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Kasam 21st April 2016 Written Update

Bani assures Neha that Tannu will marry Pavan because of his father’s will. Neha comes to Pavan and sits beside her. Raaj shows Rano Rishi and Tannu were together, Raaj was happy that in India Rishi has come to believe in God. Rano wonders why these couples seem to be wrong to her, Pavan with Tannu(Neha) and Rishi with Tanvi(Tannu). Manpreet takes Rano to the hall, Rishi come sto the hall with Tannu. The couples leave for shopping. Rishi tells Manpreet Tannu will only wear the dress of his choice. Tannu gets to the car, Rishi asks Pavan to drive as he doesn’t want to. He asks Tannu to come sit beside her. Neha does and asks Tannu to shut the door. Pavan asks Tannu to sit in front seat. Rishi stares at Tannu, Neha wonders what Rishi likes in Tannu. Rishi thinks if he was with Tannu he would have played a romantic song, Pavan asks Tannu for some romantic song. Rishi at once says no. Neha insists on Tannu to switch the songs on. Pavan holds Tannu’s hand while helping with CD. Rishi shouts to stop, stop the car. He comes out, Pavan asks what happened. Rishi says there was a buffalo, she would have been hurt. He insists to drive, Pavan goes behind. Rishi smirks at Tannu.

Rano was wondering about Tanvi and Rishi being together. Raaj corrects her Rano was irriated at his cheesy flirt. He asks why she is worried, she asks his promise not to interfere in between. He keeps a finger on his mouth. Rano says she feels something is going between Rishi and Tanvi. Raaj laughs, Rano says she doesn’t like jokes, but she doesn’t know Rishi. He is only serious about Tannu, if Tannu wasn’t Veeru’s daughter he would ask Rishi to marry Tannu. Rano says he hasn’t been able to see what she envisions. Raaj says he already wears glasses, how would he know. Rano thinks something is there.

Rishi smiles looking at Tannu, then holds her dupatta in the hand on gear. She drags it away. Neha looks at this and was worried what if Pavan sees this, he would understand just in a minute. Rishi thinks that Tannu is only hers. Rishi asks Neha if she wanted to hear romantic song, Neha says she isnt in a mood. Rishi says he wants to play a romantic song for the one he loves. Pavan asks him to tell them what he has in heart. Rishi says Tanvi has his heart, Pavan asks what. Rishi qualifies that Tanvi has the CD in which the song is. He holds her hand while taking the CD, he plays ‘Har Kisi ko Nahi milta Yaha pyaar’.

Bani comes to Swati and thinks about getting a diamond ring from Neha. Swati asks her to be a bit slow, she seems to be greedy this way. Bani asks her to have some crisps. Swati says this increases back fat. Bani boasts she is still like Madhuri Dixit, Swati says she is like Aishwariya Rai. She was worried for Rishi doing something wrong.
Pavan likes all the dresses, Rishi points towards Tannu that the dress behind her on the dummy looks beautiful. Pavan asks Tannu to try the dresses, she goes towards Try room.

Rano tells Bani that she feels Rishi doesn’t like Tannu but Tanvi. Bani cuts her finger. Bani says this isn’t possible, she know Rishi loves Tannu. Rishi might suicide if someone breaks their relation. She hasn’t noticed Rishi asks petty things from Tannu. Rano says her mind accepts what Bani is saying but her heart doesn’t. She thinks about keeping an eye on them now, Bani was worried what if Rano spoils her plan of marrying Neha and Rishi. Rishi heads to leave, Neha asks where he is going and asks him about a dress. He says everything would suit her. He asks her to see some more dresses, he would try one for himself. Neha asks the most expensive dress for herself. Rishi takes the dress he liked outside the try room.

Tannu was tying the knot of her blouse, he comes inside. He shouts cockroach. Tannu was afraid and hides behind him, then hugs him. He smiles. She parts away, notices his stare. He asks her to trust him, he won’t look towards her; please trust him once. She does, he ties the knot of her blouse without looking towards her.

PRECAP: Ahna breaks the family album, Raaj asks where she got this. Ahna says these are her parents. Bani comes there too. Raaj and Rano were shocked at the revelation of the truth.

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