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Kasam 18th April 2016 Written Update

Tannu cries as the rituals of her Roka are performed. Pavan’s mother announces this girl is theirs now. Everyone clap. Ahna prays to Kaali Maa why she broke their relation after joining them, had their parents alive they would have changed their decision. Bani takes Pavan to stage to sit beside Tannu. Tannu stands up in shock and stares at Rishi leaving. Pavan asks what happened, she says nothing then watches Rishi again. Rishi moved away wiping his tears. He turns to see Tannu crying as well, tears dripping down her face. Neha watches Rishi leave and goes behind him.

Outside, Neha says sorry to Rishi. She thought Tanvi also loved him as he loved her, if she was in her place she would have left everything for a lover like him. She is really happy doing Roka with Pavan. Rishi says he doesn’t care, a lot of girls are behind him. Neha asks Rishi she dies after him for day one, where they must go? Rishi asks if she will come with him. She says anywhere. Rishi drags her inside, he takes a mike; congratulates Pavan on Roka and people over Besakhi. Today, he wants to share his happiness with them all, he had a Roka a few days ago and will be dancing with his gorgeous fiancé. Everyone clap. Rishi calls for music and dances with Neha.

Tannu thinks all their strings have broken, she doesn’t care what he does to anyone now. Rishi stares Tannu while dancing with Neha. Tannu runs inside upset as the performance ends. Ahna watches her, while everyone else claps. Rishi leaves the hall and comes behind Tannu. He asks what she is doing here, if she dislike him being with his wife to be. Tannu asks him to do whatever he wants to. Rishi holds a tear from her face and asks what this is. Rishi says his wife to be knows how to keep him happy, she has a heart in her chest; she knows how to respect and love. Tannu asks why he still stared her while dancing with his fiancé then, why he asks her again and again to break her Roka. Tannu says she won’t, Rishi twists her hand behind and asks why she is doing so, a guy is asking her to marry him again and again and she doesn’t care. He will not leave her after what she has done to him in a few days. Tannu says it hurts, Rishi asks to think about his pain as well. Tannu says her arm hurts. Rishi realizes and leaves her hand. She leaves. Rishi wonders what is happening to him.

Rishi comes looking around for Tannu. Rishi was upset if he will ever get her, if she will look at him again. Manpreet says he has lost his brother, its not his brother Rishi but Tanvi’s Rishi. Rishi says he has lost his own self. Rishi bucks up, he reminds Manpreet about the lady and says he will break Roka today. Manpreet says Pavan is really perfect, girls find such a proposal. Manpreet says there must be some negative point in Pavan as well. Rishi leaves.

Bani appreciates Neha for keeping Rishi in. Neha asks her not to feed her much sweet, she wants to impress Pavan. Bani asks her to concentrate on Rishi only, he is the richest now.

At the dinner table, Pavan’s mother tells Tannu that in our family the bride and groom to be in the Roka eat in single plate, this increases love. Tannu watches Rishi come, he holds his ear as she watches him. Pavan’s father asks Tannu to eat a little, just for Shagun. Rishi also joins them and sits in front of Tannu. He holds his ear again, Tannu nods. Manpreet joins them and asks where he must sit. Rishi drinks from the glass Tannu was drinking.
Pavan stops Manpreet’s hand from taking a bite in his plate, from his plate only Tannu can eat. Manpreet says after wedding he will also get fixed after wedding, just with the wife. Rishi gets up, Pavan asks Tannu to take a bite. Ahna hands Tannu tissue paper.

Manpreet comes to hug Rishi and asks his promise to get his sports car and get his future with Tannu. Rishi promises to give it. Manpreet says Pavan isn’t perfect as they think, Pavan has a girlfriend whom he doesn’t want to come here but she is. Rishi cheers and asks if he is serious. Manpreet goes to tell him the truth.
Ahna tells Tannu she won’t help her anymore, she is her sister and she knows she isnt happy. She doesn’t like that guy and only marrying him for getting married. She must.

PRECAP: Rishi comes to take Tannu holding her hand. Pavan’s parents stare, Rishi says he is taking his wife to be.

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