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Kasam 1st July 2016 Written Update

The doctor informs them that Tannu is now fine, she might wake up in a while. He allows them to marry her tomorrow. The doctor tells Raaj to thanks Tanvi, she saved his son’s life. Raaj tells Rano he feels sad about Tanvi always whenever she is in pain. Rano shares with Raaj that Tannu could sense the danger, now she believe whatever is in birth chart is true. Rishi comes calling Tanvi hysterically. Bani pinches Neha and she comes to put on bandage on Rishi’s bleeding hand. Rishi blames himself for this all. Bee ji qualifies today Tanvi has taken Rishi’s birth chart curse over herself. Rano stops Bee ji to further put Rishi in shame. Rishi leaves the room and goes to Kaali Maa temple. He comes inside saying he doesn’t know what his relation with Tanvi is, but why Tanvi has to suffer all the time. Last time, he didn’t complain because Tanvi was fine, but this time she is hurt. Why always when he is in trouble, Tanvi has to suffer. He demands the Goddess to love Tanvi more than him, she was hurt because of him. People call it a curse of his birth chart, he wants Tanvi saved from any curse else he will give away his life in this temple. The temple lady arrives, she tells Rishi his will can’t change his luck. His couple has been joint with him, she will always suffer when he is in trouble. Rishi demands whom he will get connected to? The lady replies he will connect to the only one in his heart, only she is in his fate. Rishi asks why people are connecting him with someone he doesn’t love. The lady asks Rishi to save that girl now, she always save him and hurts herself. Rishi was determined that he will save her now. The lady instructs him not to lose the girl who saved him today. Rishi replies no matter whole world go against him, he will never let her move away from him. She is his life, his everything. Rishi leaves. The lady feels the winds around, she pleads in front of Goddess to save them, and these winds bring a different prediction. Now only the Goddess can save this couple.
Rishi comes home to meet Ahna. Ahna forbids him go to Tanvi, she was hurt because of him. She doesn’t know why Tannu (Neha) asked her to stay nearby him but this is only because of his curse. If he stays around her, her sister might die. Rishi asks Ahna if she is done. He never tried to convince her, but Tanvi saved him only because she also loves him. He wonder why Ahna can never foresee the love in Tanvi’s eyes for him that he can visibly see.
In the room, Tannu (Tanvi) was trying to walk with much difficulty. Rishi comes to hold her, she removes his hand from her face. She says she needs to prepare for the evening, he must leave. Rishi demands her to look into his eyes while saying this, then smiles that she won’t be able to. She is afraid he can see the love in her eyes. He may leave the room, but will she be able to put him out of her heart. He has decided that he will get married tomorrow, but he will only marry her. Tannu says this isn’t possible. Rishi says everything is possible, she may do anything but he will only marry her. Tannu insists she promised Pavan, Rishi says it doesn’t matter. He insists they have been connected by fate, they are connected with promises. He is aware they are connected, the lady in Kaali Maa temple also told him they both have been made for each other. Today, she stake her life to save him. He has promised the Goddess today that he will always stay with her, he can’t bear anyone between them. He will do something tomorrow and will turn her to Mrs. Tanvi Singh Bedi. Tannu holds his arm forbidding him do anything. Rishi smiles and turns around saying she proved today that she loves him, no one will ever love him as much as she do. No one can stop him now, he has gone mad now.

PRECAP: Bee ji puts on turmeric over Rishi, then takes it to put it over Tanvi. She informs Tanvi this is for Rishi’s bride.

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