Kasam 15th July 2016 Written Update

Kasam 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Kasam 15th July 2016 Written Update

Pavan arrives with the goons, he instructs the goon to kidnap Tannu as he goes in to kill Rishi.
Inside, Tannu says love is like winds that are only felt, sometimes closer, whispering in ears. Love is a relation that stays close being far away, it’s like a moment in which two lovers spend their life. Rishi says he consider Tannu as electricity, he gets 450 watt current whenever he tries to come near her. Tannu laughs, she says Rishi never feels love. He tries to get close to her, but she runs away shy. He was left smiling.
Pavan comes to the door, the lady stops them there. Pavan warns her that he will take what he came to. The lady says he is coming between Rishi and Tannu, he won’t be able to come between them. They have been created by Kaali Maa. Pavan challenges the lady that Rishi will die in front of Maa Kaali, the lady warns them of getting burnt in front of Maa Kaali. Pavan laughs that the lady has gone crazy and heads inside. The lady throw a burnt stick and the grass in front gets the fire. She tells Pavan she was given the responsibility of that couple, and she was given this responsibility because Pavan’s death has been written today.
Rishi calls Tannu to come outside, he is getting bored without her. Tannu comes out changed in white dress. Rishi was mesmerized as she walks towards him. He calls her beautiful, she smiles. They hear Pavan calling the goons to get in, the lady has gone crazy.
There, Rano assures Raaj that nothing will happen to Rishi. Tannu recalls she and Ahna heard from the door that Raaj was concerned for Rishi’s curse in birth chart, if he doesn’t stay with Tannu his life is endangered. She stops Rishi from going out, it is dangerous. She explains Rishi that next 24 hours are dangerous for him. Rishi asks if she wants him to hide like a coward. He asks to confront Pavan, Tannu stops him as she doesn’t trust Pavan. He heads to leave, Tannu swears him of her life. Rishi stays behind, and asks if she is crying. Tannu requests him not to leave her and stay with her. He wipes her tears.
The lady holds the oil can and throws it towards Pavan. His clothes get the fire, he sends the goon to get water. The lady hurries inside, she was afraid of Pavan. She tells Rishi that Pavan has brought goons, he wants to kill Rishi. She won’t be able to stop him for much time. Rishi goes to fight Pavan. The lady qualifies he is a monster, it seems he is Kaal in the face of a human. They both are made for each other, and their relation is really pious but this love is not long lasting. Tannu cries. The lady warns them of the most challenges in their love story, she advices them not to accept defeat. She tells Rishi to take Tannu far away, if he wants to stay with her. He must move away from his relations, else he might have to lose his love. This time is tough, he might lose his love forever. Rishi holds Tannu’s hand who was shocked. Rishi agrees to go from the back door. The lady narrates Tannu her whole story in 30 seconds, she warns Tannu that the next 24 hours are really tough for Rishi. If she stays with Rishi, she can save him from the death, she will gain strength to save him. Their fates have been connected to each other. She advices Tannu to stay besides him as a shadow, if these 24 hours pass this curse would also get away.
Rishi comes to announce there is no one on the back door. She says it goes towards forest and make them run. The lady blesses Tannu to take care of her as well.
There, Raaj calls the ACP who apologizes for not being able to look for Rishi till now. ACP assures they are searching for them all along the city. Rano assures Raaj that her heart says they will soon find Rishi. Raaj was afraid of something bad, he was determined to bring Rishi. Bani informs them that she talked to Savitri, Pavan has been finding Rishi and Tanvi enraged. They were sure that Savitri must know where Rishi has gone. Bani stops Neha behind to come along her. Manpreet and UV asks Ahna to go to Rishi and Tannu, there can be any emergency and they may need them.
Pavan enters the house in rage, then sends two of the goons towards the forest.
The sun rise next morning. Savitri was worried at home that Pavan’s phone isn’t connecting. Saloni offers her a glass of water that she throws away. Raaj and family enter then and hear Savitri shouting at Saloni had she not been Pavan’s wife she would have pushed her out of the house today. Raaj and family were shocked. Savitri shouts at Saloni that she couldn’t bear a child, which is why Pavan has to do this all.
The goons come behind Rishi and Tannu and find them. They come to a hiding, but the goons get them. They try to flee the other way, but a stone gets into Tannu’s foot. The goons open fire at them.

PRECAP: Rano points a gun at Savitri’s back and demands her about whereabouts of her son, else she would shoot her.

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