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Kasam 20th June 2016 Written Update

Tannu tells Rishi that they will get whatever is in their fates. Rishi demands what is important for her, these rituals or their love. Tannu says both. Rishi leaves the room. He comes across Neha, spots sindoor in his hand and asks if he is practicing to put in sindoor; let’s practice together. Rishi complains he told her so many times he isnt interested in her. He asks Neha if he puts in sindoor in her head partition, would she be able to face the society. Neha says for sure. Rishi says he doesn’t want to marry her then. Neha advices him to make Tannu up for marriage. Rishi wonders how this bitter piece can become sweet.
Tannu comes to mirror, the temple lady’s words echo in her mind. She spots Sindoor in her head partition, Ahna comes from behind and inquires about it. Tannu says this isn’t Sindoor, Ahna says a husband fills in sindoor in a girl’s head partition, like their mother said only a special person would fill in Sindoor in her head partition. She takes Tannu out as Pavan’s mother came to pick her for shopping. Savitri assures to drop Tannu herself when done with shopping. Tannu comes in, Bani comes to drop them out. She holds Tannu back and suggests she must get the heaviest necklace available there. Tannu asks what? Bani recalls she is Tannu and not Neha, and advices her to come back home early as the weather is getting worse. The Pandit arrives with Guljeet, he demands for birth charts of bride and groom. Bani sends Guljeet to get the birth charts. Raaj asks Guljeet to bring Rishi and Tanvi’s as well. Bani thinks for a while, then sends Guljeet. The Pandit boasts they will accept his knowledge when he matches the birth charts. Rishi and Manpreet arrive, Swati came out with her glasses. Manpreet thinks she look really nice today. Swati reads the birth charts and was worried that the Pandit was matching Rishi’s birth chart with Tanvi’s. She whispers in Guljeet’s ears. Bani comes to switch the birth charts.
The Pandit asks for some time to read Rishi’s birth charts. He asks if someone told her earlier that there is a problem in Rishi’s birth chart and it can only be removed by marrying him to a certain girl. Bani interrupts and demands that he must suggest a date of marriage. The Pandit inquires if Rishi had an accident a few days ago. He reads the birth charts again and takes Tanvi’s. Bani snatches Tanvi’s birth chart saying she needs to read from it. Raaj asks Bani what she would understand in a birthchart and insists on her to hand it to the Pandit. Pandit ji says there is a death issue in his birth chart, Raaj says someone told him if Rishi isn’t married before 23rd birthday he might die. And if Rishi is married to Tannu, the danger over his life would get over. The Pandit says there is another problem in this birth chart.
Neha brings tea for everyone. Bani thinks she needs to spoil the birth charts and stop this Pandit, else their reality with get disclosed. She gets up and deliberately throw the cup of tea of Pandit ji. There gets a chaos, Bani asks Neha to take care of the birth charts. Bani insists on Pandit to go back home. Rishi thinks why Neha brought tea, and think may be Tannu is angry about Sindoor. He goes inside to make her up. There Guljeet’s head starts banging and he fell off, Raaj and Rano take care of him.
Rishi comes in calling Tanvi in kitchen. Ahna tells him she went to buy jewelry. She complains there is a problem in his birth chart, he always flirt with girls, he must have broken some girls’ heart. Rishi clarifies that he has loved Tanvi, he flirt with many girls but never got serious with anyone. And his proposal with Tannu was family forced. She didn’t feel bad when she got to know there is a problem in his birth chart, he had broken a girl’s heart and it happened to him. Rishi qualifies that he turned to a nice boy after meeting Tanvi, she is there to get him rid of everything. Ahna says she can’t melt away from his sweet talk. Rishi insists on Ahna that one day she would accept he loves Tannu. UV comes to Rishi worried that Raaj is calling him.

PRECAP: Raaj tells Rishi that they will marry him and Tannu the day Tanvi will marry Pavan. Rishi says a no to marrying Tannu.

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