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Kasam 1st June 2016 Written Update

Tannu calls Rishi, he was excited to hear her voice and calls her Miss Nice Voice. Tannu tells Rishi that she watched Pavan and Saloni together, she has a confusion that there is something else between them. Rishi says they both have come to a single place, she is a simple person but not everyone has a single face. And sometimes the other face of a person is a bad one. Pavan is a cheater, as our eyes can’t always betray us. He assures Tannu that he came to find proof, and asks her to say best of luck. He assures Tannu that he will throw Pavan out of her life. He cheers and hangs up, promising to bring home a proof very soon. Tannu wonders what happened to her, her heart is beating fast. She says she loves Rishi a lot, then looks around wondering whom is she talking to, she has gone really crazy. Tannu thinks that her mother always said couples are made in heaven, may be her couple has been made with Pavan.
Swati scolds Sandy for suspecting Neha. Sandy apologizes Neha. Swati asks Sandy why he is comparing himself with Rishi. Sandy boasts his father is a friend with chief minister, he knows all the ministers. He jumps out of the window. Bani asks Neha to keep her window’s shut. Bani recalls the work she came for, she says she was looking for Tannu. She sends Swati give Tannu’s dress for fitting to designer. Tannu comes with her dress. UC tries Rishi’s number as Pavan and family was about to leave. The designer asks Pavan if he watched his bride to be? Pavan says yes, and he kept on watching him. Saloni tells the designer that there is some problem with Choli’s fitting. Saloni nods at Pavan and head outside. Pavan stops Tannu and tells her she looked really beautiful in wedding dress. UC leaves the room. Pavan says it seems they are made for each other, he will come tomorrow for Antakshari and dinner and takes a leave.
Rishi gets UV’s call. They tell UV they got marriage receipt of Mandir. UV asks what is written there. Rishi reads the slip. UV tells them this proof is enough. Rishi and Manpreet head outside, Manpreet tells Rishi there is a distance of twenty minutes before the two house. They were about to go out when there is a door bell.
Ahna brings vegetables, Tannu says its really hot and that is the reason prices are too high. Ahna says she met Pavan, Saloni and their mother. Tannu asks if Ahna also saw something. Ahna shares Pavan’s mother was really excited about her marriage, she wants her to be the best bride. Tannu was upset. Ahna tells Tannu that she suspected Pavan when he saved Saloni inspite of her. She is happy that Saloni would be there like a sister to her after marriage. Tannu asks what if she comes out to be a second wife. They all suspect this as well. Ahna says if there is something between them why Saloni would let Pavan marry her. Tannu says this is what she suspects, she tells Ahna she watched them really close but when Saloni saw her she changed her talk. Ahna asks Tannu why she is marrying Pavan if she loves Rishi, she must only listen to her heart now. Tannu says she is really indecisive, firstly she never trusted Rishi but now she does. She just pray for a good luck. Rishi and Manpreet look from the door mirror, it was Shamsher with a girl. Shamsher boasts this is his home, he brought her here only to hear from Pavan how many girls he rejected for her.
Manpreet stops Rishi from going out enraged at Shamsher. They were struggling when a vase breaks. Shamsher turns around and thinks about saving Pavan’s family from the terrorist. Shamsher and the girl had to break the door, Rishi opens the door then and there. The fell on the floor. Manpreet drags Rishi outside, Rishi shouts thief. People gather to beat Shamsher and the girl, while Rishi and Manpreet flee.
UV was waiting for them, Manpreet boasts he stole the slip so he deserves the hug as well. UV clutches him tight, Manpreet apologizes.
Savitri was worried how the door has been unlocked.
Tannu saves Manpreet from Rishi and UV. Manpreet dances behind her, he asks Rishi and UV’s promise in front of Tannu that they won’t even beat him while alone. Manpreet thanks Tannu and leave shyly. Tannu laughs, Rishi watches her laughing with much appreciation. UV leaves them alone.
Pavan and Saloni enter home. Shamsher had been crying on floor. They help him, Pavan demands who has beaten him. Shamsher asks Saloni if she is married, then why she is watching his six packs this way? They send Saloni to bring first aid box. Shamsher explains he came to let them meet his wife to be, he heard some voice from inside but couldn’t watch properly who it was. Then he heard the voices of thief, thief and people began beating him. Pavan thinks it must be Rishi, who must have come to get proofs.
Rishi tells Tannu he got a real proof against Pavan.

PRECAP: Rishi asks Tannu to trust him, only he can save her from this horrible wedding.

Written Update by Sona

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