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Kasam 24th August 2016 Written Update

Bee ji comes to Rishi, John manages to take the paper off his hand. Tanuja calls it useless now, but John insists on her to leave.
Rishi takes a leave from Bee ji towards his room, Bee ji insists on him to stay for breakfast. Rishi turns around, Bee ji mocks crying as she daily dreams about the calendar. She senses death in a few months, and asks him to fulfill her last wishes. Rishi asks Bee ji where are her tears, she makes up that she has been crying with her heart. Rishi promises Bee ji to come back soon, and calls her a drama queen. Bee ji confirms if she is a good actor, Rishi curtly says the whole family is.
On the breakfast table, Raaj asks everyone to begin as Rishi will soon come. Nakul runs towards Rano afraid of UC and hides behind Rano. Rano reminds UC that Nakul will soon be married. Raaj questions Nakul what he did. Nakul questions in return, if he gets married will he be saved from beating? Bee ji says not at all, look at Raaji who always die under the anger of his wife. There, Manpreet joins them and asks Rano if Ahana got lucky after marrying him. Bee ji qualifies actually his luck lightened up after marrying Ahana. Ahana cheers this time. Rishi joins them. Raaj replies to Nakul that fates are connected after marriage, may be his wife’s luck saves him. Nakul wasn’t ready to marry and get sandwiched between wife and mother; he is better to get beaten by his father. Ahana tells Nakul that her friend’s daughter seems to be interested in him. They all insist that Nakul must now be married, Nakul was offensive. Rishi judge the talk was pointed at him, he demands them all to be straight, if they want him to marry. Raaj says yes, he doesn’t want someone to die for him but there must be someone who can save him. Rishi replies he is ready to marry, but only if they can bring Tannu. He leaves the table.
The temple lady recognizes Rishi and stops him in the way. Rishi recognizes her. The lady tries to recall Rishi’s name, she tells Rishi that his Tannu fulfilled her promise. It had broken 20 years ago, but she kept her kasam. She has returned to fulfil her kasam. Rishi was uninterested as everything has finished. The lady accepts that the whole city has ended, but it has taken a new face. What’s old is the love, the promise, that kasam. Rishi tells her not to discuss what has ended, the lady says his luck hasn’t finished. The body of a person dies, but his soul never does. His and Tannu’s love was the connection of two souls, that Tannu has returned to complete that promise again. Rishi takes a leave, the lady stops him reminding his death curse has returned. She had promised to be there, whenever he gets a death curse and she is back to fulfil her promise. Rishi was moved and questions how the lady know about his death curse, the lady insists that his Tannu has returned. That Maa Kaali informed her about his death curse, in the temple where Tannu vowed to fight with his death curse always. She took a new birth after 20 years, to complete her promises. She is only made for him, she only loves him. The lady smiles that she has seen her yesterday. Rishi was shocked to hear this all, they lady boasts about being evident of the miracle. She could see his love and the pride of it in her eyes, a shadow of her soul that is only made for him; new name, new recognition but the same soul. She doesn’t know where she lives or belong to, but she know well Rishi resides inside her eyes. Luck didn’t allow them live together, but this universe won’t part them as well and they will be together soon.

PRECAP: Tanuja apologizes about being late for interview, Rishi turns around on his chair to get shocked watching her there.

Written Update by Sona

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