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Kasam 24th May 2016 Written Update

Ahna cries wondering at what point has Rishi and Tannu’s love reached. Tannu would always deny her love. She felt helpless giving Tannu the smile that greatly affects her. Pavan’s family had arrived, Bani asks Ahna to get the dress and Shagun inside Tanvi’s room. Pavan’s mother was excited to show Tannu the shagun. Tannu stares, Ahna was upset that Tannu is never happy watching Pavan and his family. Bani sends Tannu inside.
Pavan comes to Saloni’s room to call her, she was getting ready in front of mirror. Pavan comes to get intimate with her. She forbids him keep an eye on someone else’s wife else same would happen to him. Pavan laughs, they continue.
Rishi turns to look at Tannu, Neha was curt at the eye lock. She comes to Tannu and takes her to sit and listen the story.
Saloni asks Pavan to go one, they are getting late. Pavan wasn’t in a mood, Saloni drags him.
Bee ji tells the ladies that whoever has eaten something during the fast must not sit for story, else it would be a bad omen. Neha thinks about an idea to leave. Bee ji says if someone keeps the fast whole heartedly, will get the partner of her choice. Raaj mocks Rishi for being the only guy who kept a fast, and asks him to sit for the story. Rishi says he is fine here. Neha whispers to Bani she ate Maal Pooray, and is going inside. Pavan and Saloni join them. Bani explains to Bee ji that Neha was feeling dizzy due to fasting and has gone to her room for rest. Pavan notice Rishi’s stare at Tannu. Bee ji finish the story and asks them to shut their eyes and pray for their wishes. Rishi prays for his love. Tannu prays she gets the partner who is made for her. Rishi looks at Tannu, Pavan was enraged at his stare and goes inside. Bee ji asks them to open their eyes and look at their partners on the first look. Tannu opens her eyes, she and Rishi share an eye lock. Saloni takes out a photo from her bag and watches it.
Pavan comes to hold Neha’s arm from behind, and asks what is going on between Rishi and Tannu. She was about to tell him before engagement. Neha demands leave her hand, Pavan insists to tell him the truth. Neha thinks Swati had forbidden her tell the truth to Pavan. Rano come in to bring the sweet. Neha says there is nothing between them. Rano spots them together, both were nervous. Rano was worried what she gets to see in this kitchen each time, she wonders if whatever is going between Rishi and Tannvi is also between Tannu and Pavan.
Bee ji asks the couples to take rounds of fire. The men gossip with each other. Pavan’s mother and Saloni take a leave from Bani, Bani asks Saloni about Akshay. Saloni says he wanted to come but didn’t, Saloni says she watched a photo. Bani demands to see the photo as well. Saloni was reluctant and asks if Bani suspects her? Pavan’s mother come to take Saloni for some rest. Bani thinks she not only suspects but is sure she isnt as innocent as she appears.
Tannu was preparing for Pooja, Rishi brings the thaal to her and asks what she prayed for. She says one must not share prayers with anyone. Rishi asks Tannu if he would get what he prayed for. Tannu drags her hand from his, worried what if someone knows he asked her in fast. Rishi questions how Tannu knows about his wish… he qualifies it’s because their love is not for a single life, but eternal.
Bee ji stops Rishi and calls him a liar, didn’t he put on Mangal sooter in Tanvi’s neck. He boasted about doing it, but he didn’t get it all. Rishi tells Bee ji that Tannu wants a grand wedding.
Manpreet comes there, Bee ji calls everyone. They all gather outside. Bee ji tells Raaj to light the fires, those who are married will be blessed by the moon tonight, and those who are not married will be half married today after the rounds around this fire. Pavan holds Tannu’s hand, Neha holds Rishi’s. Rishi was upset watching them, and thinks about Bee ji’s words. Rishi moves to Pavan and Tannu, takes Tannu’s hand. Everyone was shocked. Rishi asks Tannu to come along,

PRECAP: Guljeet was upset that Rishi is about to complete his third round. Pavan’s father stops Rishi but he warns him.

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