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Kasam 16th June 2016 Written Update

Rishi shares with Tannu that he gets some dreams, may be Kaali Maa is trying to tell him something. Tannu recalls about their childhood. Tannu says her parents told her that the couples Kaali Maa joins never break, she was upset about what is happening. Rishi wipes her tears making her relaxed as everyone would get what’s in their luck. Bee ji comes there, she says she isn’t here. Tannu leaves. Manpreet tells Bee ji this movie was really interesting, but it ended because of Bee ji. Rishi beats them both with cushions that they have ruined his romance. They leave the room. Outside the room, Bee ji complains Manpreet that Rishi considers her a child in such an age. UV comes there, he sends Bee ji away and asks Rishi what happened in Amritsar.
There, in the hall Raaj thinks that UV has still gone inside. Bee ji calls it their love for each other. Raaj wonders if Bee ji is his mother or his son’s friend. He sends Guljeet to bring them inside. Tannu brings sweet for them all, Pavan appreciates it. Bee ji thinks about calling Tannu her daughter in law as well. Rano gets a cough, Tannu hurries to get water for her. Bee ji confirms Rano if she heard something. Rano asks if she really did say something. Bee ji thinks had she really called Tannu what she had been thinking, Rano must have died.
Guljeet comes to call the boys, Manpreet talk’s goon language with Guljeet. Rishi and UV save him from Guljeet, but scolds him later on. They join everyone in the hall, Rishi keeps his chair just between Tannu and Pavan. The game begin, it comes to Rano. Rano reads the paper, the task was to confess her love to her life partner. The children buck Raaj and Rano to do it now. UV holds Raaj responsible for bringing this game in. Raaj turns away, Rano calls him, shy and says their children think he loved her a lot and wanted to marry her, but the truth is she only wanted to marry him, spend her life with him, he is the biggest dream of her life and a great reality as well. He gave her so much love, he ruined her; she doesn’t want to get better anymore. She confess her mistakes and holds her ears, promising not to hurt him again. Raaj thanks God today she accepted she also wanted to marry him. Rano confirms if he forgave her? He says yes, they hug each other. Rano leaves inside shy. They all get their seats.
The game continues, it stops at Raaj this time. Raaj’s task was to dance. He demands Guljeet to play his type of music, UV goes to take hold of the music player. It was ‘Mein Yamla, Pagla, Deewana’. Rishi, Manpreet and UV dance along with Rano and Raaj. They all take their seats back.
The game starts again. It stops at Neha this time, Swati picks a note for her. They were confused to read about singing Aarti. Guljeet asks her to sing Om Jai Jagdish. Bee ji mocks her, Bani comes to defend her daughter that no one sing Aarti at such a time. She boasts about Neha dancing at the last Ganpati. Neha comes to whisper the music in UV’s ears. He confirms, Neha boasts to be multi-talented. UV plays the music while Neha dances in the center. Rishi straightens, Swati cheers while everyone else visible dislikes it. Swati comes to hug Neha, Bee ji says now Rishi won’t have to go out to watch an item girl.
The game starts again, it stops at Rishi this time. He picks up a note, he reads it’s to dance with the one he has hopes in his heart. Rishi comes to ask for Pavan’s hand, Tannu stands in shock. Rishi tells Pavan he holds a lot for him in his heart, not everything is about love. He drags Pavan up to dance with him. Rishi says they will do a Punjabi style dance, Kikli. Manpreet comes to make it more interesting, the one who loses will be out from the game. The one who wins will be permanently in the game. Bani comes to defend but Bani takes care of him. Rishi and Pavan smile at each other, wishing to make each other fell off. They begin swirling around. All of a sudden, Rishi leaves Pavan’s hand, she fell on the corner of the stair. Pavan was hit on head, Bani asks Tanvi to get a bandage. Rishi says there is none, Manpreet explains he used all of them. Pavan asks them to enjoy their game. Bani says they would no more play this dangerous game, Bee ji insists on playing. Raaj suggests about emitting dance from the game.
The game starts again. It was Bee ji’s turn, she was excited to dance. Her note reads Dam Shirad, Rano would tell her a movie name. She will have to act over it, and Manpreet and UV would judge the movie name. Bee ji begins her acting, Manpreet suggests a name. Manpreet and UV judge two English movie names. They all judge it in the final go.
Pavan stares at Rishi who smiles towards him.

PRECAP: In the dark, Rishi tells Tannu he loves her dearly and can’t live without her.

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