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Kasam 11th November 2016 Written Update

Rishi calls the driver who tells him about the hotel.
On the stairs, Tanuja wonders how she would make up Malaika. She must assure Malaika that she holds no feelings for Rishi. In the room, Shekhar and Malaika play intimately. Tanuja rings the bell, Shekhar and Malaika wonder who could come here this time. Tanuja thinks Malaika is so upset that she is staying in hotel’s room. Shekhar was curt at the room service man, then goes to open the door. Malaika comes from behind and drags him behind, demanding to have fun with him. Tanuja was concerned about Malaika, she asks a passing waiter and asks her to get this room door opened as her friend is inside and is upset; what if she does something wrong. The waitress takes the keys and unlocks the door of the room. Malaika and Shekhar were flirting intimately
on the couch, Tanuja opens the door. Malaika was shocked to see her.
Rishi arrives at the hotel and asks about Malaika on the reception, but the receptionist asks him to wait for a second.
Malaika asks Tanuja what she is doing here, and tells Tanuja this is her brother Shekhar. Tanuja says everyone is really tensed at home, why she didn’t tell anyone about her brother. Malaika says no one belongs to her there, Shekhar came for their wedding but she didn’t want Shekhar to get angry with Rishi. Tanuja asks to speak to her for a while, Shekhar goes inside the room. Tanuja says she realizes it’s all because of her, she just want Malaika not to take a decision to return to America. Everyone, especially Rano loves her a lot and considers her worth being a daughter in law. She didn’t come between her and Rishi, it is a huge misunderstanding and was only because of Raaj. She promise to go away from their lives, as soon as Raaj gets well. She requests Malaika to return home, as everyone wants her there. She joins her hands to Malaika, and it would be a huge problem for them. Shekhar who had been peeking through the door nods. Malaika agrees to go, and calls Shekhar outside. Malaika says he has to leave for America alone, Shekhar agrees then warns Tanuja that Malaika lost everything because of her. Malaika reminds her flight is of four, he takes his bags and leave winking towards her. Tanuja requests Malaika to call Rano as she is really concerned. Malaika thinks Tanuja is trying to help Rano who is her biggest enemy.
Rishi comes across Shekhar, who was shocked to see Rishi and leaves from there. The receptionist calls Rishi to inform him that Malaika is in 303. He meets a colleague. Tanuja and Malaika pass by him and leave the hotel.
At home, Rano force fee Malaika, and goes towards Rishi excited that Malaika has returned. Malaika apologizes Rishi for leaving without informing. Rishi says he went to hotel in search of her, Malaika says she is really sorry, had she known she would have never left. She was helpless, as her brother was about to come and she had to speak to him. Then Tanuja arrived.
Tanuja was going upstairs when Bee ji stares at her, and says she wants the answers. She asks what’s in Tanuja’s heart and what she wants to do. Bee ji says till now she thought Tanuja was a part of this house, but today it feels she needs to clear her glasses. She asks Tanuja what she wants. Firstly she betrayed them all, then married Rishi and now she brought Malaika home, inspire of knowing if Malaika stays here she would be pushed out of this house. Tanuja says she did what she was asked to, she herself doesn’t know what she is doing. She only know she won’t let anything wrong happen to this family.
In the room, Rishi questions Tanuja why she mixed her clothes with his clothes in the wardrobe. Tanuja says she did this all deliberately, if by chance Raaj comes here and see his clothes in the wardrobe only he would suspect there is something wrong. They are doing all this drama just for Raaj. Rishi asks Tanuja where his album is then. Tanuja goes to show it to him, he keeps a hand over hers and forbids her touch his album. Tanuja asks what’s this childishness that he held her hand, and gives the album to him. He withdraws his hand, then apologizes. Tanuja argues he found the album where he had hidden. Rishi qualifies he kept it by himself. Tanuja asks him for the album, so that she can take care of it. Rishi says he would take care of it by himself, they argue and meanwhile Tanuja slips. Rishi helps her by holding her. He then walks towards the room wanting to speak to her. He says if she has to stay in the room, she must follow some rules. Tanuja asks what rules?

PRECAP: Rishi asks why Tanuja is laughing. Malaika enters the room and curtly removes the bedcover from over them.

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