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Kalash 8th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sakshi says to palvi allows head to films dont you’ve got buddies?

She states Of course I do but everyone is busy is tests. She states you

are so dull.
Ravi’s bro calls sakshi. He suggests were being you hectic? Sakshi states yes I had been

fast paced being bored. He suggests why dont you come with me. Its my

Good friend’s birthday currently. Sakshi says to Palvi my hostel Buddy

called me I’ll stay there. There exists a get together. Sakshi asks

palvi to tell ma. She claims i wont i get scolded thanks to

youe everytime.
Devika delivers tea for ravi’s. She sees sakshi’s textual content and says is my sister? He states no my higher education Close friend her name is sakshi likewise.

Navidita states whats is Improper with me? Why i hold contemplating

about this ravi. She states i really need to meet up with ravi at the time. Until eventually i

hear it from his mouth that he enjoys me I will be agitated.

In which will i satisfy him? I’m able to’t get in touch with him below. Sia is below.

what is going to she think about. Sia suggests to navidita i have to remain at

my Good friend’s position. We really need to do a Blend job. Navidita

states is she upright? Sia says yes I’m sure. And i havent instructed

anybody who my dad is or all selfish men and women will be close to me.
Navidita claims in coronary heart so I am able to meet up with ravi tonight.

Ravi receives a calll from Office environment. The mans states naviddita man has

provided a vacation now. She sounded disturbed. Ravi questioned

why she was disturbed. He says i need to contact. Devika brings

him tea. She states Because i said sorry doesn’t indicate i

will abide by your orders. Do your do the job yourself. He drops the

cup. He states I didn’t do in delibrately. She suggests have a facet

I’ll pick it you are able to’t do something. She slips ravi holds

her. Devika sees crimson lipstick mark on ravi’s neck that he bought

when she slipped on him. He claims You’re not going to office?

He states no its a holiday. She says then transform and have a

bath. He states bathtub why? She suggests its balanced. He claims i will

bath later.

Sakshi’s scooty faces a car. Its saket in it. she states are you presently

out within your intellect. Your social gathering wont preserve you if you kill

anyone. He says don’t mess with me. I am able to respond to all of your

thoughts. she suggests you superior keep out of didi’s daily life. If i

see you close to devika you’ll need to pay for it.

Ravi says to devika why are you currently not allowing me head out? What exactly is

your challenge. Have you began loving me? She says what non

feeling. he states then convey to me what’s it? She claims I am able to’t tell

you. If i let you know, you could make exciting of me for my luttle

error. He says mistake and also you? and also you are accepting it.

And why am i paying for you error? He states tell me or I’m

going out. She claims no don’t. sHe suggests your neck is perspiring

clear it. He states that you are perspiring not me. I requested you dont be

mad constantly which has punctured your Mind. she states just

cleanse your neck. He claims do you want to get rid of me? Is there some

blade In this particular handkerchief. I’m sitting you’ll be able to get rid of me right here.

She usually takes the handkerchief and is also going to cleanse it. He claims i

have to examine what exactly is it. He sees the lipstick mark. he claims

oh now i see. Devika feels shy. He says How are you going to do this?

You might be so clever. You mostly claimed try to avoid me, dont

contact me. You took advantage. If I’d long gone out everyone had

built exciting of me and it wasn’t even your slip-up. You could potentially

explain to me after all you will be my wife. Devika starts crying. Sh

states i didn’t get it done delibrately. she suggests i am not Whatever you

Believe I’m like. He claims I’m sure what you’re. Make sure you don’t

cry. I used to be just pulling your leg. Remember to don’t cry. I wont do

it once more. I’m sure you could’t do that. I cant stand tears inside your

eyes. He swipes her tears and caresses her encounter.

Ravi cleans the mark. He receives a connect with from navadita. She states

ravi make sure you pay attention to me I am trapped. Please enable me. He states

clam down convey to me what transpired? She claims you take into account that

lousy who was audacious to me in get together. Mayank. He held contacting

me he explained He’ll come here. What must i do? He says why

dont you complain police? she states no dad will know and he

is likely to make a fuss of it. I are going to be defamed ultimately. Remember to

occur to help you me I’m by itself. He claims relax I am coming. And

consider treatment till then. She claims thanks ravi.

Precap-ravi says i am here dont worry. she hugs me and says

please don’t leave me. Devika says in temple do want to show

me something God?

Written Update By Sahir


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