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Kasam 15th April 2016 Written Update

The lady Rishi had hit was the temple lady. He complains to her that she had connected them in a relation, but today the girl is going away from him today. The lady says this isnt possible, they were meant to be with each other for lived. Rishi says today is her Roka, she is getting away from him. The lady holds his forehead for a while, he says today will be the luckiest day for him. He will get the girl whom he is made for. The lady leaves. Manpreet asks Rishi who this lady was, she was talking nonsense. He goes to park the car.
In the party, Pavan’s mother boasts her luck. The ladies cheer with each other. Someone asks for Tannu. Bani points towards Ahna and Tannu, the lady compliments her to be beautiful. Neha says if she goes to parlor for four hours, she will also look beautiful. Swati asks if Neha is jealous. Raaj asks Pavan to send the kids to America for honeymoon.
Pavan and Tannu confront each other. Rishi watches them as he enters the hall. He was curt at Manpreet that he has been staring at Tannu. Pavan comes to them, they disperse but Pavan comes behind Rishi. Pavan thanks Rishi for being loving, otherwise this function was never possible.
Rano calls Rishi, Tannu stood behind her and moves towards Rishi. Both come to each other. Tannu stares at Rishi. Neha was curt at Tannu. Rano sends Rishi to get a chunri, as his Papa had bought two. Rishi turns to see a waiter fell down near Tannu, Pavan had held her hand. Neha and Swati say this Pavan is really hot. Swati asks Neha to concentrate on Rishi. Neha says Rishi is her first target, only once she gets married.
Bani asks Pavan about Shamsher. Pavan tells them his fiancé called him home. Rishi goes inside. Manpreet tells UV Rishi is broken, what will happen now. UV says everything will be fine. Tannu also goes inside a room and cries. Ahna follows her to the room, and asks what happened. Tannu wipes her tears and says she came for water, she came to check her makeup. Ahna asks if she was hungry as well. She asks Tannu to say she doesn’t like this proposal. Tannu says she likes this proposal, nothing is lacking in Pavan. Ahna asks if she is happy. Tannu asks what is not there in this proposal. Ahna says Rishi is, his love is. Rishi comes to the room, Tannu looks at him. Rishi asks Ahna to let him talk to her sister, Tannu holds her hand but Ahna assures she is standing outside. Ahna tells Rishi just one minute, it is too much time. Rishi says to Tannu today is her Roka, she will leave for always. Tannu turns around. Rishi asks her to stop punishing him along with herself, if there is a problem she must speak. She isnt happy with the proposal, he will speak to everyone and get this Roka stopped. Tannu asks if he wants to stop this Roka, he must leave because she doesn’t want so. She wants this Roka to take place. Rishi apologizes he did the Roka, he will break it if she once say this. Tannu says there is nothing like this, she will marry anyone her aunt will chose; this was her father’s last wish and goes outside.
Ahna stops Tannu and asks her to give Rishi a chance. She is marrying thinking about their Bauji’s letter. She says Bani is cheating on them, her cries were all fake. They hug. Bani calls them not to think about it even. Pavan’s mother comes from behind and calls them inside. Bani takes Tannu with her.
Rano asks Rishi for the Chunri. Rano tells them she got it for her daughter in law, but two of them came so one will go to Tannu now. Rishi brings the Chunri. Rano tries to untie the fold, then asks Rishi to help. Rishi unties the string, the Chunri goes up at Tannu. The Roka from their childhood flashes in minds.
Swati says to Pavan that Tannu will soon be hers. Pavan’s mother asks for Aarti thaal, Rano asks Rishi to get it. Rishi hands it to Rano. Bani thinks gone are the days when Ranjha got Heer, today Ranjha will do Aarti. Pavan’s mother asks Rano to do the Aarti as well. Rano does all this. Rishi looks at Tannu, he thinks there is still time for her to say she loves him and wants his companionship, he will fight the whole world. Tannu thinks she wants his companionship, but how to fight her fate; they had been waiting for him for the last seventeen years. Rishi thinks he must not have engaged Tannu (Neha), it was a mistake. Tannu thinks he must also be in pain, but everything has ended between them now.

PRECAP: Rishi leaves the function, Neha follows him. Tannu cries.

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