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Kasam 25th April 2016 Written Update

In the restaurant, Neha gets a call and says its from home. She doesn’t stay out for late. Bani wonders if Neha can’t tell in front of everyone she bought dresses for them. She gets Neha’s call, Neha tells Bani she bought four dresses for them. Bani was excited, Neha says she might get late coming home. They have come for a dinner, there was a competition of couples as well. She copied everything from Rishi’s paper. Bani turns behind to see Ahna standing at the door.
The best couple as to be announced, Neha thinks it would be Rishi and her. The winners were Rishi Singh Bedi and his partner Tanvi Khurana. Rishi asks for Tannu’s hand, then at Pavan. The announcer asks Tannu to stand up, Pavan nods at her. She stands up. The announcer says Rishi and Tanvi’s answers were almost same, today they have to dance here. Rishi says that he and Tanvi are made for each other, he has an insecurity that Pavan and Neha would feel insecure if he dances with her. Pavan allows Tannu to dance.
Rano brings milk for Raaj. Raaj was upset. Rano says he didn’t even eat something. Raaj begins crying, he says once he felt Veeru would jump out of the photo and hug him. He came back so late, he didn’t even call his friend and ask how he is. It was the biggest mistake, how he did this. Rano says that past cannot return, they can’t change their mistake. Raaj says they can make this mistake well, he asks Rano to promise that when Tannu will come to their home she will own her and give her a mother’s love. He asks Rano to promise, Rano assures him not to worry.
Rishi asks for Tannu’s hand, Pavan agrees so Tannu finally goes with him. Neha was curt. Neha wonders why their answers matched.
Ahna asks if Bani knows her birth chart said Tannu and Rishi are made for each other. Swati asks Ahna why is she jealous if Raaj wants to marry his son with her sister. Ahna asks Bani if she didn’t say if they will Raaj their name he would leave this city, they agreed. She then said there was some birth chart problem then why she only got Tannu for Neha’s name? Their father never said he wanted she marries Tannu to a boy of her choice, then why she didn’t let her tell Raaj today that Veer was her father. She questions if Bani thinks herself to be really cunning. If she is playing a game with her. Bani poses to be weepy, Ahna says she won’t let Tannu marry Pavan. They must marry Swati to Tannu. Guljeet comes there, he asks what she is saying, and they have worked so hard for this proposal. Ahna questions Guljeet if she must let Tannu break. She is her sister and can’t let her marry someone against her will. Bani thinks this isn’t Tannu, she holds Ahna’s hand and says if she breaks this relation then no one will marry Tannu. Two of her proposals will be broken, world doesn’t go with her voice but with the rituals. Ahna says she has heard what she had to say, the day she finds they are betraying them; she will break her face. She says Raaj must know who they both are and what their relation with them is. She leaves. Bani asks Guljeet to let her think, Ahna suspects them and Rishi loves her sister.
Risi holds Tannu’s hand in the restaurant and dances with her. Pavan stands up watching them dance. The phone bell rings, it was Saloni. Pavan comes out. He takes Saloni’s call, she tells him she is outside couple’s restaurant and will come in if he doesn’t come out. He assure he is coming out now. Tannu enjoys dancing with Rishi. The lights get on at once, they leave each other’s hand. The announcer calls them as a lovely couple, Rishi asks her to accept now they are made for each other. People around cheer for once more, Tannu jerks his hand away and runs outside. Rishi follows her. Neha stops Rishi and asks where he is going, Rishi says Tannu is crying. Neha says Tannu is marrying Pavan, not him. Neha says there were thousand men behind her. Rishi asks her not to wait for him. Neha says if he goes to Tanvi, this relation will end. Rishi says alright, it’s ended and goes behind Tannu. Tannu cries thinking about Rishi at the pool side. She wonders why he didn’t say this all when she wanted to hear this, when she and her parents awaited him, when she wanted to come to hold her hand. Why he didn’t come then, why he was so late. When he had to say yes, he said no in the mail. Rishi comes at the pool side, and says sometimes a person gets a lot unknowingly; walks towards her, wipes her tear off and says he never wanted her to cry because of him but they did. He holds his ears to her and says he is really very sorry.
Rishi says that he knows she is marrying Pavan, he is engaged. All the relations are complicated, heart says something else, and the world says the other thing. He asks her to forget everything, time heals everything; she must leave it to God. He wants her to breathe in fresh air for a while, shut the eyes for once and breathe in this open air. Tannu shuts her eyes. Rishi watches her intently. The shadow in pool reflects them to be together. Rishi also shuts his eyes, then again looks at Tannu. He spots Pavan and Sonali in front, Sonali was arguing with Pavan.

PRECAP: Rishi runs towards Pavan and watches him with Sonali.

Written Update by Sona

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