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Kasam 22nd April 2016 Written Update

Tannu asks Rishi to leave it, Rishi tells her he doesn’t love her to do all this, he wants to be with her for a lifetime. Neha and Pavan come to knock at the doors of changing rooms. Neha and Rishi were both worried. Another guy appears from men’s changing room. Pavan asks Neha to check outside, may be Rishi is somewhere else. She leaves. Inside, Tannu was worried what if Pavan watches them together. Rishi says this is a good idea, he should tell him now. Tannu stops him. Pavan comes in the changing room and asks what this is? Tannu looks behind, there was no one so she looks at him quizzically. He points towards the dress Rishi had brought. He corrects Tannu’s stroller and leaves asking her to change another dress. Rishi comes out from behind the dummy and tells Tannu to dress up in this dress but just for him. He comes out of men’s dressing room, Pavan asks how he came out from here. Rishi says he was practicing a hiding tactic. Tannu comes dressed from changing room, Rishi appreciates her. Pavan reminds him she is his fiancé.
On the payment counter, Neha counts a lot of bags, Rishi pays for Tannu’s dress as well insisting it to be a gift. Pavan asks Tannu to come for dinner with him, he had already taken permission from Bani. Neha says they won’t go, Pavan and Tannu must go by foot. They leave. Rishi was upset.
Ahna looks into the luggage, she finds her parent’s photo. She cries that had they been alive Tannu wouldn’t have to face this all.
There in car, Neha asks Rishi to meet her friends. Rishi asks if he is a show-piece. Neha thinks she wanted to make them jealous of his car. Rishi says at once that he left her most expensive dress to Pavan, he must be jealoused. Neha asks if he did this deliberately. Rishi smirks and turns the car.
Ahan brings the photo out, she hits Manpreet and the photo frame breaks on floor. Raaj and Rano come there, Raaj watches Veeru’s photo and was upset. He asks Ahna how she got this, Ahna says these are her parents. Rano was shocked to hear. Bani had also come there. Raaj confirms Ahna if he is her father. Bani comes in saying yes. She tells them that they, Swati, Neha, Tanvi and all other girls of neighbourhood called him Bauji. He loved everyone so much, he gave his life just to save college students. Ahna looks towards Bani shocked. Raaj says he knows about it, if Veeru wasn’t there they could never have gone to America and leave. Bani holds Ahna’s hand then leaves as well, smiling victoriously. Ahna wonders why Raaj got so emotional, Manpreet says his father also has a heart. Ahna shows him way inside. Ahna speaks to Veeru’s photo that Raaj has been crying for him, there is no betrayal in his love. This means Bani is playing a game with them, this game will ruin Tannu’s life that she won’t allow. She will find out why she lied.
In the restaurant, Tannu sat lost as Pavan orders the meal. Pavan asks Tannu if she didn’t like the place, Tannu says it’s a good place. Rishi waves Tannu from the entrance and goes towards them. Pavan asks what they are doing here. Rishi hands him a bag and says he mistakenly got Tanvi, meaning Tannu’s bag. Pavan changes the bag. Pavan says alright see you. Rishi takes the seat instead, saying its his favorite dish and asks Tanvi for it. She doesn’t move, Rishi asks Pavan to forward it. He takes a seat and begin eating, keeping his foot over Pavan’s. Pavan says it’s his foot, her foot is there. Neha cheers he was finding her foot.
The restaurant manager makes an announcement, announcing it’s the city’s first couple restaurant. He asks to play a game for which the papers have to be distributed. Their specialists will announce which couple replies to questions in compatibility with each other. The first questions, what love is? Rishi thinks Tanvi, Tannu thinks love is a feeling that can’t be named. Neha looks at Rishi’s question that was also the same. The second question goes, what is marriage? Both Rishi and Tannu think it’s a promise for both, in all the lives. The third question was of promise, Rishi thinks he will fight to get her, fight the whole world for her. He will not let her go away from him. Tannu thinks she will never forget the promises they had done. The last question, what is greater Kasam or Love. Both think Kasam.

PRECAP: Raaj asks Rano to accept Tannu and love her as a mother whom she has lost. He asks Rano to promise him.

Written Update by Sona

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