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Kasam 13th June 2016 Written Update

Pavan takes Rishi’s oxygen off, he faints. Pavan says that now he will never be able to prove anything against him, Tanvi is only his and he will marry him.
UV was trying Rishi’s number when Raaj comes there. UV says he is doing some work, Raaj takes his phone saying he can’t work right now.
Bani and Guljeet were speaking about sweet. Bee ji comes there taunting at Rano’s bitter language, Rano tells Bani to find another proposal for Tannu. Bani says they will never listen to Rano, if only Raaj and Rishi asks they can find hundreds of proposals for Tannu. Raaj and UV come there. Raaj tells them Rishi would be back in a while, he has gone to try for his wedding dress. Neha wonders why Rishi lied to Raaj, Sandy told her Rishi was in Amritsar. She takes Bani inside. UV says Rishi had found a proof, where he has been now.
Rishi wakes up, checks for his cell phone. He tries to get up, the nurse comes in and tries to stop Rishi but he leaves asking for Manpreet.
Neha drags Bani into a room, she tells Bani that Rishi hasn’t gone to try a new sherwani. But he and Manpreet both are in Amritsar, and they have gone lying Raaj. She tells Bani about her conversation with Sandy that Rishi inquired if she is Neha or Tannu? Bani asks if she know why Rishi has gone there, she must ask Tannu about it. She must tell Tannu that she is aware Rishi has gone to Amritsar… Tannu will tell her the rest of story.
Rishi comes looking for Manpreet and enters the room where he had been asleep. He tries to wake Manpreet up by throwing a glass of water at him. Manpreet sits up at once, the nurse scolds Rishi. Manpreet flirts with the nurse, he then looks around at Rishi and asks for his phone. Rishi says he lost his phone, he tells Manpreet Pavan came in doctor’s attire wearing a mask. He was unconscious so Pavan took the phone. The nurse tells Rishi he can’t go, he isn’t well. Rishi requests the nurse to let him go, he has to save an innocent girl’s life. Both joins hands to them. The nurse prepares an injection for Rishi, he was afraid at once watching it. The nurse says it will work faster, Manpreet shuts his eyes as Rishi was ready to take the injection for Tannu. He shouts at the prick.
Tannu was shocked at once at Rishi’s scream. She feels restless and calls the day to be awkward. She touches her neck and wonders where she lost her chain, it had been gifted by Rishi in childhood. She looks around, then finds it on the floor. She was relieved and says it felt as if she lost Rishi. She prays for the wellbeing of Rishi. She calls Rishi, Pavan watches her phone ringing. He says that Tanvi is marrying him and is calling Rishi, he needs her more in his life than Rishi does. He dislikes Tannu calling Rishi. He says he is returning tonight and this is the right time to talk to her. There, Tannu thinks she must ask UV about it.
Neha meets Tannu in the corridor, she shares with Tannu that she is having bad feeling about Rishi since morning. She tells Tannu that Rishi is in Amritsar. Tannu was clueless, she tells Neha that Rishi must have gone to find a proof against Saloni, and he told her yesterday he found a proof against Pavan. Tannu tells Neha there is something between Pavan and Saloni, she felt bad for them the day that designer came. Neha was worried if Rishi gets any proof, their marriage would be broken. Tannu was confused what is happening, sometimes she feels Rishi is right but sometimes Pavan seems to be a good person. Neha assures Tannu she will always guide her to the right path, and hugs her thinking she will take her to the way she wants to. Rano comes there wondering what is going on between them.
In the car, Rishi tells Manpreet he is ready to spend ten million to find Pavan’s reality. He can’t decide who is right or who is wrong in that family, Pavan has even kept it secret from his parents. Manpreet complaints that Rishi must have taken care of his phone. Manpreet asks where they are going. Rishi says they are going towards Pandit Tota Raam, if he told them about the truth for once, then he can do it again as well. Manpreet was determined to defeat Pavan in any case. Rishi compliments Manpreet to speak just like Mumbai people. Manpreet was obsessive, Rishi calls Manpreet to be nice as Lakhsman in Bee ji’s Ramayan. They hug each other. Rishi tells Manpreet they are only left with four days, they lost a solid proof and he doesn’t understand what to do. They reach the temple, Rishi asks the cab driver to stay here; when they return there will be another passenger with them too. The house of Tota Raam had been locked, they think about going to Joshi, the younger Pandit. Joshi informs them that Tota Ram has gone to UP state for getting a marriage, he was unaware of the address. Manpreet asks if he doesn’t know or doesn’t want to tell. He requests Joshi to help them, as they are in real problem. Joshi stays silent, Rishi takes Manpreet out. Rishi says that may be Joshi wants to save Pavan, he says Pavan played this whole game really cunningly. Pavan is responsible for their accident as well. He asks Manpreet to go home, they will then decide what to do.

PRECAP: Pavan asks Tannu what relation she has with Rishi? Tannu says she herself doesn’t know what relation she has.

Written Update by Sona

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