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Kalash 8th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Nivi says to Vikas how dare you to record my talk? it wont be good for you, Vikas says think about how to save yourself from Ravi, i can go to any extent for my wife, if i show it to Ravi then Shweta will be proven innocent and you would be gone, Nivi says you are threatening me? Vikas says if you dont bring Shweta back then sangeet will not happen, Vikas says i am not afraid of you, vikas says but you are afraid of Ravi’s anger? if Ravi starts hating you then what will happen to your love? you dreams will wake? are you shaken now? should i go to Ravi? Nivi says bring Shweta for sangeet, Vikas says she will comeback permanently, she says okay but make sure she doesn’t do mistakes anymore, Vikas says i have this recording, if you misbehave with my wife then i would be bad you, he hums and leaves. Nivi throws things away in anger.
Policeman comes to Saket’s jail and says minsiter bailed you, you have to come with me. Saket says this had to happen, i told your inspector, i will see him later. He comes to inspector and says you became sane again? you said many things, where is Janki now? nothing worked for her, he signs papers and says be ready to live in hell, inspector says you are threatening me? get up, Saket says you are nothing to me, be in limits, Saket thinks to meet Ambika or Devika, i have to clear debts.
Ravi is in his room and says why i am doing all this? my heart is saying i am doing mistake. What if she is Devika? how can i hold someone else hand? i understand all proofs are against it but my heart says she is Devika, what if i get to know it later, why i am doing this sangeet then? why i am sacrificing now? He gets call from Rekha, he says what will i say to her? she will question me that if we believe is Devika then why i am getting married, i dont have answer for that, i have to talk to her. she will understand me. He takes call, Rekha says you know Devika is alive but you got engaged and now Sangeet, tell me this is all false, Ravi says its true, today is my sangeet with Nivi, what can i do? i have pressure from family and she is not accepting that she is DEvika, Rekha says is your love so weak? you lost after such little effort? she denied to be Devika so you are deciding to marry Nivi? you told me your helplessness but she may have her helplessness thats why she is hiding her identity, she will tell her identity but you dont have patience, i know that she is my Devika and that is enough for me, it was hope for us both but you killed that hope, Ravi says i will call you later, he ends call. Rekha says why Ravi is doing this? Ravi says i am marrying Nivi so i can fulfill Devika’s dream of opening school for orphan kids and if she is Devika then she will feel bad that i will be doing rituals with Nivi, i want her to feel so jealous that she shouts that she is my Devika, i am sure she would says she is your Devika Rekha chachi, forgive me, he cries. Nivi comes to him, he wipes his tears, she asks how do i look? he says nice, she says look at me first, he says you are looking nice, she says you are looking hot and handsome, lets enjoy ceremony, she goes out with him.
Devika gets ready in her room for Sangeet. Janki comes there and says Oh my God you are looking like piece of moon, no evil should cast on you, be happy always, hope your mission is success, Devika says i am going with full preparation today, Nivi will remember this day forever, Janki says but they are dangerous, Nivi, Manju, Monty, Shweta all are against you, i am worried, you are not telling me your plan too, DEvika says dont worry about me, i want to surprise you, i want you to feel proud when you know what i did, dont you trust me? i am not afraid of anyone, i told you that i am most afraid of Saket but after confronting him, i am not scared of anyone, you will see on Tv what i did. Devika says to Janki that Nivi likes publicity so i will give her that tonight, she wont be able to show her face to anyone after that.

Scene 2
Vikas comes to Shweta, Shweta says you were coming to take me back? did Nivi throw you out too? Vikas says you always take me lightly, i didnt come to stay here, i came to take you back, come with me, Shweta says my brother must have scolded her, Vikas says you can think anything, lets go with me, i cant stay without you, pack your bags. Shweta says i understood this time my husband fought for me, i cant stay away from you too, she hugs him, Vikas says lets go now, Shweta says how Nivi agreed? Vikas tells her everything about recording Manju and Nivi’s conversation, Shweta says you did great work, i am proud of you, thats like my husband, Vikas says tonight is her sangeet, Shweta says i want to see her frown seeing me there, Vikas says me too.
Guests have come in Nivi’s house. All family members are busy with guests. Manju says to herself that i wont get penny from her now, Gurvindar says its good arrangement, Manju says it would have been nice if she had money, Gurvindar says you wanted this, you should be happy, Manju says i am missing Shweta. Vikas brings Shweta there. Manju comes and says i was missing you only, Shweta ignores her and goes with Gurvindar. Manju says if Nivi sees here then it would be trouble.
Nivi and Ravi comes in Sangeet, they meet guests, Ravi looks around. Nivi thinks thank God i didnt call Ambika, he must be looking for her, i should talk to him to entertain guests, Ravi goes from there, Nivi feels disappointed.
shweta comes to Nivi and asks how are you? everything fine? if you have any problem then tell me i will make it right, you are frowning in your sangeet? you are taking sleep? where is your friend Ambika? Nivi says i didnt invite her, Shweta says are you scared of her? Nivi says just because you are back here, you cant say anything, be in your limits else i can throw you out in minutes, Shweta says kick me and you will be become laughing stock. Vikas pulls Shweta away and says what are you doing?
Saket comes to Janki’s house, she is stunned to see him, Saket says Nameste, myself Saket Kapoor, i came right from jail directly here to meet your daughter, where is she? Janki says how dare you enter my house? you know you are criminal? you kidnapped my daughter still you came to meet her? Saket says you havent seen my guts, where is your daughter? Janki says you are nothing, she wouldnt even look at you, i will call police again, Saket says you joke nicely, you tried a lot but you couldnt keep me in jail, what you thought i will live in jail? nothing will happen with your power, what is your daughter’s room? Janki says she is not home, tell me what to tell her? Saket says you wont like to listen what i want to say to your daughter, call her, Janki says she is not home, Saket says i should go to her room, Janki says if you move, i will shoot you, Saket says dont play this shoot game today, where is your daughter? Saket says she has gone to Nivi’s sangeet? your face said it, we will meet later, he leaves. Janki says dont know what this mad man is going to do.

PRECAP- Devika says to Nivi that congratulations, its your sangeet today, Nivi sees Devika and Ravi holding hands, she says Ravi seems like your fiance doesnt like us holding hands, she makes Nivi hold Ravi’s hand and says you both hold hands and just like that get out of my house.

Written Update by Atiba

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