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Kasam 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Rishi heads towards Tannu, Pavan interferes as he enters asking about Saloni and heads towards her in the lounge. Tannu moves towards a side, Rishi thinks may be Tannu is ready for this mangal sooter and this is why she sent Pavan downstairs. She turns around to scold why he is following her? Rishi says he loves her. She explains Rishi the wedding not only takes place with mangal sooter, there has to be other rituals as well. He repeats all the rituals and promises she will get everything. Tannu thinks about going to Pavan, he must be waiting.
Bee ji asks Manpreet about the ingredients to prepare the thaal. He heads outside, Bee ji asks for match stick as she has to get the grahpravesh of the new daughter in law. Rano comes and asks whose? Bee ji says it’s a practice, as everyone does the practice of Grahpravesh. Rano didn’t understand about Bee ji.
Pavan shows Saloni some new designs. Pavan sends the salesman out as his cell phone rings. Saloni appreciates the bracelet mangal sooter, Pavan asks permission to tie it himself. He tells her he loves her a lot. Saloni says she is aware he is crazy after her that is why he is marrying Tanvi. She hugs him, then tries another. Tannu comes downstairs then, Pavan drops the mangal sooter. Saloni questions why he lost the grip, then turns to see Tanvi. She makes up she had chosen with much difficulty, still… Pavan says he didn’t like this one for Tanvi. Tannu asks if she hadn’t ordered one for her already.
Bani scolds the Pandit, he explains Guljeet brought him forcefully from a wedding. Bani tells Pandit to take a three day Mohrat for Pavan and Tanvi’s wedding. The Pandit says the stars are at a downfall, no wedding can take place in the next six days. Bani bribes Pandit, but Ahna gets the money from behind.
UC come home and questions Manpreet and Bee ji. Manpreet tells UC Rishi is marrying, because if someone puts in mangal sooter around someone, they are married. UC asks Bee ji if she also doesn’t understand like Rishi. Manpreet gets a text message that they couldn’t marry. Rano comes there and over hears, Manpreet was insisting on Bee ji it was her practice.
Bani explains to Ahna its for Tanvi’s betterment. Ahna questions what is better in a bad date. Ahna hands Guljeet’s money back to him, and asks Pandit ji about the best date he last calculated. The Pandit says it was seven days from today. Ahna firmly decides if Bani has no problem in getting Tanvi married on a good date, the wedding will take place seven days later.
Pavan drops them, Neha heads inside. Pavan was visibly busy with Saloni, Tannu and Rishi speaks about it. Pavan stops her, he asks Tannu to wear traditional dress for Teej as his mother’s desire. Rishi hurries him towards the car as Saloni is waiting there alone.
Neha boasts in front of Bani and Swati she bought a mangal sooter thicker than cycle’s chain and its pendant is like a brick. Bani appreciates Guljeet for writing the fake letter that made Tannu realize her father didn’t want her marry Rishi. Else Neha’s wedding must have broken long time ago.
Tannu was upset in her room, she thinks Rishi has forgotten about everything but she remembers it all. She remembers once in childhood she tried to wear Sharda’s mangal sooter. Rishi helped her in wearing it when Sharada came. She stops him, and says there are some rituals and promises to put on mangal sooter in someone’s neck. She explained to them both, this mangal sooter is put in by groom with a promise to be with her always. Rishi promised Tannu she would wear mangal sooter from his hand. Tannu cries her luck has brought her here, she would wear mangal sooter from Pavan’s hand.
Rishi comes home, UC scolds him. Both Manpreet and Rishi pin him on the bed and asks for an apology. UC say sorry laughing. Rishi has a stomach ache, Manpreet offers him to take a few bites from the apple. Rishi denies. Tannu stares Ahna, Ahna explains she is eating because she can’t bear any more hunger. UC asks Rishi to lay down and shut his eyes, Rishi sits up worried he could only see food if he shut his eyes. Ahna appreciates Tannu’s cooked Maal Pooray. Tannu comes to kitchen, Rishi was watching Maal Pooray. Tannu questions him, Rishi explains he was just smelling Maal Pooray as everyone appreciated their taste. He asks Tannu, Tannu says she came to drink water. Rishi asks if they can drink and looks in internet to confirm, it was confirmed water is allowed in this fast. Tannu remembers Rishi hadn’t taken the drink in jewelry shop as well. She insists on him to drink some water, Rishi offers her and insists to drink as she came thirsty. Ahna watches this, and feels there is love. He then pours water for himself, Tannu feels sad wanting to say everything to him today.

PRECAP: Bani tells Ahna about all the Teej Shagun for Tanvi. Pavan’s mother shows everything to Tanvi. Tannu was upset.

Written Update by Sona

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