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Kalash 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Navi is preparing, she likes on gown and says when Ravi will see me With this dress, then he will probably be lost in me, i could make him mine now.
Monty is available in bash with Sakshi, Monty tends to make her satisfy his mates, Saket is there far too and stares Sakshi, he thinks Sakshi can giggle approximately she can, you cant runaway from my entice.
Ravi is on bike and thinks that Mayank Mittal has gone mad, he has these types of significant placement even then carrying out this kind of low-priced issues.
Saket talks to waiter, he spikes Monty’s and Sakshi’s drink. Waiter give spiked drinks to Sakshi and Monty, they drink it and goes on dance ground, Saket smirk.
Ravi comes in Navi property, he sees candle lights all around, he ask about it? Navi claims i was afraid of Mayank to i switched off all lights and lit candles, she retains his hand and says I’m scared of him, Ravi states chill out, he cant do just about anything, he request did you’ve got wine? she says I had been worried so i drank just a little, now i know how hard it can be to reside in India, man have a lot Moi right here that if we say no to them then they force themselves on us, Ravi claims not all are identical, some are poor and create bad picture for everybody, Navi hugs Ravi and says help save me remember to, Ravi says you consume wine, I’ll see outside if another person is there or not, Navi check with him if He’ll drink? he claims no and goes out to talk to watchman, Navi states I’ll power him today to tell he loves me.
DEvika is sitting down in room and Mandir’s Diay start blowing off, Devika will save it and states if Ambe Maa is supplying me some hint that somethign negative is going to occur or if i am considering alot? she thinks that Ravi hasn’t returned till now nor he had advised me anything exactly where goes, he could have identified as me that He’ll arrive late, he continue to keep providing me stress, she recollects how Ravi was sleeping with a girl after they went to honeymoon then how Ravi claimed to her that he never ever choose to her hurt her but she often Feel him as Incorrect human being, she suggests i dont fully grasp what is right or what on earth is Improper.

Scene 2
Celebration is happening, Sakshi and Monty are dancing and savoring, Sakshi commences sensation dizzy, Monty feels Dizzy much too, their good friends inquire them what happened to them? Buddy suggests i think they dram challenging drinks by miscalculation, close friends get them to place and make them sit on couch, Sakshi and Monty faints, pals suggests they will be high-quality, we should leave, they go away from there, Saket comes there and closes door of area, he relates to Sakshi and inquire her to obtain up and talk some thing, I’m infront of you and your tongue start out Talking unwell when i am all-around, you warned me? Anything you thought that it’ll effect me? now I’ll ruin your future, Saket helps make Monty hug Sakshi and would make them sit like as they are creating out, he claims what a pose, he clicks their photograph in that situation, he states loved ones will probably be happy to discover these photographs, he claims my work is completed, he leaves.
DEvika is awaiting Ravi and hold considering doorway, she suggests exactly where is Ravi? he claimed that he has an off from Business then the place he went? its so late, he doesnt Feel that individuals have to be concerned about him, he might have informed me, i also advise him about anything, i should call him.. she suggests no he thinks which i consider to return close to him and if i phone him then He’ll say that i’m lacking him, last night time also he reported a great deal to me, but i really should contact him and tell him that i’m sleeping on sofa and dont disturb me when he comes again, she get in touch with him, Ravi sees her contact and states why she is asking me? needs to be contacting me to bicker with me, he requires her get in touch with, she’s silent, he says hi there.. In case you have named then You will need to talk, i can have an understanding of silent mode, DEvika acts and claims that is Talking? why did you get in touch with me, Ravi says you referred to as me, Devika suggests i called you by slip-up, Ravi states you must be missing me thats why you named, DEvika states I am able to never overlook you and if you comeback then dont disturb me as i are going to be sleeping, when will you comeback? Ravi claims it’s essential to be missing me, for those who request then I’ll fly and come to you personally, she states not me but people today in household can check with me about you, they dont know We have now problems so what’s going to i inform them about you? Ravi states I’ll comeback following someday, he ends cal, Kabhi na sukoon aya performs, Ravi says she does have thoughts for me, Ravi listens some noise, he goes to determine it. Navi is ingesting wine in room, she finds Ravi and acts that someone has thrown stone in area, she suggests Mayank have come, Ravi sees outside the house and suggests no person there, you dont get worried, he tends to make her lie on bed, Ravi states There’s non a person below, you sleep peacefully, i will go away, Navi holds his hand and states dont leave from in this article, I’m frightened, be with me, Ravi sit with her on bed and says till you dont sleep, i will likely not go from here.

PRECAP- DEvika says to herself that my heart says that Ravi cant do bad with me. Navi hugs Ravi and tries to kiss his neck, Ravi holds her hand and angrily looks at her. Ravi comes back home, DEvika finds lipstick mark on his shirt and smells lady’s perfume from his shirt.

Written Update By Sahir


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