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Kasam 12th August 2016 Written Update

Raaj was impressed by Tanuja’s ability to understand matters really well. Vidhi and Nidhi send her bring the luggage to car. Rano was worried for girls and when they arrive, she takes them to show the place they will be staying. They walk outside the house towards a servant quarter, she brings them into a store room announcing they will live here. Nidhi says how they will stay outside, but Tanuja assures she will turn this room into the one they wish for. Rano decisively says if they don’t want to stay here they must leave. Raaj tells the girls that there is a bitter story of their past that is associated to Bani, now they want the history to repeat itself. Rano goes curtly. Raaj tells the girls there are two ways, one enters into their house but they will only use the outer one. He notices their silence, saying daughters are daughters. If they dislike this place, they may spend a night here and leave. Nidhi and Vidhi agree to stay here anyway. Raaj instructs them with some rules to stay here, firstly they will not enter the home at all. Secondly, from 8-11 am they will not even go out from outer door as that is the time their kids leave for office. They can use their old furniture in the nearby room, there is no television so they are allowed to play music but not the romantic ones at all. Nidhi was worried that her planning has been ruined. Raaj says these rules apply even for tonight. Tanuja thanks Raaj for allowing them stay here, she assures Raaj about taking care of the place by herself. While walking outside, Raaj turns to look at them for once.
Vidhi was curt, Nidhi brings her attention to think about Nakul only. They ask Tanuja to clean the room, Tanuja says they will do the cleaning together. Both sisters make up they are too tired, Tanuja takes the duty to herself happily and send Nidhi and Vidhi to the other room. Vidhi and Nidhi come to the other room and find a bunk bed. They consider themselves as the princess while Tanuja is their maid.
Outside, Rano was worried what if Rishi watches them and he comes to know these are Sandy’s daughters she wonder what he would do. Raaj says they must keep their identity secret.
Rishi return home in a drunken state. He rings the bell, Rano questions why was he late. She smells wine and scolds him, he turns to go inside saying they will speak tomorrow. Rano scolds him further, as she would now have to take appointment from him to speak to him even. She considers Tannu responsible for this distance between them. Rishi had a hangover and was uninterested. He tells Rano to cut this melodrama, Rani blackmails him emotionally of her death. Rishi pulls himself behind, as it was a day dream. He tries to wake himself up, else he would have to listen to his mother’s lecture. He thinks about using a way from servant quarters to get inside the house. Tanuja had come out to dump all the garbage from store. Rishi was passing by the corridor of servant quarters when he finds store room door opened. Tanuja thinks about finding some good job here, she will hire a house here for Vidhi and Nidhi. She thinks about Raaj’s accusations for Bani, and wonder if this is the same Rishi who fall in love with a girl named Tanu. All of a sudden, the bulb of room goes out. Rishi also notice it and goes to fix it and shut the store room door. Tanuja climb the ladder to fix the bulb, then goes to get dried cloth piece from inside. Rishi enters the room walking cautiously, while Tannu had reached the ladder again. The bulb begin to flash again, in a similar scenario as with Tannu, Rishi and Tanuja confront each other.

PRECAP: Tanuja sit beside Rishi as he lay over her hand. He opens his eyes to look at her.

Written Update by Sona

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