu to leave. Ahna walks into Rishi’s room, he was sitting on floor with Tannu’s stroller in hand. She cries asking him to bid the last byes to Tannu and watch her for one last time. He must accept the truth that Tannu has left this world, else he will never be able to come out of its depression. Rishi questions who wants to live without her and rushes outside. Everyone watch him come downstairs but he walks outside the house instead. Pandit hurries them to do the coronation ceremony. Raaj announces that Rishi won’t be able to do so, they must do this.
Rishi walks to the temple, and complains the Goddess that he always considered Maa to be care taker. He always believed nothing could go wrong, but Maa never was on his side and took Tannu away from him. The temple lady comes there, Rishi asks if she said nothing can separate him or Tannu. He informs the lady that Tannu is dead, she held his bullet over herself and died. The lady was shocked as well and complains the Goddess as well. Rishi demands what she is asking this stone idol, who are not worth anything. This is all a lie, he can’t trust this Maa again. He always prayed for Tannu’s well-being, but he wasn’t heard. He will never believe again. Today he announces all his relations with the Goddess are broken. He cries pleading the lady if he told her about giving away his life if something happens to Tannu, then goes slapping his head to the walls. The lady stops him, then pleads in front of the Goddess not to do so, else he will die. She asks for the return of his life.
Everyone cries over Tannu’s coronation. Bee ji hugs Ahna who was crying badly.
Rano was restlessly waiting. She asks Manpreet to look for Rishi, Rishi enters home then and silently walks upstairs into his room. Rano was upset. Rishi comes to Tannu’s stroller that was hanging with the fan. He ties a knot and hands himself in it, recalling their wedding vows. He had vowed to protect Tannu from any trouble. He had just stepped off the stool when strong winds blow the curtains. Rishi turns to look outside, Tannu appears from the window smiling at him. He hurries to her removing the stroller off his neck and asks where she has gone. Its better he die without her. Tannu says she has returned to him.
Manpreet comes to Rano who was crying, she tells Manpreet Rishi is hungry and is depressed, she asks him to go to Rishi and speak to him making him realize that Tannu has died. She herself goes with Manpreet.
Rishi was excited, Tannu offers him to dance with her. He was elated and holds her hand. Both smile while dancing together. Tannu says she loves him dearly but couldn’t express herself.

PRECAP: Tannu tells Rishi she is returning to him, where she left and breathed her last; tonight sharp at 10pm.

Written Update by Sona

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