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Kasam 15th August 2016 Written Update

Tanuja holds Rishi and help him towards his room. A chauffeur was working, Ahana comes downstairs calling Melvin and complains why he didn’t send milk for Chintoo. Tanuja hides with Rishi, Ahana feels someone’s presence in the hall but walks upstairs. She calls Melvin for help, he comes concerned for him. Melvin judge he was drunk, but Tanuja didn’t know. Melvin asks her to go, he will take Rishi to his room. He fell halfway, Tanuja comes to help Melvin.

In the room, Rano was lost. Raaj asks if she is still thinking about the girls. Rani says he was thinking about her family, Rishi leaves home at 8 am and will come back at 10 pm. They have tension about Rishi, but there are other people as well. They taunt each other for bringing them at home. Rano notices that Raaj liked that simple girl and wanted to have a daughter as her. She makes up to Raaj that they are daughters of their far away relatives. Both consider them to be each other’s relatives. Raaj prays that Rishi never meet these girls.

Tanuja and Melvin bring Rishi to the room, Ahana comes calling Melvin again. Tanuja assures she will take care of him, but Melvin advices her to go away till he gets conscious, else there will be huge problem. Tanuja helps Rishi lay on the bed, she turns to leave; then thinks about removing his shoes, watch and glasses. She bend to keep Rishi’s head over the pillow but her own hand was stuck under his head. Rishi opens his eyes to look into her eyes, then shuts his eyes again. Tannu tries to straighten up, her pendant was stuck with his button. Some flashes from Tannu and Rishi’s childhood comes in her mind. She could recognizes Tannu’s pendant in his neck. Melvin comes to thank her help him, Tanuja turns again to look at Rishi and the pendant in her own neck.

Bani tries Neha’s number feeling angry at her for sleeping so early. Sandy receives the call, Bani says she called to inform him they reached safe. Sandy asks to speak to Tanuja, Bani was speechless. Sandy suggests that Tanuja, Nidhi and Vidhi must have slept. Bani tells Sandy that they have gone to Rano’s house. Sandy questions how she dare send his daughters there, does she realize what Rishi will do to his daughters if he discover they are his daughters. He was ready to come right away, Bani forbids him come here. Sandy complains to Bani he trusted for his daughters over her, but she pushed his daughters to fire bed. Neha stood behind, Bani tells Sandy that Neha was aware of all this. Sandy drops the phone, turns around and slap Rishi hard.

Nidhi questions Tanuja where she went. Tanuja tells Vidhi that someone came here, and she went to drop him to his room. Melvin also stays here. Nidhi forbid Tanuja mix with the males here, she won’t spare Tanuja otherwise. Tanuja explains she was just helping him. Nidhi sends her to get water from inside, and thinks the youngest master of this house will only belong to her. She orders Tanuja to get done with the cleaning till morning, else she will complain Nani about her. She leaves, while the bulbs begins to blink again. Tanuja turns around thinking about Rishi’s face.

PRECAP: Rishi questions Rano and Rishi about the girl who brought him inside last night. Tanuja comes to dining hall from behind. Rishi comes to store room, while Tanuja was hiding behind a wall. Her stroller touches Rishi’s face, he recognizes the fragrance at once.

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